I know a boy,
With a heart of great strength,
A boy of twenty-two,
A whole life to gain.

But this boy has a trial,
His body withering away,
His nerves refusing to fire,
Yet his endurance stays.

I know a boy,
But for only a short blip,
This boy has taught me gratitude,
And how to sail on the ship.

I know a boy,
And he has caused me to think,
To keep my eyes open,
Refusing to blink.

For in that moment of time,
When the eyes become closed,
We miss the majesty,
That are the winding roads.

The paths that we travel,
And the flowers on the side,
These are the moments of perfection,
So enjoy the ride.

I know a boy,
A man stronger than the lot,
He holds tightly to hope,
To walk once more is what he has sought.

This boy shows me my woes,
For I drift away from my heart,
Reminded to go within,
Unconscious of his part.

This boy is my example,
Of why I need to thank,
To be reminded of the blessings,
That have always filled my lake.

At times it looked like a pond,
Others a greasy pool,
But always has it been plentiful,
Beyond the mind of the fool.

I know a boy,
Who has been my key,
To recognize my Truth,
To live my Divinity.

This boy has shown my purpose,
Completely known to this soul,
I am grateful for his Presence,
For he has made me whole.

A boy whom I’ve just met,
And yet has alighted my way,
I am honored by his Presence,
He has brought Light to the day.

We must be grateful for our blessings,
We never know when they’ll be gone,
Give thanks and live with joy,
For life has always been a song.

Sing the hymns of Love,
Play the strings of Light,
Give thanks for the other musicians,
Without them it wouldn’t be so bright.

Heed these words,
And take them into your abode,
They will be received differently,
But still part of our road.

Dedicated to a young man who has made me fully realize my purpose even deeper than I could have known and showing strength and perseverance that only an advanced soul could demonstrate





I want to know you.
I want to search the depths of your soul,
Every heart break and every let down,
I want to experience your Presence.

I want to move beyond every callous and scar burned into your mind by every man that has let you down,
And I want to heal those wounds with every word, with every touch, with every kiss, and bring you back up.

I want to know you…

I want to know you beyond the mask you put on day to day,
The mask this lost society has taught you to wear,
I want to witness the Light of your heart,
The Light that finally gets to make it’s entrance into the world that so dearly has been asking you to show.

I want to speak to the rhythms of your soul,
The gentle flow of life that so beautifully moves through you.
The current that has fought its way forth through all the darkness that seemed to bear no way out,
The stream that so gently moves its way closer and closer to breaking down the walls of the men of your past.

I want to know you…

You see, I want to know you beyond the grace you wear so well,
I want to look into your eyes for hours and let them tell me the story of your life,
The ups and downs, the fear, the Love, I want it all.

I want to soak you in the Love of the Creator,
Softening every sadness, every heartbreak, every insecurity.
Until that Love has surrounded you and filled you so deeply,
That there is no way you would ever be able to deny the perfection that you truly are.

I want to know you…

I want to stand at the foot of your throne,
Bowing down to the Goddess that I see before me,
The embodiment of Divinity, the giver of Life,
I want to worship your very essence, breathe in the gift of your Love.

I want to know you…

You know they say that behind every heart lies the seat of the soul, but that’s not true,
Because when I look at you, when I stare into your eyes, our souls unite…right in front of me.

Zach ❤



I want to start this post by saying that many of you may not agree with what I am about to write, but this is something that I feel is necessary.

Just now, I watched a music video…Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines.” Then I watched Justin Timberlake’s video, “Tunnel Vision.” These videos have taken quite a lot of heat for having topless women in them, which I understand. Robin Thicke’s video of women blatantly prancing around topless seems to depreciate women. However, as I watched Justin Timberlake’s video I found something else emanating from that video and that is what I would like to write about tonight…

In this new age of the feminine energies rising up, balancing the masculine, it is still apparent that many women are stuck in their past ways of mental conditioning. They still take offense to the fact that women are being “sexualized” on TV and videos such as the ones I’ve mentioned. Yes, this is still the cases in some instances. Yet, when David Beckham is naked with very little underwear on, women have no complaints. Likewise, when “True Blood” male characters are seen completely nude, full frontal nudity, women are ecstatic to have seen such a feat.

I myself, am not a women in this incarnation. I am a man, with predominantly masculine energies. I have been female incarnations in past lives, but here, now, I embody a more masculine essence. This post is not an attack, but something to cultivate questioning…

My dear sisters, why do you take offense to your form? Why is it offensive, and collectively offensive, to show the female form in all of its glory to the world? I will hear many say that it is because men will abuse that form and not appreciate it. That sexualizing women is inappropriate and causes men to look at women as objects. That sexualizing women leads to rape and other horrendous acts perpetuated by men. All of these answers have a strong validity to them and I agree. But does not this “feminist” attitude of almost being ashamed of displaying the perfection that is the Goddess incarnate, contradict the ability to establish the Goddess fully within your being and consciousness?

I would like to do an exercise with my sisters for just a minute. As soon as you read this please do this visualization and then comment to let me know what you experienced…
Close your eyes. I want you to imagine that you are the Goddess, the embodiment of Love, sensuality, ecstasy, wisdom, healing, the totality of all life, creation. Imagine that you fully embody all of these characteristics and walk. Walk amongst a garden of flowers, the pickles of grass beneath your feet, the smell of dew in the morning air, and FEEL what your body feels like. Experience the sensations in your body. The grounded nature of your feet in contact with Mother Earth, honoring all of her creative and nurturing abilities that are within you. Feeling the sacred sensuality that Aphrodite has bestowed within your deepest heart. The wisdom of all the healers that have come before you, embedded within your cells. Now touch your skin with that presence. Glide your fingertips against your skin feeling the pulsing vibrations of Life. How do you feel? Do you feel that you are the life-giving energy to the masculine. Do you feel that your clothing enhances your beauty or restricts the glory emanating from each cell of your body. Are you ashamed of the beauty that you possess or are you freely open, fully open?

You see my sisters, this is who you are. This is why you chose as a feminine form, with a feminine essence, to come forth into this earth experience. The Goddess honors her Self. She is open fully to giving her Love, her nurturing, her sensuality, because she realizes that she is the life-giving force behind all creation. From her comes the inspiration that the masculine seeks. From her comes the nourishment of Truth. From her comes the ecstasy that no masculine can ever comprehend, yet feels fully.

James Brown was wrong when he said it is a man’s world. This is fully, and has always been, a women’s world. My sisters, I am not saying to go forth in public fully nude and flaunt your body. What I do say though is that you have come forth to embody the Goddess, and the Goddess is not ashamed of her form. She celebrates her beauty, she knows that her outward form is a representation of within. She walks with an openness honoring her brothers and sisters, her children, nourishing them with her life-giving Love in every aspect of life. She moves with a grace and sensuality that can only be recognized as Divinity incarnate. The masculine bows to her and she demands that her God rise up to meet her glory. The Goddess demands of her God, nothing other than respect and Presence.

However, my dear sisters if you do not respect yourselves, and your forms, nor respect your sisters who are expressing their aspects of the Goddess, the majority will continue to believe that it is a man’s world.

Do I agree with women being naked on music videos? In most cases, no. Because women are being demeaned, they are looked at as objects rather than Goddesses. However, as I watch Justin Timberlake’s video I do agree with it. These women are celebrating their sensuality. They are embracing their Goddess as best they know how and it moves across the screen. Hiding the feminine form is just as bad as hiding the masculine form. We hide behind our clothing just as we hide behind our hearts.

Am I suggesting we all become nudists, no. Am I suggesting that we look deeper within ourselves and let our walls be broken down, yes. Am I suggesting that the female form receive more praise for its beauty, no matter what shape, color, and size it is, yes. Am I suggesting that in order to break down thousands of years of collective pain-bodies we must celebrate who we are internally and let that shine forth externally, you bet ya! Am I suggesting that my sisters embody their Goddess fully and let that shine forth, no matter if they have clothing on or off, 100% yes! Am I suggesting that as women demand that their masculine counterpoint embody his God, it will collectively cause men to rise up to meet them, Uh huh!! And am I suggesting that all women are the most beauty-full embodiment of the Goddess and they should remember that, of course!

If the media shows your sister, in her naked form, celebrate that, don’t sexualize it. Don’t succumb to the media’s idea that being naked means being sexual. Being naked is an open expression of the inner Goddess. You don’t have to wear clothing to be respected, you have to embody your inner Truth and therefore DEMAND respect through your essence. Celebrate who you are my sisters! Celebrate your inner Goddess, bring her forth, so that whether you are wearing a business suit or completely nude, others bow to your glory. You are truly Divine, you can be nothing else. And support each of your sisters celebrating their Goddess as well. I know that I always will.

All My Love,
Zach IAM



Are you here for Love or are here for fear?
For those with hearts open, let them hear.

You have come for laughter, yet also for pain,
You have forgotten this Truth, so remember again.

This journey called Life will throw you ’round,
Do not get scared by the falls, for that is where You will be found.

Though the ups may seem joyous and the downfalls too hard,
By remembering your Core, you will not drift afar.

You see my dear child, you have come for a ride,
Though at times you will want off, stay strong and hold tight.

Because as you remember, you are the creator of it all,
No longer will the heights hamper your fall.

You will jump from great peaks, knowing that all will be well.
For there you will remember that you always lept, never fell.

From this space of mind, you sing the joys of the heart,
You were never a victim, but a joyous Creator from the start.

No words will convey the Truth only you can know from life,
It is not a race to the finish, but a game enjoyed through strife.

You are the spark of the Divine, the Light of the Source,
You are needed more than ever, to return to your course.

The world is not set up, for goodness and bad,
It is here for creation, to manifest what is yet to be had.

For in your understanding of Truth, and your breathing into the Flame,
God may now experience Itself, and all be returned to It’s name.

No wars are needed, nor a fight over perspective,
The Universe exists unto itself, and ALL should be respected.

The great Masters have taught, that all Beings are Divine,
That all beings are united, across all space and time.

But this you must remember, so that we can experience true Love,
All things are below, as they are up above.

For this great Truth will span all intellectual thought,
It shall be felt in the heart, in the ego it is not.

Please remember these words, my dear brethren of the Light,
For all of us shall remember, that within holds this sight.

All My Love,
Zach IAM




I want to preface this post by saying that I am speaking to my brothers with a predominantly masculine essence who are in committed loving relationships with their partner. All beings contain both masculine and feminine essences, however the majority of us predominantly have one or the other. The way to know if you have a masculine essence is to ask yourself, “In a committed, intimate relationship, would I rather be the predominantly ravager or the ravagee?” If you would rather be the ravager, then you more than likely have a predominantly masculine essence. As spiritual beings we chose to come forth into, and experience, a stronger essence, either masculine or feminine, so that we may fulfill the tasks we set for ourselves. As such, brothers, this one’s for you…

As a masculine essence you came forth from Non-Physical, Spirit, Source, Infinite Principle, Good Principle, God Principle, to move through the chaos that is the Feminine energy with fervor, with passion, with skill, with Love. You chose to enter into a masculine essence because you wanted to move through, around, above, below, the obstacles that the feminine essence displayed to you so that you could strengthen your Self. You wanted to strengthen the Active Principle within you so that you may remember that you are God, Spirit, incarnate.

From an unconscious perspective, you chose the partner you are now with because you knew that this partner would be able to challenge you so that you could strengthen your core. You chose this partner because she would cause you to question your self and insure that you grew spiritually. You chose her because somewhere within you, you knew that she could potentially be the Goddess to your God, the queen to your king.

Now brothers, the most important thing I want to relay to you is that if your woman is nagging you constantly, IT IS YOUR FAULT! Very simply, the reason your woman is nagging you is because she no longer trusts you to be her King. She no longer trusts your masculine core. You have become lazy, you have denied your Self, you have stopped giving your gift to the world, and in doing so your woman no longer respects you. It is blunt, but it is true.
If you are with a woman who you were once madly in Love with and could see being with no other woman, yet she constantly nags you, it is your fault!

Your woman’s nagging is an unconscious way of her Feminine challenging your Masculine. More times than you’d realize, our women can see who we are before we can. They can see not only potential within us, but can see that core Masculine strength which we possess. If you are not living up to this core strength which you carry within you at all times, your woman begins to challenge you in order to stimulate your recognition of that.

Some of my brothers will say, “But I’m tired I want to sit down and relax and watch TV.” You have now allowed life to drain you of your inner strength. The reason your sex life has become nothing, like two fishes flopping around out of water together, is because your woman has now had to compensate and dwindle her Feminine essence while taking on more masculine qualities, and that is NOT her responsibility! That’s why she chose YOU! She no longer respects you because you allow this thing you call life to drain you. How are you going to open her to God through your loving if life’s simple experiences drain your Life Force?

In giving in to your woman’s commands you have now relinquished everything that has made you the King in her eyes. A happy wife is NOT a happy life. That is laziness and that is weakness! A woman must respect her man! She must respect that he has the enduring strength to stand in his complete Presence and give his deepest gifts to the world. She must respect that no matter what turmoils might seem to be placed in his path he has the ability to maneuver around them with skill and ease. She must respect that with every challenge she provides him, he will rise to the occasion and stand among the mountain top with Love in his heart and Light from his being.

You can be a stay-at-home dad, while still being able to give your gifts from your deepest heart. It does not matter that you bring home the bacon, it does not matter that you have chest hair and a beard, what matters is that your woman can trust that you will carry her with you to the Peak of Truth….what matters is that your woman respects the Presence with which you stand in every moment of Life…what matters is that you are living true to your Heart so that you may be a guide to others to live from theirs.

My brothers, life is not trying to beat you down, it is challenging to become the man you wished to become as you chose to step forth into this physical vessel. Your woman is an extension of Life. You came forth knowing that you would embody the Active Principle of Life. You knew within the deepest place of your heart that nothing in life could hinder you from giving your gifts. You knew that within you was the Principle that creates worlds, was the Light that could cut through any darkness. You knew that you would choose a partner who would help you remember that and that she would be your most precious gift…for she would see you as the God You are, knowing fully of what you are capable, as you would honor her Goddess.

Remember your strength my brothers. Live true to your heart, for that is where you will remember why you are here, and which gifts you will give. For in your heart you can laugh at the obstacles that enter your path because you embody the Active Principle of God, and nothing can disturb that Presence. Love your woman with the Love that creates worlds. Love your woman that causes Angels to weep. Give your Love to ALL your brothers and sisters. You are One with the Creator, you are that very thing, as is your woman, as are your brothers, as are your sisters. Be You.

All My Love,
Zach IAM



“The wound is where the Light enters you.” -Rumi

As I was laying on the floor a few moments ago, listening to “Glass Jar” by Tristan Prettyman, a montage of an ex, whom I still love, and myself began to run through my mind. As the notes of the guitar played images flooded my mind of me holding her, of us arguing in the kitchen, of her upset with me because of my actions, with me abruptly and childishly leaving the bed to sleep on the couch, and I realized…Ah Ha!! All these experiences have given rise to the beauty-full relationship I now desire.

Each one of those experiences with this person caused me to want more. With every unwanted situation, contrast, I unconsciously shot a rocket of desire for that which I DID want to experience. For every argument, I desired to experience a person who understood my opinion…for every yelling match, I desired to have an open-ended discussion…for every night going to bed angry, I desired to go to bed in love…for every unexpressed feeling, I desired to have a verbally-open partner. With every unwanted situation I unconsciously told the Universe exactly what I DID want to experience.

It is our job as creators, as extensions of God, as extensions of the One, to experience the contrast in this reality and from there be cognizant of what we DO wish to experience and hold that as our dominant thought and intention. With every experience of not having enough money, we tell the Universe that we want to have more money. With every experience of feeling fat or unattractive, we tell the Universe we want to feel fit and healthy. With every unwanted fight with our partner, we tell the Universe we want to experience more Love and affection with our partner.

We don’t create abundance by talking about all the bad situations we are experiencing, about all the lackful experiences we are having, with how ugly we feel, because the Universe will give us more of the essence of those thoughts…more experiences to make us feel lost, or poor, or ugly…because the Universe simply mimics what we send out through our thoughts. Once we experience those situations we then know exactly what we do want…to be grounded, financially abundant, and beautiful.

The trick to manifestation is holding our inner sight to that which we are wanting to experience. “As is your sight, so is your creation.” “That which is like unto itself is drawn.” “The rich get rich the poor get poorer.”

As we hold our dominant thoughts to that which we are wanting to experience and having positive expectation about the manifestation of those things they then show up in our experience. As we have faith and believe that the Universe is providing us exactly what we are holding as our dominant thoughts, we then see proof that we are Creators of our own realities. We are the Universe experiencing Itself. As we hold true to our inner sight, as we believe that which we are wanting is already ours, the Universe then moves through us in the form of inspiration so that It may experience Itself in the form of those manifested experiences. It aligns all things, people, circumstances, so that It may experience Itself through you.

And it all happened as the result of experiencing the contrast, the unwanted. Do not get stuck up on what has happened in the past, for they are gifts for what you can Now experience in your present. You are an extension of the One Creative Principle and you are Divine. Remember that the experiences we may call, the shit, is all part of allowing you to remember how incredibly Power-full you are as an extension of Source. You are here to experience ALL of life, and from that choose what you are wanting to experience. Remember who you are, and what you are capable of, for that is what you came here to do.

All My Love,
Zach IAM



I’m not sure how I see this post going. I have many things pulsing through my mind and heart but I want to share what I am feeling with those of you who choose to read this. I just have watched 4 videos entitled “My Last Days” on YouTube. During these videos I cried, I remembered, but most of all I was inspired.

These videos chronicle individuals who have been diagnosed with terminal illnesses, mostly forms of cancer. As most of you know me, I am a cancer survivor. Each one of these individuals’ stories I can resonate with. I can remember being in the hospital room waiting for test results to come back, I can remember hearing the news I would do anything to forgo, I can remember being scared of the 50/50 chance I was given, but most importantly I can remember saying to myself, “When I am finished with this I KNOW nothing can stop me and I will live my life to the fullest!”

But each time I watch one of these videos I recognize how truly limited I am living. How I am NOT living my life to the fullest. I am not sharing my story with the world and helping others to see that full healing is possible. I am not ALWAYS living with an open heart and looking into the eyes of my brothers and sisters to reduce their suffering. I am not always living to the full potential I am capable of.

However, each time I watch these videos I am also reminded that that is why I am here. I am here for a reason far bigger than my conscious understanding…we all are. I was given a Divine gift in the form of not only having cancer, but of overcoming it. I have a perspective of life and death that so few of us can conceive. We, myself included, go through life with the idea that we’re in it all alone, that the world is testing us and trying to hurt us, that we are isolated on our own little island…which could not be farther from the truth.

These videos always remind me to take THIS VERY MOMENT, RIGHT NOW, and change the world! They remind me to take the steps forward to give my deepest gifts to humanity, even if I can’t see the path clearly. They remind me that THIS MOMENT, NOW, is the only moment I will ever have and to give my Heart to all who will receive it. They remind me that the time for taking chances, for leaping into unknown waters, and for doing what my Heart calls me to do is not tomorrow, it is not next week, it is not when God has aligned everything, it is THIS MOMENT, NOW. THIS MOMENT, NOW, I can take those steps and allow God to carry me with Her as she Lights the path of Love for me.

THIS MOMENT, NOW, is the time to tell your long lost lover that you have been thinking of him/her…THIS MOMENT, NOW, is the time to consciously decide that you will live true to your deepest heart and follow your bliss…THIS MOMENT, NOW, is the time to make the choice to eat health-fully and move your body in Nature…THIS MOMENT, NOW, is the time to choose LOVE. NO matter who you meet, no matter what they have done to you, no matter who they are, you will choose to gaze upon them with a full heart and an open Spirit and envelope them in your giving. No matter what has happened in your past you will choose to believe that the Divine Creative Principle is always guiding you to live your deepest truth and experience joy.

THIS MOMENT, NOW, is the time to remember why we are here. The bills will come and go, the money will come and go, the friends will come and go, the lovers will come and go, but THIS MOMENT, NOW, we can choose to remember our purpose. THIS MOMENT, NOW, we can decide if we want to look at all the rubble piling on top of us, or focus on the unlimited blessings in our experience. THIS MOMENT, NOW, we can let our minds wander to the “what if’s” and “should have’s,” or direct our thoughts to the “I will’s” and “I AM.”

THIS MOMENT, NOW, is the only moment any of us will ever get. All of life exists NOW, not yesterday, not tomorrow, NOW. Remembering that empowers us, it reminds us that THIS MOMENT, NOW, is where we have the ability to choose where we go from here…we don’t have to know all the steps we will take to get there, but we have the Power to take the first step. THIS MOMENT, NOW, empowers us to be thankful for all the experiences that have led us to this very moment, summoning Life through us through our desires, so that we may live true to our deepest purpose. THIS MOMENT, NOW, gives us the chance to remember that we are the embodiment of Love, and we have the choice to feel that Love or resist it.

I hope that those of you who read this, also watch the video I post. We are here to experience the unending Bliss of our NOW experiences. Remember who You are, look deeper into your Heart, You are Source in a physical extension…live true to that in THIS MOMENT, NOW.

All My Love,





As I write this first line my heart if filled with confusion and anger. I have just watched a video of a beauty-full young dog being shot to death by a police officer. My response to watching such a horrific act was wanting to punish that police officer forever!! To make him realize what a horrific act he has portrayed and see that he suffers!!!

However, in the instant that I wished harm upon this fear-full man, I recognized a stronger pull within me. A pull towards understanding what the contrast of the video has caused within me. A pull towards looking at this situation from a broader perspective, one that I am always preaching to others…a pull towards compassion and gratitude for this beauty-full puppy. I realized that if I became angry, I had no power to enact change within the hearts of others, and that puppy’s life would have been for loss. Instead, this puppy has given me a gift…a gift of awakening.

You see my lovelies, in watching this video I now know what it is that I DO want. I want for ALL my brothers and sisters to recognize their own Divinity!! I want ALL my brothers and sisters to see that they are the embodiments of Love and that fear is the illusion of this time-space reality!! I want ALL my brothers and sisters to KNOW without a question of a doubt that we are all connected on a Soul level!! Your soul, my soul, the puppy’s soul, are all One!! I want ALL my brothers and sisters to recognize that as we hurt one another, mentally, emotionally, physically, we ARE hurting ourselves! I want ALL my beauty-full brothers and sisters to recognize that this body you are in is an illusion…a falsity…and that our True Essence is that of God!!!

I want, for myself, to embody my Divine right, as the Son of God. I want to fully establish my Christ-hood. I want to fully awaken within myself the True knowing that I am God, and that You are God, and that we ALL are God, and we are here to experience all of life! I want to embody my Self consciously so greatly that you all have no choice but to come with me! As my soul expands, your soul expands, and we all are lifted to new heights of awareness and consciousness!! I want to embody the Infinite Light so that it illumines us all and takes us to Infinite understanding.

You see my lovelies, right now in this moment I have an understanding that this beauty-full puppy has come into my life to help me realize that there is only a stream of well-being. There is NO darkness! There is NO evil!! There is no devil!! These are illusions that we have collectively conceived and propagated in this illusory reality! There is only a stream of wellness, of Light, of Truth, and we have the CHOICE to let that stream of Life pour through us, or we can pinch it off! It is our CHOICE whether we embody Love or fear. It is OUR CHOICE!!! Nobody can force us to turn on a dark switch because it does not exist. We do not walk into a room and turn on the dark switch. We can CHOOSE to turn on the Light switch and walk within the illumination it provides, or we can CHOOSE to keep it off. It is OUR CHOICE!!

Not allowing this stream of well-being to course through us causes us to feel fearful! That police officer, chose to act in such a way that embodied fear, to resist the well-being, he held no true inner power as he pulled the trigger of his gun, it was done from fear and a place of isolation, disconnected from Source. Had he embodied Love and allowed the stream of well-being to flow, he would have calmly subdued this puppy, and the puppy would have acted in kind.

You see my friends we have a CHOICE!!! We always have a CHOICE! We have a choice to Love or to fear. We have a choice to let the well-being that is our natural state to flow openly, or we can choose to resist it. The choices we make dictate the experiences we have. We have a choice to consciously and deliberately choose thoughts that are in harmony with Source, the Essence that is You, or we can choose to think thoughts that are not in harmony with Source. You will know that you are in harmony or disharmony with Source by the way you feel…when you feel good you are in harmony with Source, when you feel bad you are in disharmony with Source. It is that simple.

You have a choice to feel grateful for all the blessings in your life and Source will respond with giving you even more things to be grateful for! Or you can focus on what you are not getting and Source will give more things to not feel grateful for. It is all your CHOICE!!! Where you put your thoughts is what will manifest in this reality.

You are a Power-full creator!! You are truly and fully an extension of God!!! You came forth to experience this reality and through the contrast and the ability to focus you knew you would create your reality, the problem is…you forgot who you are! Your body, on an atomic level, is 99.9999999% space. As you realize that the atoms of your body respond to the thoughts you are thinking you can realize that simply by changing your thoughts you can create a whole new body! On an atomic level you don’t exist! You are vibrational beings, experiencing this vibrational reality, come forth to create your reality through the sifting around of contrast and the ability to focus on what it is you desire.

This beauty-full puppy has caused me to remember that my wanting for a girlfriend, or wanting for more money, is inconsequential when it comes to all the things I have to be grateful for! I can CHOOSE to be thankful for an incredible family, a healthy body, healthy food to eat, beauty-full loving puppies, clothes on my back, clean water to drink, an Iphone, a bed to sleep in, and on and on and on, or I can choose to look at what I don’t have. But this puppy gave his life for the Love he felt in his heart for the man whom he loved…and this puppy I am grateful for!! I don’t hate the police officer who shot him, nor do I wish harm upon this officer, because in his own heart he is suffering a battle far more difficult than I could ever press upon him. Instead I wish that this officer finds peace and recognizes he has the ability to HELP and to CHOOSE Love. I am grateful because I know the soul of this puppy is Me and the Love that he is expressing to me brings tears to my eyes and fills my heart. His re-emergence into Non-physical was not in vain, he gave us a gift…

The gift for the ability to remember that we can CHOOSE!!!

What will you choose?

All My Love,
Zach IAM