Are you here for Love or are here for fear?
For those with hearts open, let them hear.

You have come for laughter, yet also for pain,
You have forgotten this Truth, so remember again.

This journey called Life will throw you ’round,
Do not get scared by the falls, for that is where You will be found.

Though the ups may seem joyous and the downfalls too hard,
By remembering your Core, you will not drift afar.

You see my dear child, you have come for a ride,
Though at times you will want off, stay strong and hold tight.

Because as you remember, you are the creator of it all,
No longer will the heights hamper your fall.

You will jump from great peaks, knowing that all will be well.
For there you will remember that you always lept, never fell.

From this space of mind, you sing the joys of the heart,
You were never a victim, but a joyous Creator from the start.

No words will convey the Truth only you can know from life,
It is not a race to the finish, but a game enjoyed through strife.

You are the spark of the Divine, the Light of the Source,
You are needed more than ever, to return to your course.

The world is not set up, for goodness and bad,
It is here for creation, to manifest what is yet to be had.

For in your understanding of Truth, and your breathing into the Flame,
God may now experience Itself, and all be returned to It’s name.

No wars are needed, nor a fight over perspective,
The Universe exists unto itself, and ALL should be respected.

The great Masters have taught, that all Beings are Divine,
That all beings are united, across all space and time.

But this you must remember, so that we can experience true Love,
All things are below, as they are up above.

For this great Truth will span all intellectual thought,
It shall be felt in the heart, in the ego it is not.

Please remember these words, my dear brethren of the Light,
For all of us shall remember, that within holds this sight.

All My Love,
Zach IAM


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