It has been some time since I have decided to write, but tonight I ask myself…When will we come together as a collective and no longer allow our differences to cause us to fight one another? When will we look into each other’s hearts and see each other as family instead of getting lost on our appearances? When will we take our sight beyond the beliefs we have been taught and recognize our Infinite connectedness?

I ask myself this, and I ask all of you this, because our inability to let go of old beliefs that we have been taught by parents, family members, friends, elders, TV, radio, magazines, etc., are tearing us apart. Diversity is so beautiful on this Earth and yet we refuse to look at the beauty in it! Jesus said, “In order to be the Christ you must see the Christ in every face, in every form.” We must take our perception beyond what we have been taught, we must take our perception beyond what we have allowed ourselves to believe with our intellect, and allow ourselves to believe what we know in our hearts.

This Earth experience is here for us to experience God in every form…whether that be rain, clouds, sunshine, trees, wind, flowers, grass, rocks, sand, water, dogs, cats, elephants, birds, white people, black people, weird people (that’s most of us 😉 ), tall people, short people, English-speaking people, Spanish-speaking people, Blond people, brunette people, all of it is God!

We have forgotten that we are all united with the Great Creative Principle, God. Although it seems that we are separate from each other and God, we are truly all united, far more than we could ever comprehend with our intellect. We must look for perfection and Divinity in every form so that we may unify! So that we may remember why we are here as spiritual beings having a human experience! So that we walk through life with purpose and kindness always.

When do you think this will occur? When do you think our time will come to unite as a collective? The only time can be now! It can not be in a year, or ten years, or one hundred years, or never as some would say. We must start NOW to see each other as brothers and sisters of the same Divine family! All the great mystics, prophets, and Masters have always said we must treat each other as brothers and sisters for we are all the embodiment of Divinity. We are truly One.

Each day we must walk with a Presence that honors ALL the beauty of this life experience! Although a person’s actions or words may not seem to represent Divinity to you, continue to look upon those individuals, your brothers and sisters, with an undying Love. You must find that Light within you that will shine through any darkness and BE the Light for the collective! As you walk with such clarity and move with Divine guidance the heavens will be yours! They have always been ours without our understanding, but NOW is the time for remembrance! NOW is the time for the realization that we are all fingers of the hand of God. That your “enemy” deserves Love just as much as your friend because of our spiritual unity.

The time has come to release all old beliefs that have kept us restricted from realizing this Truth. Time has come to look beyond the skin color, the language, the clothing choices, the differences, and realize that these are all beauty-full extensions of the One. That diversity is beauty-full and meant to be cherished because it is all but God. We are here not to tolerate each other, but to Love each other unendingly. For in that Love we uplift the whole of the collective One.

I ask you to ask yourself, “Is it worth it for me to condemn someone because of his/her beliefs, actions, words, because they are not like mine? Can I accept and Love others although we do not look the same or have the same likes and interests? Will I choose Love or fear?” These are very important questions that we must ask ourselves in order that we may understand who we truly are and begin to change the world through the life we live. You are capable, you are beauty-full, I Love You. Let us come together and choose Love.

All My Love,
Zach IAM


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