How To Remove Toxic People From Your Life (Law of Attraction)


How To Remove Toxic People From Your Life (Law of Attraction)


Hi guys and gals,

Today I wanted to share how to remove toxic people from your life from a law of attraction perspective.

I am NOT a psychologist, but I wanted to examine and share the 2 main reasons toxic people show up in our lives purely as a result of the law of attraction. I also wanted to share 2 processes I use that completely transform my relationships with people when I feel the relationship is heading the direction I’m not particularly enjoying.

I’d love to hear what processes you’ve used in the past, or currently use, to remove toxic people from your lives.







This is without question one of my favorite quotes. The first time I read this was in the book series, The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East. I was 22 years old and having been studying the Law of Attraction habitually for the past three years I was at first put off by this statement. My ego had been heavily stroked as a result of feeling that I was the ultimate creator of my reality, Zach the body, not fully understanding the depths of which I was mistaken. However, as I was physically unable to put down the books, my consciousness expanded more so than I could imagine. By the end of one week, and three books later, I understood the true meaning behind that quote. I’d like to share with you after nine more years of inner work, research, and consciousness expansion, how I understand those words.


I’d like to throw another quote into the pot though before we go further,


human beings 1

“We are not physical beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” ~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.


If we look at the similarity between these two quotes we can see how important it is to begin to look at our lives as spiritual beings, rather than heavily dense physical entities. This is also, in my opinion, the most difficult aspect of entering into a human body. As we enter into these bodies forgetting our true nature we tend to get so distracted and lost that we can often go our whole lives not remembering the beauty of who we are. Day after day we wake up and see this meat suit in the mirror and rarely take the time to ask ourselves, “Who is viewing this body?” We get taught in school that our brain is the perceiver of the experience, thereby stopping the questioning of who the true observer is. All the while still calling it “my body.” Hardly do we ask, “If it is ‘my body’ then who does it belong to?”


However, once these questions become reignited in our consciousness, we finally take the quest inward.


We begin to take the quest, which brings us to recognize that there is a perceiver of the experience, a perceiver of the body, but yet we have within us an innate knowing that we have the capacity to shape the world outside of us. So, we journey deeper within, asking who the “ME” truly is. We are not satisfied with the simple explanation of purely being physical bodies with hormonal responses, neuro-muscular signals, etc. We can’t help but ask, “Who am I? Who am I? Who the hell am I?” Yes, I HAVE a body, but why the heck do I feel so interested in the after-life? Why am I fascinated by miracles? Why does the unknown intrigue me so much? Okay, so maybe that was me, but I bet we aren’t so different.


Now we have all these questions, and we begin to have experiences that some call coincidence, but they just keep happening too frequently to be mere random happenings. So, then we find books, and people, and YouTube videos explaining the phenomenon called synchronicity, and realize that maybe the body isn’t all that we are. We start to see in our daily life that as we focus on something, it begins to show up more frequently in our lives. We think of someone and we run into them. We think about how wonderful it would be to have more money then hear of a story about rags to riches. We see in our mind how wonderful a healthy body would feel and all of a sudden we begin to get better. Then BAM! It starts to resonate and make more sense.


Alright, so maybe that was my experience. As a result of my experience I learned a thing or two, and I remembered a thing or one hundred. So, if you’ve made it to this paragraph…congratulations!!! Now it’s time to get preachy…


I want you to remember that you are far beyond what you could ever conceptualize. As you ask those questions in the previous paragraphs you will realize that the “Father within” is not the “you” that you see with your eyes, but the “You” that observes through your eyes. You are a soul, a spiritual entity, inhabiting a body for joyful expansion, for learning, for fun, for Love. You came to be the experiencer of life, to play, to laugh, to cry, rather than sit in a library and learn about the experience. A book can only take you so far, but a journey walked can take you anywhere. The Father that dwelleth within you is the True You. That is the real You…the eternal Self, the Atma, the Christ consciousness.


We get so lost so easily in just being the body, but that is truly the tip of the iceberg. You are an infinite being, getting the opportunity to live an earthly experience. You have been here before, and you may very well likely come back. This experience is not for the faint of heart, or the weak-minded, it is for the strongest souls in the uni-verse. You are one of the souls! But you have forgotten that. I just want you to remember, even if for a brief moment. How many times has something so simple and so magical happened? Do you really think it was because you were lucky? It is because you are an eternal, divine, magical creator. Not you the body, but You the consciousness. Do you know why it is important to meditate? Because through meditation you remember that truth. You remember that you are an infinite, eternal, divine, creative being inhabiting a physical body for a short while. Can you even comprehend eternity? How about a billion years? How about a million years? How about 100,000 years? How about 10,000 years? We can’t possibly conceive of the vastness of our Eternal Self because our conscious thinking mind is stuck looking at the minuteness of our current physical self. Hence the reason we go deeper into the depths of our being through meditation and by doing so align with that Eternal Self, the Father within.


You aren’t going to create magic if you keep seeing yourself as this tiny little body that a rock could so easily crush. The Father that dwelleth within you, the Eternal, Divine Self that you truly are, doeth the works. How true is the statement, “Let go and let God.” That God is the REAL YOU. Not a white bearded man in the sky but an infinite Presence. The Father that dwelleth within, dwelleth within all things. We try to rationalize an Infinite Eternal Presence, by saying, He is the Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. Well my beauty, you have the Holy Spirit within you, therefore by deduction you are all three. Where the Spirit resides so does the Father. You are that Eternal Presence. The issue is that we get lost in this magnificence because the “little you,” the body you, has an incredibly hard time conceptualizing this. That is why the intellectual you will never fully know the magnitude that is your true divinity. The way to your deepest knowing is not through your mind, but through your heart. It must first be felt, be experienced, and then through feeling it again and again and again the mind becomes able to conceptualize it, to finally give in and acknowledge your grandeur.


You may have heard this before, this may be your first-time hearing this, but either way it is because you know this fully within the depths of your heart, you simply are afraid to acknowledge it. Your conscious mind, your ego, is afraid to acknowledge this because if it loses its grip, who do you then become? This is the fun part. As you transcend the ego, you get to play more openly, more freely. You no longer become victim to your ego, but you have ultimate control over how you wish to experience the world and allow the ego to be a fun tool in your consciousness toolbox.


You are reading this because it is your time of transition. It is your time of consciousness expansion. You are moving beyond that which you thought you were, to that which you truly are. How do you speed this process up you ask? Meditate. Practice letting go through your breath. Make a practice of also observing your surroundings and asking yourself, “Who is observing right now?” These two practices will move you deeper. Also, talk to that aspect of yourself, your Higher Self, your angels, Divine Spirit, Source, whatever you like to call it. Once you talk, shut up and listen! Listen to what you feel. Listen for ringing in your ears. Listen to sensations in your body. Just listen. Be playful with all of this. Don’t take it so seriously. Release the attachments to your life. Releasing attachments doesn’t mean to stop caring. It means that whatever the circumstances you will still love openly and deeply and not be thrown by the storms of life. You will step out onto the water and declare yourself an extension of the Infinite. You will declare yourself the Christ child. You will know whole-heartedly that this body is purely a fun vessel in which you get to have your earthly experience. You will finally embrace your eternalness and begin to create the life you wish. This is bliss. This is true freedom. This is why you are here. “My Father and I are One.” Let those words ring throughout your body, throughout your consciousness, nothing could be closer to the Truth.


Leave a comment or question and we can expand together.


All My Love,





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Charlottesville Attacks Spiritual Perspective


Charlottesville Attacks Spiritual Perspective

I wanted to give my perspective, from a strictly spiritual standpoint, on what I feel the entire circumstance in Charlottesville represented, and what it is showing us as a collective consciousness.

What Is Going On?

As I watched a 22 minute video from Vice media which followed a group of the alt-right in the Charlottesville rallies, I was astounded at the hatred and sadness that spewed from each individual. I was shocked to see how horribly the groups’ words were toward non-white individuals. I couldn’t believe not only what I heard, but what I saw from them. I truly did not realize how many people still truly felt that way towards other human beings.

Then I watched a video of civil war monuments, confederate monuments, being removed from Baltimore. As I watched the monuments being removed I asked my guides, I asked Archangel Michael, and I asked my soul…why? Why is all of this happening? Why are people treating each other this way? Why are we removing symbols of the history of the United States? And I was given my response…


The Reason For Such Atrocity

As a collective consciousness we are witnessing these situations because they are still prevalent in our collective pain-body. A pain-body is an emotional trauma that has yet to be acknowledged and healed in our spiritual and sub-conscious being. As a whole, we are all emanations from the One Source. As much as we like to propagate the idea that we are separate in our human-ness, we are far more alike than we could ever be different. Our souls are truly united as One collective being, that which we like to call God. As such, when we have collective experiences, traumatic experiences, it represents a part of our collective soul that has yet to be healed.

The circumstances in Charlottesville represent the lack of acknowledgement and healing in the form of racism and segregation. We, as a whole, have not healed our hearts when it comes to racism. And even more so, the alt-right groups represent the ignorance of our spiritual unity that many of us still carry. The reason that these groups show up, is because they are the shadow aspect of each and every one of us that has yet to be acknowledged and healed. And the combatant behavior that we vehemently continue towards these groups is the lack of love and care we refuse to show our individual selves.

Our lives are a continual “sweeping under the rug” of our problems and things we fight to accept within ourselves. We refuse to heal the wounds of our neglectful parents. We refuse to heal the wounds of our elementary school bullies. We refuse to heal the wounds of our first and second and third heartbreak. We refuse to heal the wounds of our…you get the point. We refuse to delve into the depths of our shadow! But you know what?!?! That is the ONLY way that these situations will change!

It is not through vehement opposition or complaining about how terrible these groups of people are that we will heal as a collective. No, because these groups of people are extensions of those very parts of US! We are allowed to get angry, we are allowed to be disappointed, we are allowed to be sad, but to condemn other human beings is not the way in which the world will change. I’m not going to throw out all of the quotes from Gandhi or Buddha or any other master teacher because you have heard them all before. On a subconscious spiritual level we KNOW that the only way to heal the collective is to start by being brave enough to heal those parts of ourselves first!

When I looked at the Civil War monuments being removed I thought to myself, “Why remove a piece of history that has helped us become who we are? That has taught us who we were and who we want to now be?” Honestly, that is like removing the parts of our lives that were troubling. Why would we remove the parts of our lives that sucked but showed us how strong we could be? Why would we remove the experiences of our lives that taught us our most important lessons? That is like removing all the good parts of the book or movie and it all just being rainbows and butterflies. That shit is boring! The spectrum of pain and joy is what makes being human so fantastic!!

Take a moment to look back at your life and think of 5 major experiences. More than likely at least 2 of them will be “not so wonderful.” A lyric from The Oh Hello’s sums it up perfectly, “The sun it does not cause us to grow. It is the rain that will strengthen your soul, it will make you whole.” Removing the history of your life does not make you a better person, it makes you a weaker soul.

We all have our own individual interpretations of what certain monuments and historical places mean to us. However, if we are having an emotional reaction to those things we can know immediately that we have a pain-body that has yet to be healed. That is the very reason that we march to have things removed or to oppose groups that we disagree with. The very reason for an emotional response is exactly what I have stated above, our own individual inability to deal with emotional pain and trauma.

How We Can Heal

So now that I’ve given my opinion on why these things are happening I want to briefly express how I feel we can change the world.

First and foremost, as you have figured out by making it this far, is to look within yourself and truly be willing to ask yourself where you still have emotional responses. Did watching the video of the car run into the group of people and kill Heather Heyer make you mad and sad all at the same time? Yes? Me too! So what are we going to do about it? Did it make you mad that someone could be so angry and filled with hate towards another person? Yes? Well me too! Okay, so let’s ask ourselves when was the last time we were angry and filled with hate towards another person? Was it while you were driving and got cut off? Was it from somebody that insulted you and laughed at you? Was it from your arrogant co-worker that just won’t stop talking? Yes? Well me too! Now let’s go a little deeper…

So we have this anger, WITHIN OURSELF, that was cultivated by somebody else’s words or behavior. We have this experience that brought out from WITHIN US a certain emotion. When we look at it this way we can see that the anger was not GIVEN to us, but rather already existed WITHIN US and was brought to the surface by our perception of another person’s actions or words. So, nobody MADE us angry but simply ALLOWED us to feel the anger that already presided within us.

Okay, now let us take a step back. So we can see from our process that we are not the anger, but rather we have the ability to bring it forth or not. We have ultimate control over the emotion or not based upon the way we perceive the situation or person. Great, now we are getting somewhere. So the emotion is there, but it isn’t YOU. The emotion is there, but it doesn’t control you, because you have a higher awareness of IT. We’re moving now.

So how do we heal this and make other people act less like jerks? If you asked this question, we aren’t on the right track.

Let’s pull back. So I have this situation where I FEEL anger, not I AM angry. You are not anger. You FEEL anger. Okay. So how do we heal this? How do we heal this anger? Oooh, much better question. The anger is resolved when we acknowledge it and accept it. Don’t fight it, don’t resist it, and don’t let it control you. Look at the anger as a leaf flowing through the stream of your being. The river flowing through you is love, is goodness, is God-ness. And as an extension of God, you get to choose what you want to feel in any moment. Your recognition of this is the beginning of healing.

The anger becomes a leaf falling from the tree. Others leaves will also fall, but they don’t last when you acknowledge and know that you are the tree. The stream of God-ness that you are is far more powerful that a leaf flowing through it. If you will but take your attention to the power of your stream, and realize that the leaf is there and it will pass, then you heal the pain-body. As a result of you acknowledging that within yourself, acknowledging the situation when it arises, and CHOOSING to remember your Divine Inheritance, your stream of God-ness, that my friends is when healing across a broad spectrum occurs.

The water in a cup may look clear. However, when a blue drop is introduced into the water, the entirety of the water changes ever so slightly. This is how we bring our collective out of pain, out of suffering. WE, you and I, must start with ourselves. That is the only way we can heal as a collective. There is no amount of yelling and arguing that will heal the hearts of others, that will simply make them rebel more. There is no amount of ridicule that will change somebody’s opinions and beliefs. It is truly only through Love that we can heal. Think about the last time somebody changed your mind by telling you that you were wrong.

I will leave you with a Bible quote about moving through your shadows. Also, read the picture below that explains “Why Do We Shout In Anger.”

“{A Psalm of David.} The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.

2He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.

3He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.

4Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

5Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.

6Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever.”

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