How To Create Your Perfect Life (Law of Attraction)

How do you create your perfect life through the law of attraction? The most important component of creating your perfect life is your thoughts…




Do you have a hero/heroine complex?

What is a hero/heroine complex? If you do have this complex why can it be detrimental to your overall health?

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My Law of Attraction Success Story (My Perfect Relationship)


This is my Law of Attraction success story of how I manifested my perfect relationship; of how I manifested my True Love. If you are questioning if the Law of Attraction is real, hopefully my story can inspire you to realize that you can have, and be, and do anything you want…including your perfect relationship.

Expectations Reduce The Joy


Expectations Reduce The Joy

Expecting others to behave, or speak, or think in a certain way only leads to you suffering.

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How To Heal Yourself…With Thought…


How to heal yourself is a question that I think most people going through some type of illness ask themselves. Healing is a natural process of life and is under our control. Yet, we must be strong enough to move past fear and into Love in order that it may manifest. You’re powerful beyond measure and when you accept that, all things will change in your life.

I’m So Confused…



confusion, so confused

I’m not sure if anyone else is experiencing the confusion that I have been going through the last few weeks, but man I’ll tell you what, I’m confused!

It’s strange because it seems like I’ve been so sure of everything in my life for the last 5 years that this recent onset of confusion has really thrown me for a loop!

Firstly, I’m so confused when it comes to these social issues we have been having. I mean, at times I feel as if I’m living in a completely separate dimension than everyone around me. I see these videos of police officers blatantly attacking people for standing their ground and sticking up for their rights. I see everyone pointing the finger at each other of who is wrong. I see so much anger and hatred. I see so much fear and desperation. Honestly, as I write this I feel everything from everyone and it’s overwhelming!


I just don’t understand why we are all so defensive, so aggressive, so fearful, so confined by our own minds. I have conversations with my clients about this political issue and that political issue, about how their children are disrespectful, about the most basic of life’s struggles and I can’t help but think to myself, “There is such an easy fix to that.”


You see my friends, I’m so confused about life because the life that I feel I belong in, in no way matches the life that Facebook and the news demonstrates to me. The life I feel we all belong in is so far from where we are and I don’t know how in the heck we are going to get out! I mean, we fight over our labels! We are always fighting over our labels! We fight each other because of skin color, we fight each other because of religion, we fight each other over financial class, we fight each other over belief sets about the way we think people should be acting, we fight about everything, and the only question I keep thinking to myself is, “When will we stop fighting?!” Seriously?! When will we move past who we think we are and recognize who we really are? When will we search ourselves instead of always looking outside? When will we care enough about the way feel and choose to live our life in accordance with that?

I’m so confused my friends. You know, the way I see the world is so far different from so many that I get so discouraged at times. I feel that we can make the world the place we see in our dreams, I do believe in a world where we can smile at each other, where we can walk with love in our hearts and peace in our mind. I believe in a world where we can shake hands with everyone and know that this is just a stopping point in our soul’s evolution, but yet no matter how hard I do my best to BE Love, it just seems like an uphill battle.

I’m so confused at the constant wanting to fight something! I get so confused with watching everyone always fighting against something! I hardly ever see anyone fighting FOR something!! Recently, we see the Cecil the lion story and all anyone wants to do is kill the dentist who killed Cecil, fighting the dentist. We see so much social media coverage about the Blacklivesmatter movement, and all we want to do is fight the cops. We see so much about the middle east and all we want to do is fight OTHER RELIGIONS. It’s baffling! It’s so fucking confusing!!

I swear, at times I feel like I’m taking crazy pills! There is not enough light to shine in the darkness when all anyone keeps focusing on darkness!! How in the hell are you ever going to bring peace, when all anyone really wants to do is fight against something?!


We are so addicted to the villains in our lives that we can’t even see that the biggesanger, angryt villain there is is right within you! You can’t see that the biggest villain there is, is your own mind. You can’t se that the biggest villain there is, is your own ego, constantly reminding you that you are separate from everyone else.

At times I wish my writing affected one billion people, changed the hearts of everyone who read something I’ve written because damn, I want everyone to see the world for what it really is.

I get so sad sometimes knowing that millions of people all over the world are starving, I get so sad sometimes knowing that millions of people are alone, scared, homeless, not knowing when the next time they will sleep in a comfortable bed. I get so sad sometimes knowing that thousands are okay with killing animals who have come for the simple reason to bring joy and balance. I get so sad sometimes knowing that all I ever do is see my brothers and sisters fighting each other. I get so sad sometimes when I here my brothers and sisters question the truth of their divinity. It makes me so sad that we allow fear to override our thoughts and refuse to make a conscious effort to change that.

I’m so confused. I honestly feel that most of the time I receive an answer for everything I ask from the Source of all life. I feel that I have awakened my understanding of receiving the answers from our Source when I’m quest-ioning, but lately I feel nothing but confusion.


I’m so confused as to why we are so resistant to changing the way we think and what we have been taught. I’m so confused as to why we have such a hard time seeing the other person’s point of view. I’m so confused as to why we are so stuck on our labels of gender, ethnicity, financial class, education level, geographical region, spiritual beliefs, and why fighting to hold on to those things causes so much pain and suffering and fear, not only for ourselves but others. I am so confused by the sheer fact that we are so afraid to let go of our identity that we will fight everyone who challenges it, no matter what the cost. And all the while, if we would let go of that identity we would reemerge with our Source, with God.


I-wish, wish upon a starI wish so dearly that we could see each other as family of the same Source, as beings of the same Mother-Father, just snowflakes of the same storm. I wish so dearly that we stop fighting so hard against what we don’t want and start fighting FOR what we do want. I wish so badly that we begin to embrace each other with Love, with kindness, with compassion, with open hearts. I wish so dearly that we see each other as equals no matter the labels we have been given or given ourselves. I wish so dearly that we stop getting caught in the illusion that is our life, and awaken to the Truth of the grand universe. I wish so dearly that we treat the earth with kindness. I wish that we apologize for our wrong-doings. I wish that we hug  a stranger, and hug them tight! I wish that we kiss with our eyes closed and feel the depth of that unity. I wish that we see the beauty that is us, and that is all things. I wish that one day we can see misfortune and come to the aid of that being, not with anger towards the ‘villain’ but with Love towards them both.

My brothers Jesus and Buddha have said that when we are struck upon the check, that we turn the other also. This is so profound! Nobody everyone wants to accept this deep teaching of our 2 masters, but when we are thrown down, do not hate the oppressor, love them anyways. Although we are beaten, if we maintain love in our hearts nothing can dissolve our own peace. When you see a fight and you watch someone walk away calmly, peacefully, do you not witness the most inner strength of all? It is not about always fighting against, because that just creates more inharmony. The only way to dissolve ignorance and fear is to meet it with Love.

If this finds you, I hope it brings peace to your heart.

All My Love,

Zach ❤

Why You Sound So Ignorant…


Lately I have been speaking with my friends and clients, listening to their viewpoints, and seeing a lot of interesting posts on their Facebook page. Now I am by no means the most wonderful person in the world, nor the most enlightened. However, I feel that after having gone through chemotherapy treatment twice, a bone-marrow transplant, having seen numerous children die of cancer, and watching innumerable suffering, I have questioned quite a bit in my life. I have asked every seemingly metaphysical, life-affirming, in-depth question I feel that most of us will ask regarding the universe and life as a whole. As such, I have come to some conclusions about life. These conclusions seem to come and go in my consciousness, however they always drift back and remind me of the bigger picture. That is my preface to this little rant that you are about to experience, and if you are ready here…we…go…

I can not believe the ignorance that is spewed from some of the mouths of the individuals I know. I am always reminded by my guides and Angels of what Jesus said, “Forgive them, for they know not what they do.” Although this may be the case, it is difficult to not sit and think, “Sweet heavens, you sound like a ranting and raving egocentric maniac!” It is as if so many of the people I know have not questioned anything in their lives! Even with some of them having had very traumatic experiences, they still see the world with blinders on.

Now I’m going to educate for a second and I’m about to get preachy, so take a sit and soak up as much as you feel resonates with you…

Look at the bigger picture…

Stop for a second and think of the earth. Think of the pictures that are taken from shots of satellites floating out in the ethers. Now sit with this for just a second. Think of what is holding the earth to anything else. Do you have your answer? Nothing! That’s right. Absolutely NOTHING is holding the earth to anything else because the earth is floating in space!!! No seriously, the earth is fucking floating in space! Now let’s go further with this. You are on this earth that is floating in space. Now the sheer fact that you don’t go flying off into the ethers is magical enough, however you have an unknown force that Newton called gravity holding you to the earth. Don’t critical think me to death here, just contemplate that. There is an unknown force literally pulling you towards the surface of the earth in order that you don’t go flying off into a pitch black space!

Now that in and of itself is miraculous! Not cool, a fucking miracle!!! Now let’s go further. Look up for your own satisfaction the nearest star to the sun. After you look that up try your best to even imagine what that means. Try your damnedest to really imagine what a light year even is!!! You can’t! That’s because your rational mind has no idea of the magnitude that is the totality of this thing we call life.

Let’s make it a little more personal now. Before you were an adult, looking at this screen, you were nothing. Technically, your body was an egg from your mother and a sperm cell from your father that magically came together to create an ovum, and your sexy ass started growing! But think about the process…you started as nothing, then 2 aspects of your physical body came together into a unified field (ovum), and started replicating!!! Can you contemplate that?! No, you can’t! You can’t possibly see yourself as nothing, that came together as something, and made what you call you!

The point that I’m making is that in your ranting about vaccines, or your complaining about not having enough money, or your fear of the republicans taking over, or your egocentric beliefs about religion, or whatever you think you’re right about, you haven’t even stopped to see the grandeur and awesomeness that is the world you live in, and the body you inhabit.

Now for the real lecture…;)

Found God, AwakeningRemember your Truth…

You are wholly, and truly, an extension of an unseen Source that throughout the eons has been called many things. That you, in your totality, not the body you think of as you, but in your spiritual essence, is Divinity. When I say that you can’t even conceive of what I am saying to you. But don’t let your rational mind intrude, just keep reading and let your soul remind you gently of your essence.

Do you understand that the whole universe has your back? Do you understand that you are not a body with a soul, but rather the thing you call your mind is the bridge between your soul and your body. Do you realize that you have been lied to your entire life by the media, by your books, by your teachers, by your parents, because they knew not of their Divinity either. Don’t you find it interesting how so many people idolize individuals who have come before, Jesus, Buddha, the awakened ones? Don’t you wonder why we so deeply crave that understanding and freedom? And don’t you find it funny how when someone shows you that, you immediately question everything they’ve said and claim them to be a liar?

Don’t be so egocentric…

Telling people they need to vaccinate their kids because you feel it’s right, telling republicans they don’t care about others and need to be taken out of the senate, calling the Christians and Muslims horrific terrorists, talking about how we need to protect our countries borders, blah blah blah blah blah! You sound so fucking ignorant in your limited mind state!! And in this moment I am no better than you, however I want more for you!

I realized last night why Jesus and Buddha and so many other masters won’t come forth and show themselves to the majority of humanity, it’s because we all have so much learning still to do! If you called on Jesus every time something went wrong in your life and used him as your own personal support pillar, you would never learn to stand on your own 2 feet! If every time you got scared you asked Buddha to show himself and come comfort you, you would never understand how to discern your own emotions and what they mean!

You sound so ignorant…

You sound so ignorant in your telling everyone they are wrong and you are right. You sound so ignorant focusing on such small, inconsequential “events.” You sound so ignorant believing the notion that you get one life and then you are dead. You sound so ignorant believing the premise that others may have some sort of control over your life and that you are not the complete director of your life. You sound so ignorant trying to change the world around you rather than fixing the insecurities within you. And lastly, I sound so ignorant asking you to change.

Life Coach Reno, Zach TavcarMy hope for you…

My hope for you is that you start to question every single fucking thing you hear. My hope for you is that you begin to accept every aspect of yourself and allow others to be as they will. My hope for you is that you challenge your mind, that you challenge your mind to grow. My hope for you is that you find the space within yourself where you are no longer scared of another’s actions because you know that that unseen force that is your True Self is protecting you. My hope for you is that you remember how powerful your thoughts are and the potential that they carry with them. My hope for you is that you smile at everyone and don’t expect one back. My hope for you is that you tongue kiss, a whole lot. My hope for you is that you have as much sex as you can, with a person you really love, and feel the ecstasy of being. My hope for you is that you get up and dance! Fucking dance! My hope for you is that you look deeper into your life and ask the questions that really matter. My hope for you is that you find love everywhere you go because you carry it in every step you take. My hope for you is that you live compassionately, not wanting to change anyone’s behaviors because you believe it true, but because they are wanting growth. My hope for you is that you seek kindness in every action and walk the path of understanding. Lastly, my hope for you is that you seek the wisdom of your own heart, knowing full well that that is where you find your Source, you soul.

All My Love,