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Charlottesville Attacks Spiritual Perspective


Charlottesville Attacks Spiritual Perspective

I wanted to give my perspective, from a strictly spiritual standpoint, on what I feel the entire circumstance in Charlottesville represented, and what it is showing us as a collective consciousness.

What Is Going On?

As I watched a 22 minute video from Vice media which followed a group of the alt-right in the Charlottesville rallies, I was astounded at the hatred and sadness that spewed from each individual. I was shocked to see how horribly the groups’ words were toward non-white individuals. I couldn’t believe not only what I heard, but what I saw from them. I truly did not realize how many people still truly felt that way towards other human beings.

Then I watched a video of civil war monuments, confederate monuments, being removed from Baltimore. As I watched the monuments being removed I asked my guides, I asked Archangel Michael, and I asked my soul…why? Why is all of this happening? Why are people treating each other this way? Why are we removing symbols of the history of the United States? And I was given my response…


The Reason For Such Atrocity

As a collective consciousness we are witnessing these situations because they are still prevalent in our collective pain-body. A pain-body is an emotional trauma that has yet to be acknowledged and healed in our spiritual and sub-conscious being. As a whole, we are all emanations from the One Source. As much as we like to propagate the idea that we are separate in our human-ness, we are far more alike than we could ever be different. Our souls are truly united as One collective being, that which we like to call God. As such, when we have collective experiences, traumatic experiences, it represents a part of our collective soul that has yet to be healed.

The circumstances in Charlottesville represent the lack of acknowledgement and healing in the form of racism and segregation. We, as a whole, have not healed our hearts when it comes to racism. And even more so, the alt-right groups represent the ignorance of our spiritual unity that many of us still carry. The reason that these groups show up, is because they are the shadow aspect of each and every one of us that has yet to be acknowledged and healed. And the combatant behavior that we vehemently continue towards these groups is the lack of love and care we refuse to show our individual selves.

Our lives are a continual “sweeping under the rug” of our problems and things we fight to accept within ourselves. We refuse to heal the wounds of our neglectful parents. We refuse to heal the wounds of our elementary school bullies. We refuse to heal the wounds of our first and second and third heartbreak. We refuse to heal the wounds of our…you get the point. We refuse to delve into the depths of our shadow! But you know what?!?! That is the ONLY way that these situations will change!

It is not through vehement opposition or complaining about how terrible these groups of people are that we will heal as a collective. No, because these groups of people are extensions of those very parts of US! We are allowed to get angry, we are allowed to be disappointed, we are allowed to be sad, but to condemn other human beings is not the way in which the world will change. I’m not going to throw out all of the quotes from Gandhi or Buddha or any other master teacher because you have heard them all before. On a subconscious spiritual level we KNOW that the only way to heal the collective is to start by being brave enough to heal those parts of ourselves first!

When I looked at the Civil War monuments being removed I thought to myself, “Why remove a piece of history that has helped us become who we are? That has taught us who we were and who we want to now be?” Honestly, that is like removing the parts of our lives that were troubling. Why would we remove the parts of our lives that sucked but showed us how strong we could be? Why would we remove the experiences of our lives that taught us our most important lessons? That is like removing all the good parts of the book or movie and it all just being rainbows and butterflies. That shit is boring! The spectrum of pain and joy is what makes being human so fantastic!!

Take a moment to look back at your life and think of 5 major experiences. More than likely at least 2 of them will be “not so wonderful.” A lyric from The Oh Hello’s sums it up perfectly, “The sun it does not cause us to grow. It is the rain that will strengthen your soul, it will make you whole.” Removing the history of your life does not make you a better person, it makes you a weaker soul.

We all have our own individual interpretations of what certain monuments and historical places mean to us. However, if we are having an emotional reaction to those things we can know immediately that we have a pain-body that has yet to be healed. That is the very reason that we march to have things removed or to oppose groups that we disagree with. The very reason for an emotional response is exactly what I have stated above, our own individual inability to deal with emotional pain and trauma.

How We Can Heal

So now that I’ve given my opinion on why these things are happening I want to briefly express how I feel we can change the world.

First and foremost, as you have figured out by making it this far, is to look within yourself and truly be willing to ask yourself where you still have emotional responses. Did watching the video of the car run into the group of people and kill Heather Heyer make you mad and sad all at the same time? Yes? Me too! So what are we going to do about it? Did it make you mad that someone could be so angry and filled with hate towards another person? Yes? Well me too! Okay, so let’s ask ourselves when was the last time we were angry and filled with hate towards another person? Was it while you were driving and got cut off? Was it from somebody that insulted you and laughed at you? Was it from your arrogant co-worker that just won’t stop talking? Yes? Well me too! Now let’s go a little deeper…

So we have this anger, WITHIN OURSELF, that was cultivated by somebody else’s words or behavior. We have this experience that brought out from WITHIN US a certain emotion. When we look at it this way we can see that the anger was not GIVEN to us, but rather already existed WITHIN US and was brought to the surface by our perception of another person’s actions or words. So, nobody MADE us angry but simply ALLOWED us to feel the anger that already presided within us.

Okay, now let us take a step back. So we can see from our process that we are not the anger, but rather we have the ability to bring it forth or not. We have ultimate control over the emotion or not based upon the way we perceive the situation or person. Great, now we are getting somewhere. So the emotion is there, but it isn’t YOU. The emotion is there, but it doesn’t control you, because you have a higher awareness of IT. We’re moving now.

So how do we heal this and make other people act less like jerks? If you asked this question, we aren’t on the right track.

Let’s pull back. So I have this situation where I FEEL anger, not I AM angry. You are not anger. You FEEL anger. Okay. So how do we heal this? How do we heal this anger? Oooh, much better question. The anger is resolved when we acknowledge it and accept it. Don’t fight it, don’t resist it, and don’t let it control you. Look at the anger as a leaf flowing through the stream of your being. The river flowing through you is love, is goodness, is God-ness. And as an extension of God, you get to choose what you want to feel in any moment. Your recognition of this is the beginning of healing.

The anger becomes a leaf falling from the tree. Others leaves will also fall, but they don’t last when you acknowledge and know that you are the tree. The stream of God-ness that you are is far more powerful that a leaf flowing through it. If you will but take your attention to the power of your stream, and realize that the leaf is there and it will pass, then you heal the pain-body. As a result of you acknowledging that within yourself, acknowledging the situation when it arises, and CHOOSING to remember your Divine Inheritance, your stream of God-ness, that my friends is when healing across a broad spectrum occurs.

The water in a cup may look clear. However, when a blue drop is introduced into the water, the entirety of the water changes ever so slightly. This is how we bring our collective out of pain, out of suffering. WE, you and I, must start with ourselves. That is the only way we can heal as a collective. There is no amount of yelling and arguing that will heal the hearts of others, that will simply make them rebel more. There is no amount of ridicule that will change somebody’s opinions and beliefs. It is truly only through Love that we can heal. Think about the last time somebody changed your mind by telling you that you were wrong.

I will leave you with a Bible quote about moving through your shadows. Also, read the picture below that explains “Why Do We Shout In Anger.”

“{A Psalm of David.} The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.

2He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.

3He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.

4Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

5Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.

6Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever.”

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Remember The Call To Love…


Throughout the day today as I was scrolling through my Facebook posts I saw a recurring theme of my friends sharing support for people who have experienced recent attacks from not just the incidents in Paris, but also for the suffering experienced by so many around the world that get less attention. But this is not going to be one of those posts. I am not going to choose a side, I’m not going to aim to validate one individual’s suffering over another, I’m not going to cast out anger or hatred towards any person, but rather I will aim to touch your heart. In the next few minutes I want to inspire your soul so that your Light can shine where it is needed most.

Today was a heavy day for me as I read through the different articles regarding the attacks in Paris, or the recent attacks in Kenya, or the Middle East, and I could feel the pull of my heart. I could feel the heaviness of the world not around me, but within me. I could feel the fear. I could feel the insecurity. I could feel the doubt. Almost the entire day I was filled with an energy I had not felt for quite some time. Yet this evening I began to feel something else.

As I sat and asked my Self, how can I help the world a passage in a very sacred book came to my mind. One of the most profound and sacred books to my heart, Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East, tells a story of an experience with Jesus. A hoard of bandits and murderers began approaching a sacred temple and village. With concern the author of the book asked Jesus what they could do. Jesus replied that he would not return the hatred and anger with which the bandits approached with, but rather send them nothing but Love. The author describes Jesus literally sending forth a beam of Light towards the entrance of the ravine in which the temple was located, and as the bandits reached this point their hatred and anger acted as a mirror upon the wall of Love. As such these bandits’ horses became frightened and began bucking and throwing the bandits from the saddles. In the frenzy the men began shooting and harming each other while also having the hoard of confused horses trampling them. Eventually the bandits laid there, injured or dead as a result of their own doing.

This story has been so profound for me in my life in many ways. The Law of Attraction tells us that “That which is like unto itself is drawn.” We know in quantum physics that in order for a reality to exist, mind must be present to witness its structure. In our own lives we see that when we are truly feel gratitude and expressing that outwardly, we come into contact with other individuals who demonstrate that to us, we see more beauty, more freedom, more Light.

Life is, wholly and truly, an expression of what is happening WITHIN us. The world happening around us, is a metaphor of what is happening within us. How many times a day do you say to yourself how truly beautiful you are? How many times a day do you say thank you to the Source of all life for the blessing of being alive? How often do you truly loo into the eyes of another person with the intent of seeing them for more than the body they possess? How often do you tell yourself “I love you!” We see things happening around us and we think of all that we don’t have, or don’t want, or don’t like and we wonder why there is so much sadness in the world.

We look around at people doing things that we wouldn’t do and we condemn them. We see people saying things we wouldn’t say and we ridicule them. We see someone acting or speaking a certain way and we so rarely choose to see them as more than their words or actions. We so rarely choose to look into their eyes and see the divinity in them. We so rarely choose to acknowledge the Spirit in them yearning to be called forth and them be reminded of who they really are.

You see, what every great master has ever told us is that we need to love our foe as our brother. Jesus said when your brother strikes your cheek, you should offer the other to him also. We find parables like this in all sacred texts and yet we refuse to follow them. We do not offer our brother a helping hand, let alone allow him to harm us. And yet, every great teacher has only taught us one thing: fear is not real, and only Love exists.

Fear is a reminder that you have separated yourself from Spirit. Love is the presence of your unity with Spirit. When we are shown acts of violence our reaction is to immediately attack the attacker. When we witness violent acts we do not love that person anyways, we ridicule him and berate him, which simply exacerbates feelings of isolation and separation. We have forgotten that we not only belong to each other, but that we are each other. We have forgotten that there is a single Presence, a single field of Love, and that we all exist in and as that.

martin luther king jr quote, best life coach, inspirational quoteIn times of collective fear, to further increase that fear through your own emotional field does nothing to bring forth Love. In times of darkness, more darkness is unnecessary. “Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only Light can do that.” In times of others’ suffering you must be reminded of the field of Love that is all that exists. You must stand forth in your strength, knowing fully that you are supported by the hoard of Heaven, and claim undoubtedly that only Love can heal. Not once have you every heard of fear healing. Not once have you ever heard of doubt healing. Not once have you ever heard of blame healing. Yet you have heard of gratitude healing. You have heard of kindness healing. You have heard of compassion healing. You have heard of Love healing.

In times of tragedy, it is not time to blame, and berate, and fight against. In times of tragedy, it is time to show compassion, kindness, Love. How can you help an individual or collective through anger and hatred and condemnation? You can’t. It is not possible to help anyone through the recognition of their unworthiness. You can only help anyone through your recognition of their Light. In your acknowledgment of someone else’s beauty, only then can you affect change. No figure of change ever was praised for telling people how bad they were. The most influential people of history, the ones who are praised for their service to humanity, spoke to the souls of others. They reminded you of your ability to be good. They reminded you of your ability to have compassion. They reminded you of your ability to be kind. They reminded you of your ability to see beauty in others. They reminded you of your ability to Love, and to Love unconditionally!

My friends, those of you reading this, this is your reminder. Don’t get caught in the disillusionment of the “outside.” You know all too well of your ability to affect others for their betterment and to be their reminder. You also know all too well that this can only come from the inside out. We must be the guide for others to follow, be the Light in the darkness so that others may light their own candle. My friends, my dear brothers and sisters, YOU have to be the change for the world. If you get lost in the woods, remember the path is always right next to you, waiting for you to remind others that it is right there…just below the head and about the gut.

All My Love,

Zach ❤

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Stop Justifying Your Well-Being


Justifying the well-being that is naturally flowing to you is completely unnecessary. Well-being is flowing to and through you at all times. However, it is completely up to you to allow the flow of Source through you.


I’m So Confused…



confusion, so confused

I’m not sure if anyone else is experiencing the confusion that I have been going through the last few weeks, but man I’ll tell you what, I’m confused!

It’s strange because it seems like I’ve been so sure of everything in my life for the last 5 years that this recent onset of confusion has really thrown me for a loop!

Firstly, I’m so confused when it comes to these social issues we have been having. I mean, at times I feel as if I’m living in a completely separate dimension than everyone around me. I see these videos of police officers blatantly attacking people for standing their ground and sticking up for their rights. I see everyone pointing the finger at each other of who is wrong. I see so much anger and hatred. I see so much fear and desperation. Honestly, as I write this I feel everything from everyone and it’s overwhelming!


I just don’t understand why we are all so defensive, so aggressive, so fearful, so confined by our own minds. I have conversations with my clients about this political issue and that political issue, about how their children are disrespectful, about the most basic of life’s struggles and I can’t help but think to myself, “There is such an easy fix to that.”


You see my friends, I’m so confused about life because the life that I feel I belong in, in no way matches the life that Facebook and the news demonstrates to me. The life I feel we all belong in is so far from where we are and I don’t know how in the heck we are going to get out! I mean, we fight over our labels! We are always fighting over our labels! We fight each other because of skin color, we fight each other because of religion, we fight each other over financial class, we fight each other over belief sets about the way we think people should be acting, we fight about everything, and the only question I keep thinking to myself is, “When will we stop fighting?!” Seriously?! When will we move past who we think we are and recognize who we really are? When will we search ourselves instead of always looking outside? When will we care enough about the way feel and choose to live our life in accordance with that?

I’m so confused my friends. You know, the way I see the world is so far different from so many that I get so discouraged at times. I feel that we can make the world the place we see in our dreams, I do believe in a world where we can smile at each other, where we can walk with love in our hearts and peace in our mind. I believe in a world where we can shake hands with everyone and know that this is just a stopping point in our soul’s evolution, but yet no matter how hard I do my best to BE Love, it just seems like an uphill battle.

I’m so confused at the constant wanting to fight something! I get so confused with watching everyone always fighting against something! I hardly ever see anyone fighting FOR something!! Recently, we see the Cecil the lion story and all anyone wants to do is kill the dentist who killed Cecil, fighting the dentist. We see so much social media coverage about the Blacklivesmatter movement, and all we want to do is fight the cops. We see so much about the middle east and all we want to do is fight OTHER RELIGIONS. It’s baffling! It’s so fucking confusing!!

I swear, at times I feel like I’m taking crazy pills! There is not enough light to shine in the darkness when all anyone keeps focusing on darkness!! How in the hell are you ever going to bring peace, when all anyone really wants to do is fight against something?!


We are so addicted to the villains in our lives that we can’t even see that the biggesanger, angryt villain there is is right within you! You can’t see that the biggest villain there is, is your own mind. You can’t se that the biggest villain there is, is your own ego, constantly reminding you that you are separate from everyone else.

At times I wish my writing affected one billion people, changed the hearts of everyone who read something I’ve written because damn, I want everyone to see the world for what it really is.

I get so sad sometimes knowing that millions of people all over the world are starving, I get so sad sometimes knowing that millions of people are alone, scared, homeless, not knowing when the next time they will sleep in a comfortable bed. I get so sad sometimes knowing that thousands are okay with killing animals who have come for the simple reason to bring joy and balance. I get so sad sometimes knowing that all I ever do is see my brothers and sisters fighting each other. I get so sad sometimes when I here my brothers and sisters question the truth of their divinity. It makes me so sad that we allow fear to override our thoughts and refuse to make a conscious effort to change that.

I’m so confused. I honestly feel that most of the time I receive an answer for everything I ask from the Source of all life. I feel that I have awakened my understanding of receiving the answers from our Source when I’m quest-ioning, but lately I feel nothing but confusion.


I’m so confused as to why we are so resistant to changing the way we think and what we have been taught. I’m so confused as to why we have such a hard time seeing the other person’s point of view. I’m so confused as to why we are so stuck on our labels of gender, ethnicity, financial class, education level, geographical region, spiritual beliefs, and why fighting to hold on to those things causes so much pain and suffering and fear, not only for ourselves but others. I am so confused by the sheer fact that we are so afraid to let go of our identity that we will fight everyone who challenges it, no matter what the cost. And all the while, if we would let go of that identity we would reemerge with our Source, with God.


I-wish, wish upon a starI wish so dearly that we could see each other as family of the same Source, as beings of the same Mother-Father, just snowflakes of the same storm. I wish so dearly that we stop fighting so hard against what we don’t want and start fighting FOR what we do want. I wish so badly that we begin to embrace each other with Love, with kindness, with compassion, with open hearts. I wish so dearly that we see each other as equals no matter the labels we have been given or given ourselves. I wish so dearly that we stop getting caught in the illusion that is our life, and awaken to the Truth of the grand universe. I wish so dearly that we treat the earth with kindness. I wish that we apologize for our wrong-doings. I wish that we hug  a stranger, and hug them tight! I wish that we kiss with our eyes closed and feel the depth of that unity. I wish that we see the beauty that is us, and that is all things. I wish that one day we can see misfortune and come to the aid of that being, not with anger towards the ‘villain’ but with Love towards them both.

My brothers Jesus and Buddha have said that when we are struck upon the check, that we turn the other also. This is so profound! Nobody everyone wants to accept this deep teaching of our 2 masters, but when we are thrown down, do not hate the oppressor, love them anyways. Although we are beaten, if we maintain love in our hearts nothing can dissolve our own peace. When you see a fight and you watch someone walk away calmly, peacefully, do you not witness the most inner strength of all? It is not about always fighting against, because that just creates more inharmony. The only way to dissolve ignorance and fear is to meet it with Love.

If this finds you, I hope it brings peace to your heart.

All My Love,

Zach ❤

How to Change the World…


Change the World, New worldWhy Change the World?

I’m inspired to write today by witnessing the struggles we all seem to be going through as a collective. I have been seeing constant reminders from my friends on social media, and in person, of the constant struggles that the world is going through and I asked my Highest Self, how do we fix this? And as Spirit always does, I was answered…

Can You Change the World?

You see my friends, our whole lives are directed by a Law. Most of you who read my posts know how I speak on the Law of Attraction, and this is the exact law that directs our lives. We don’t have to consciously accept this law, just as we don’t have to accept gravity, nonetheless it still affects our lives.

In the news lately we have been seeing constant struggles of racial tension, gender inequality, financial problems, and the list goes on. As much as these societal issues are going on, I pondered, “Well if this is all happening how can we change it?” We see inequality happening everywhere we go, and at times we see change, and others we are at a loss. And this post is not about reducing the prevalence of that, but rather giving us a way to move as a collective out of that.

2 Keys to Remember:

I want to start by saying that wholly and truly the only person we can ever change is our self. Secondly, I want to express the importance of every day reminding yourself that your thoughts create your new world. Your thoughts will literally transform the fabric of time and space, and it does every day. So this post will be a reminder of your power, and of your ability to transform the world.

‘What Is’ Gives More ‘What Is’

I know it can be difficult watching so many injustices happening around our world. If you possess any form of compassion you feel affected by the problems occurring to all forms of people, animals, plants, and all life. However, my question to you is, “Although you see these things happening, what is it that you would like to see happen?” At times I find myself getting stuck in always responding to “what is.” I reacting to ‘WHAT IS’ happening in the news, ‘WHAT IS’ happening in my career, ‘WHAT IS’ happening to the health of others around me, and often forget that my attention to ‘WHAT IS’ only brings about more of ‘WHAT IS.’

What I’ve learned in my life is that the only way out of ‘WHAT IS’ is to see the bigger picture and recognize that as a result of ‘WHAT IS’ I can now manifest ‘WHAT WILL BE.’ As a result of witnessing what I do not want, racial and gender inequality, prevalent dis-eases, financial injustice, I immediately in myHow to Change the World, new earth own mind developed an idea of what I would like to see. As a result of the contrast, i.e., racial inequality, I immediately wanted racial equality. As a result of watching children suffer through cancer treatments, I immediately wanted a more effective and less traumatic cancer treatment. Everything in my life that some would deem as negative, has really been Spirit’s way of moving through me to manifest a new more beneficial reality.

How Do I Change ‘What Is?’

How does this tie in to your life you ask? This is important because with every contrasting experience you have, you immediately have the opportunity to change where you focus your attention. Thoughts are literal vibrations that are expressed from you, and things which match that vibration come back to you. The constant example of this is a radio tower. You are the radio tower, and you emit the signal of 93.9. Things which are on that same channel will come into your experience. If you are feeling hopeful, channel 93.9, things which match 93.9 come into your experience. If you are feeling fearful, 102.7, things which match 102.7 will come into your experience.

Everything is vibration. Thoughts are vibration, feelings are vibration, actions are vibration, solid figures are really vibration, it’s all vibration. I won’t delve too deeply into this because you can find scientific evidence about this with a quick search online. But you must accept this inalienable truth, everything is vibration. Once you accept that, and realize that fully and truly, your thoughts have a creative potential attributed to them, you will realize how you can change the world.

What Do I Have To Do?

Now how exactly do you change the world? It’s very simple actually. You think only about what it is that you are wanting to see manifest in your life. Do you want social equality? Imagine it, visualize it, think about how incredible it would be to have everybody considered equals. Do you want everyone to be healthy? Imagine it, visualize it, think about how wonderful it would be if everyone was able to heal their bodies if necessary.

The problem is that we think we have to find the parasite and remove it. When in actuality, if the environment is not right for the parasite to live in, it will gladly leave. We must begin believing in our Selves. We must begin believing that we are powerful. We must begin believing that we have a creative Source, which always has our back, and will always give us exactly what we deserve based on where we are vibrationally. We must begin believing that we are connected to not only our friends and family, but we are connected to ALL living things, and most importantly the Source of all.

energetic light body, light being

How to Change the World…

Once we fully accept that we are connected to each other, to all life, to our Source, that is when we can change the world. You can’t act enough to change the world, there is nothing you can physically do to change the world, but on a vibrationally level, you always have changed the world. When you found light in the midst of darkness, you changed the world. When you found laughter in a sea of sorrow, you changed the world. When you cultivated love in an ocean of hate, you changed the world. When you smiled in the face of ridicule, you changed the world. When you danced when there was no music, you changed the world.

Changing the world isn’t something as grand as we make it. We are here as game-changes, as systems busters, to create a new world. We are here as expressions of Spirit to move life into a place of kindness, compassion, of gratitude, of passion, of love. We cannot force others to change with us, however as the radio tower becomes powerful enough the vibrations on an unconscious level are felt by everyone, and in that way you can change their minds. As you emit a signal so strong and full of love, the souls connected with yours, all souls, will have no option but to be uplifted to that state of love. In that way, you can change the world, and in that way, you will change the world.

All My Love

Zach ❤