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My Law of Attraction Success Story (My Perfect Relationship)


This is my Law of Attraction success story of how I manifested my perfect relationship; of how I manifested my True Love. If you are questioning if the Law of Attraction is real, hopefully my story can inspire you to realize that you can have, and be, and do anything you want…including your perfect relationship.


F*ck The Law of Attraction


F*ck The Law of Attraction

This is a response video to a spiritual teacher who said to f*ck the law of attraction. My response addresses what I feel is the biggest inconsistency with those of us who believe in the law of attraction and how we can go about changing it so that we live free.


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Stop Justifying Your Well-Being


Justifying the well-being that is naturally flowing to you is completely unnecessary. Well-being is flowing to and through you at all times. However, it is completely up to you to allow the flow of Source through you.

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A guided meditation for healing and allowing well-being to naturally flow. This meditation will help you release resistance so that the body can return to its natural state of wellbeing, healing, and health.

Why Do We Feel Emotions?


Have you ever asked yourself why you feel emotions? What is the purpose of emotions? What purpose do emotions serve? What are emotions? Why am I am so emotional?! Well, our emotions serve a very big purpose…and here is why…