I just watched a video of a pig farm and the horrible acts that are committed against the lives of these beautiful creatures. At first I wanted to do a video, but felt that I needed to write instead, no one wants to see me cry on camera. So this will not be about condemning meat-eaters nor will this be about convincing anyone to become a vegetarian or vegan…this is about me, doing my best to get you to think, to hopefully cause you to question, and to ultimately look for the answers within your Self.

The video I watched was horrible. It was 3 minutes of pigs being tortured and led to my weeping. I have seen documentaries such as “Earthlings” and the like which also caused me to do nothing but cry. However as I watched this all that kept running through my mind was, “This is the world we are continuing to perpetuate. It requires sustainability on behalf of the consumer, and without us it will fail.” Then I thought, “Look at all the suffering that we are continuing to propagate as a collective.” And finally the last thing I could think was, “Forgive them Father, for they not what they do.”

You see my dear brothers and sisters, WE are the world. Humanity does not exist without us. Collectively, as a cohesive unit, we ARE the world. And more so, individually, YOU ARE the world! You see whether you have come to this realization or not, you are interconnected with every being upon this planet! There is but One Soul and that Soul is God. God is Spirit. Spirit is Life. Life is who you are. That One Soul, God, is the Source from which we came and the Source that we still are! We are never disconnected from that Source, we merely choose not to recognize it! Every living being is connected with that One Soul.

Now here’s where it gets fun…

When one of us intentionally harms another living being out of malice, fear, anger, hatred, or simple ignorance, we are harming not only the other person, but ourselves and every other living being. This is what Eckhart Tolle calls a collective pain-body. Each time you intentionally harm another being, you are continuing the cycle of pain for the collective. Because it is impossible to separate your soul from the person sitting next to you, every time you injure that person you hurt your soul. Every time you hurt someone you don’t know you are harming your mother, father, sister, brother. Every time you intentionally hurt an animal you are causing pain to the collective soul.

The question I ask you is…do you want to continue with the cycle of abuse, anger, hatred, jealousy, and fear in your own life or are you ready for bliss?

You see, when it comes to eating the flesh of another being, I have mixed feelings. As a fitness coach and a life-long seeker of external information and inner wisdom, I believe that eating meat can benefit many. However, in the current system of meat-culture that we live in, it is doing more damage to our souls than we realize. We have lost the sacredness of ingesting the life of another being. We have lost the ability to give thanks for the spirit of the animal that once inhabited the meat and that gave it’s life for our sustenance. We have forgotten that it is a blessing and an honor, not a right, that a living being gave it’s life for our ability to continue on experiencing life.

It is not our right as human beings to ingest the flesh of other beings simply because we are smarter. It is our right to be compassionate, to be loving, to have a higher awareness of life as human beings and to demonstrate that towards all beings. But it must take an openness on our part.

So what will it take? What will it take to heal the collective of humanity? Simply, it will take a recognition of your own divinity. Each and every one of us must come to the realization of our own unique connection with Source, and therefore with each other. If we are to heal the collective pain-bodies of humanity, we must heal the unique pain-bodies within ourselves. We must acknowledge the Spirit in every life form and honor that. We must acknowledge that we are all connected, so very deeply, and we must honor that. We must acknowledge our Inner Light and BE that for others who are stuck in the dark.

It is OUR time. It is the time of the collective awakening. It is the time to let go of the old paradigm that we NEED meat, that animals are below us and we have the RIGHT to slaughter them and eat their flesh. Now is the time to recognize that if your physical vessel is asking for meat then as you ingest it, you give thanks to the Spirit of life that gives you physical sustenance. It is our time to CHOOSE to buy from local farms, to eat high vibrational foods such as fruits and vegetables, to CHOOSE to give thanks for the blessings that reign upon you in the form of nourishment.

Every soul is YOU! There will come a time, whether in this life or the next that you will realize this innate truth. We have all sprang from the One Source, we are all fingers on the same hand, and we will always be united, every human, animal, insect, tree, bush, plant, everything. It is our responsibility to act with the regality and nobility which is ours as a result of our Divine inheritance. Be the Christ Light that you are, that you have always been, and shine so that others may be illuminated as well.

With All My Love,

Zach IAM


Message To All The Vegans


Hello My Lovelies,

I am a vegan.

I have NOT been a vegan all my life. Since the age of 15, I have played with many lifestyles including raw vegan (about 4 times), paleo, vegetarian, and now I enjoy being a vegan. I have also ate like garbage. I ate candy every day until I was 14 and diagnosed with cancer. At 15 I learned what foods actually did to my body and went raw. However, no lifestyle “stuck” for me until now.

I consider myself a 50% raw vegan. As I have come to realize, my body temple is made of the earth and the stars, and so by putting nutrition in my temple that is picked directly from the earth, my temple feels stronger and more energetic. AT THIS POINT IN TIME, 50% raw vegan works for me physically, mentally, and spiritually.

What I’d like to tell all my vegan friends is…you weren’t always vegan!!!! 🙂 I was not always a vegan! I did not always have the desire to be vegan nor did my body thrive from being vegan at times! What this leads into is…let go of judging others based on their nutritional preferences!

All of my vegan friends say, “Well when you eat meat you are taking a life! You are making our animal brothers and sisters suffer!” And as much as I agree with those statements, YOU did not always possess that outlook. You did not always understand what was happening at slaughter houses. You did not always understand how much the animals were suffering. I say this because the lack of compassion vegans have for meat-eaters is what is causing many people to continue to eat meat! What you resist persists!

As a vegan, you have come to a point in the evolution of your soul that hurting another being no longer is justified so that you can eat it…I understand that. But to force another to be where you are just because you are there, is taking away from the other person’s soul expansion. Do you see that? You can’t force a meat-eater to stop eating meat, just like you can’t force a baby to walk. People must make a conscious decision to change and then take action to make that change. By having a long-haired, hemp-wearing person yell at them because they eat meat does not help them understand WHY it may be beneficial to go vegan. Nor is it a very positive example of what being vegan is about.

Also, how do you KNOW without a question of a doubt that veganism is right for everybody? How do you KNOW that is what the Creator wants at this time?! All you know is what is right for YOU at this time! You don’t know that each time an animal is killed their soul expands based upon the suffering they experienced and can reincarnate into a more peace-full form. You are getting lost in the physical and not recognizing that there is so much more expansion that is going on spiritually.

It is wonder-full that many vegans want to save the animals lives so that they can live a joyous life. It is wonder-full that so many vegans do their part to help the environment. It is wonder-full that so many vegans can evolve spiritually by not being part of the “meat-industrial complex.” 😉 But it is also important to remember that some people, based on where they are, need meat to sustain their forms. Their bodies crave meat because that is where they are vibrating spiritually. So maybe instead of condemning them, teach them to eat with presence so that they honor the Spirit of the animal and give thanks to the Spirit for sustenance.

Be compassionate my friends. The real shift in Consciousness is that from the ego to Unity. “Those meat-eaters” are every bit your brothers and sisters as the animals. “Those meat-eaters” are YOU! We are all extensions of the One Soul!!! In condemning “them” you condemn yourself…in Loving “them” you Love yourself.

“Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” ~Jesus

All My Love,
Zach IAM

To All My Meat-Eaters


Hello My Lovelies,

Just now as I was cutting my mango and kiwi and pear for a little evening snack the thought came to me of my friends teasing me for being a vegan. Images of my friends’ faces flooded my mind, “We are supposed to have meat!…Where would we get our protein?!…I could never do that I love my meat!…What am I going to live on twigs and berries?” And I started to ponder their proclamations.

As a fitness trainer it is very interesting to hear a lot of people’s arguments of WHY they continue to eat meat…”I grew up on it and it reminds me of home…what about the Paleo (cave-man) diet…you can’t get enough protein without meat…it tastes so good though…” I want to say that I in no way condemn others for eating meat, I simply want to know why? Why do you choose to eat meat? Why is it that you choose to take life of another?

There is in no way any judgement coming from me on this topic I just want to see if YOU, the reader, can begin to question why you eat meat.

Imagine yourself with a large knife as you walk into your backyard. You see one of the hens you’ve raised for the last year. You pick her out, Betsy. You look into her eyes, see that within her there is Life. There is a soul behind her eyes, and that soul looks directly into your heart. You grab Betsy by her feet and as she is hanging upside-down you take your knife and slit her throat.

Now if you are able to read that without cringing, then you have probably had to do that before, but if you did cringe, I have some questions for you.

My first question would be to you, “If you had to kill the animal that you ate, would you do it?” Now a lot of the hunters out there would say, “Absolutely!” Coinciding with that question, “Do you truly honor the Spirit of the animal whose flesh you ingest, by giving thanks throughout the entirety of the meal?” Most people would say no to these questions. Also, “Do you know how the animal is being treated before it is slaughtered?” Most people would answer no to all three of these questions. So if you would not kill the animal, why would you eat it? If you don’t give thanks for the blessing of its flesh for your sustenance, why would you eat it? If you don’t realize that the animal is being tortured before it is killed, don’t you think you should educate yourself so that you don’t become a proponent of animal torture?

Second question…did you know that it doesn’t matter whether you get your protein from grains, nuts and seeds, eggs, milk, chicken, or beef, your body must still break down the protein into the amino acids present in that protein so that the amino acids can be re-synthesized into proteins arranged in a different pattern that will make up your hormones, muscle tissue, skin tissue, and many other things in your body? Meats just have amino acids that your body can’t make (essential) in a more prevalent amount than most plant sources. Plants still contain these amino acids just not in the amounts of meats.

I always get told, well we have incisors to cut meat, just look at our teeth. And this seems like a nice argument until we look at actual predators in nature such as lion, tigers, sharks, OH MY! 😉 If we look at their teeth it is obvious to see what flesh-eating creatures teeth look like. Our teeth are flat, not razor-sharp to slice through dense flesh. If, however, we look at a gorilla’s, herbivore, teeth they are much more similar to that of human teeth. Additionally, if we look at the acidity of different animals’ stomachs, we see that strictly omnivores, lions, tigers, have a pH in their stomachs of around 1-2 in order to digest all the protein they ingested…herbivores, gorillas, elephants, have a pH around 4-5. Take a guess at what the pH of a human stomach is? When food is ingested the human stomach is at 4-5 pH. There are so many biological components that suggest that humans are meant to be herbivores, far beyond what I just explained, and yet we continue to refuse Nature.

What I really want to ask, my third question, is, “WHY DO YOU EAT MEAT FOR AN EMOTIONAL RESPONSE?” Whenever I tell someone I’m vegan the first thing I hear is, “I could never do that, I love meat!” And my question is, “Why do you love meat?” Does it remind you of a simpler time when you were a child and your mother or grandmother used to make chicken and potatoes? Is it because it is the American thing to do…kill things and cook it on the barbecue? Is it because, “It tastes so good!!!” Is it because, “I don’t like vegetables!” Is it because it is convenient to drive up to a window and ask for a double meat patty?

Now I know it seems like I am picking on the meat-eaters, but I just want you to begin to ask yourself, WHY. Why do I refuse to watch a video demonstrating the horrors of animal cruelty in all forms of business? Why do I refuse to research if I actually do need to eat meat? Why am I resisting changing my dietary habits even if it goes against Nature?

I in no way think this little post is going to change your eating habits, I just want you to stimulate asking yourself WHY. Why let memories of simpler times dictate your present actions if those actions bring pain to another? Why continue on with an egocentric attitude that your culture taught you? It is NOT American to kill things and blow shit up, that is barbarism. You are a highly advanced Spiritual BEing come forth to demonstrate the Love of the Creator God/Goddess. You are not a heathen. You are a compassionate journeyer on the road of Love and Truth. You are to make manifest the glory of God, we all are. And along that road eating meat may more than likely be a part of that path, but as long as you do it with conscious understanding. I don’t want you to stop eating what you enjoy, but I do want you to understand for yourself WHY you are doing it so that you may act with awareness and reverence!

I Love your path, I respect your path, and I honor your path. Where you are is in perfect harmony with where You are suppose to be. I hope you begin to ask why, through that asking you shall receive!

With All My Love,
Zach IAM