To All My Meat-Eaters


Hello My Lovelies,

Just now as I was cutting my mango and kiwi and pear for a little evening snack the thought came to me of my friends teasing me for being a vegan. Images of my friends’ faces flooded my mind, “We are supposed to have meat!…Where would we get our protein?!…I could never do that I love my meat!…What am I going to live on twigs and berries?” And I started to ponder their proclamations.

As a fitness trainer it is very interesting to hear a lot of people’s arguments of WHY they continue to eat meat…”I grew up on it and it reminds me of home…what about the Paleo (cave-man) diet…you can’t get enough protein without meat…it tastes so good though…” I want to say that I in no way condemn others for eating meat, I simply want to know why? Why do you choose to eat meat? Why is it that you choose to take life of another?

There is in no way any judgement coming from me on this topic I just want to see if YOU, the reader, can begin to question why you eat meat.

Imagine yourself with a large knife as you walk into your backyard. You see one of the hens you’ve raised for the last year. You pick her out, Betsy. You look into her eyes, see that within her there is Life. There is a soul behind her eyes, and that soul looks directly into your heart. You grab Betsy by her feet and as she is hanging upside-down you take your knife and slit her throat.

Now if you are able to read that without cringing, then you have probably had to do that before, but if you did cringe, I have some questions for you.

My first question would be to you, “If you had to kill the animal that you ate, would you do it?” Now a lot of the hunters out there would say, “Absolutely!” Coinciding with that question, “Do you truly honor the Spirit of the animal whose flesh you ingest, by giving thanks throughout the entirety of the meal?” Most people would say no to these questions. Also, “Do you know how the animal is being treated before it is slaughtered?” Most people would answer no to all three of these questions. So if you would not kill the animal, why would you eat it? If you don’t give thanks for the blessing of its flesh for your sustenance, why would you eat it? If you don’t realize that the animal is being tortured before it is killed, don’t you think you should educate yourself so that you don’t become a proponent of animal torture?

Second question…did you know that it doesn’t matter whether you get your protein from grains, nuts and seeds, eggs, milk, chicken, or beef, your body must still break down the protein into the amino acids present in that protein so that the amino acids can be re-synthesized into proteins arranged in a different pattern that will make up your hormones, muscle tissue, skin tissue, and many other things in your body? Meats just have amino acids that your body can’t make (essential) in a more prevalent amount than most plant sources. Plants still contain these amino acids just not in the amounts of meats.

I always get told, well we have incisors to cut meat, just look at our teeth. And this seems like a nice argument until we look at actual predators in nature such as lion, tigers, sharks, OH MY! 😉 If we look at their teeth it is obvious to see what flesh-eating creatures teeth look like. Our teeth are flat, not razor-sharp to slice through dense flesh. If, however, we look at a gorilla’s, herbivore, teeth they are much more similar to that of human teeth. Additionally, if we look at the acidity of different animals’ stomachs, we see that strictly omnivores, lions, tigers, have a pH in their stomachs of around 1-2 in order to digest all the protein they ingested…herbivores, gorillas, elephants, have a pH around 4-5. Take a guess at what the pH of a human stomach is? When food is ingested the human stomach is at 4-5 pH. There are so many biological components that suggest that humans are meant to be herbivores, far beyond what I just explained, and yet we continue to refuse Nature.

What I really want to ask, my third question, is, “WHY DO YOU EAT MEAT FOR AN EMOTIONAL RESPONSE?” Whenever I tell someone I’m vegan the first thing I hear is, “I could never do that, I love meat!” And my question is, “Why do you love meat?” Does it remind you of a simpler time when you were a child and your mother or grandmother used to make chicken and potatoes? Is it because it is the American thing to do…kill things and cook it on the barbecue? Is it because, “It tastes so good!!!” Is it because, “I don’t like vegetables!” Is it because it is convenient to drive up to a window and ask for a double meat patty?

Now I know it seems like I am picking on the meat-eaters, but I just want you to begin to ask yourself, WHY. Why do I refuse to watch a video demonstrating the horrors of animal cruelty in all forms of business? Why do I refuse to research if I actually do need to eat meat? Why am I resisting changing my dietary habits even if it goes against Nature?

I in no way think this little post is going to change your eating habits, I just want you to stimulate asking yourself WHY. Why let memories of simpler times dictate your present actions if those actions bring pain to another? Why continue on with an egocentric attitude that your culture taught you? It is NOT American to kill things and blow shit up, that is barbarism. You are a highly advanced Spiritual BEing come forth to demonstrate the Love of the Creator God/Goddess. You are not a heathen. You are a compassionate journeyer on the road of Love and Truth. You are to make manifest the glory of God, we all are. And along that road eating meat may more than likely be a part of that path, but as long as you do it with conscious understanding. I don’t want you to stop eating what you enjoy, but I do want you to understand for yourself WHY you are doing it so that you may act with awareness and reverence!

I Love your path, I respect your path, and I honor your path. Where you are is in perfect harmony with where You are suppose to be. I hope you begin to ask why, through that asking you shall receive!

With All My Love,
Zach IAM


6 thoughts on “To All My Meat-Eaters

    1. Thank you! Yeah it can be difficult. My whole family is non-vegan but we all have our own time when we will decide if eating meat is right for us or not, and not simply eating for that “feeling” from the food. Just keep BEing the example and when ready, your lover will follow suit! ❤

  1. Zach…when we all become vegan what will happen to the animals? Really think about it…I’m serious

    1. That’s a very good question 🙂 Something definitely to think about. But do not all animals have a circle of life? They live and die just as human beings do, do they not? Currently, we have too many animals because we inseminate cows to constantly produce more offspring. However, if we look at Nature, does not Nature maintain a perfect balance to everything? Do the trees not grow at the right and perfect time? Do the flowers not sprout every Spring? Nature knows balance better than Man’s mind. But what I am sensing from your question is that you think Man somehow is at the top of the animal food chain? Yes? That is what must change in our awareness…we are not animals…we are extensions of the Divine with the ability to conceptualize that…whereas our animal brothers and sisters are not consciously aware of their Divinity. And as we take hold of our Divinity then we realize we have no need to kill a living being to survive and thrive nutritionally. 🙂

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