How I RAISE My Vibration (Law of Attraction Techniques) [Video]

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Hi friends,

Here are some of the ways, and techniques I use, to RAISE my vibration. These are some of the practices that I have used for over 14 years that have helped me manifest my perfect relationship, manifest perfect health, and manifest a career I love. Raising your vibration, your vibrational frequency, is the key to living the life that is meant for you. I hope these tips and techniques help you as much as they have helped me.

All My Love, Zach

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Beginner Meditation Tips (4 Tips) [Video]

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Hi friends, I wanted to share with you 4 tips that were helpful to me when I was beginning my meditation practice. These tips aren’t just for beginner meditators, but also for those who have been trying for a while and still find difficulties with their practice. After 14 years of daily meditation practice I have quite a bit of experience knowing what doesn’t work for myself and I hope that these tips will help you with your own practice.

Just remember to breathe. Everything else will fall into place.

All My Love,


~~~ How I Overcame Fear and Anxiety (Meditation):

How Meditation Connects You With Source:

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How I Overcame Fear and Anxiety (Practices and Knowledge) [Video]


I wanted to share some insights with you that greatly helped me overcome my fear and anxiety. I also wanted to share what practices that most benefited me in overcoming my fear and anxiety. This is merely a video of the knowledge and wisdom that greatly helped me live the most joyful and free life possible. It is in no way to minimize the hardships of fear and anxiety. Yet, these principles are so profound that when we can truly accept the truth that we will get sick, we will die, and all of life will change life can open up for us and we can see that each moment is a blessing. The simple teachings of Buddha and his four noble truths can have a profound effect on our ability to let go of fear and anxiety. I hope that these will help you as much as they helped me.


What is a Lightworker? Are You a Lightworker? (5D Earth Ascension Tips) [Video]


What is a Lightworker? Are You a Lightworker? (5D Earth Ascension Tips)


Hey Friends!

What is a lightworker? Are you a lightworker? If you are a lightworker what do you do about it? Those are the questions I wanted to answer in this video and give some clarity on. Hopefully this video gives some clarity on your chosen soul path!

Let me know in the comments what you feel are great practices for lightworkers to raise their vibration!


Lightworkers…Vibrate Higher! (A Call To Help Gaia Ascend To 5D) [Video]


Lightworkers…Vibrate Higher! (A Call To Help Gaia Ascend To 5D)

Hi my Lightworkers,
The past few days I have felt that I have been allowing my vibration to lower. I received guidance on the importance of keeping my Love on high and wanted to share a few ways that I have been doing that.
I would love to hear what you are doing to keep your vibration high! All my Love!


Gaia Is Ascending Into 5D With or Without Us (Earth Ascension) [Video]


Gaia Is Ascending Into 5D With or Without Us (Earth Ascension) [Video]


Gaia, our Mother Earth, is ascending into 5D. It is not a question of if she is ascending, it is only a question of if we are going to go with her or be left behind in 3D?

There are things we can do to make the transition with Gaia, but ultimately it is our individual thoughts and behaviors that will allow that or not. Luckily we can tell if we are moving forward or not based upon the clarification of our Emotional Guidance System.

Let me know what your experiences are!

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Finding Miracles In the Mundane (Choose Joy Over Fear) [Video]


Finding Miracles In the Mundane (Choose Joy Over Fear)


Hi friends,

I wanted to share a challenge to everybody that is choosing fear over joy. Both joy and fear are a choice and I explain exactly how they are just that based upon your emotional guidance system. Choose joy…every moment. It all happens through your thinking.

All my love,


Ascension/Energy Upgrades February 2020 (Video)


Ascension/Energy Upgrades February 2020 (Video)


Hi friends! I want to share with you some personal experiences I have had these past few weeks that have to do with the energy upgrades we are receiving, i.e., how we are ALL changing and ascending energetically. These stories include communicating with the Council of 11, reliving childhood traumas that I had blocked from my memory, as well as messages I have received in meditation explaining ascension sickness symptoms I have been experiencing.

It Is Okay To Desire More…


It Is Okay To Desire More…


It is okay to desire more. Not only that, but it is necessary to desire more. We are human beings, yet first and foremost we are spiritual beings. We are extensions of Source Energy, of Infinite Intelligence, and it is our very purpose to be creators.

Around this time of year, we are reminded so frequently that it is of utmost importance to remain grateful for the things that we already have…and it is! Gratitude is ALWAYS necessary! Gratitude should be a habitual process that we engage in as frequently throughout the day as we can. But wanting more is NOT a negative thing.

Imagine being an Infinite Being in form and forgetting that you have all the power in the universe within you. That you have the ability to call forth all things that you desire. And not only that you have the ability, but that is one of the very reasons you came forth into form as a human being in the first place. To create because you ARE the Infinite Creator in form. If you were that Being what would you do? How would you see the world? How would you live your life?

The reason that you feel so guilty for wanting more from your life in the first place is because you are likely negating your true desire. If you are someone who aims to find gratitude in their daily lives, in whatever way that is, and consciously acknowledge the things that you have to be grateful for, then wanting more is the next logical step. That is the fun of the game. Simultaneously being grateful for that which you already have while expecting all the good that you desire to come forth. That is the mastery of creation.

When you become stagnant in your life, you die. When you lose DESIRE that is when the game of life becomes a prison. Desire IS the natural product of being a human being. The instant you are sick, you DESIRE to be healthy…the instant you are poor, you DESIRE to be wealthy….the instant you are lonely, you DESIRE to have a partner…the instant you…well you get the point. Desire is the natural consequence of contrast of your life experience. You don’t like something, you instantly desire to have its opposite.

It is okay to desire more. Stop berating yourself for wanting a bigger house, a nicer car, a healthier body, a happier relationship, whatever you are wanting. It is okay to desire more.

As I mentioned earlier though, first take note of what you are grateful for. Consciously acknowledge that you are grateful that you have a car, that you have a warm home, that you are healthy for the most part, that you are happy with yourself, etc. When you can be grateful for that which is already yours, you then have all the power to clearly ask for that which you truly desire. And who knows, you may actually not even want what you think you did and instead be joyous for that which you already possess.

It is okay to desire more. As a divine creator, that is part of your purpose for being. Allow yourself the opportunity to play with your imagination and dream up your new reality. “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” Albert Einstein was an incredibly brilliant being because of his understanding of this. “Be grateful for what you already have and be excited for what’s to come.” Abraham-Hicks have reminded us of this for decades and it’s time we bring it into our subconscious and live it fully.


It is okay to desire more. Give yourself this gift.