Are You Alive?


Hello my Lovelies,

I ask you this question in all seriousness…ARE YOU ALIVE OR JUST EXISTING?

I began asking myself this question today after I started reading a new book…”The Way of the Superior Man” by David Deida. Now in one of his chapters he asks you if you are finding your edges in life, your fears, and are you moving past them? Are you truly conquering those fears? And as fears arise each day are you continuing to move beyond them…or at least facing them with full presence? And then a statement from the song, “Everybody Wear Sunscreen” by Boz Luhrman where he says, “Do one thing every day that scares you!” came flooding into my thoughts.

And you know what I realized…I am not doing something everyday that scares me! I am just existing!!! I can post this and that about raising ourselves consciously and Being Love, but yet I have capped myself off from this physical experience! I have found that I absolutely LOVE conversing with others but do I truly get out of my comfort zone and push past it? Not really! Sure I can engage in conversation with just about anyone, sure I can speak my inner Truth from the Divine Core that bursts from my heart, absolutely I can take my shirt off and walk around downtown all night…but can I maintain that Presence and strength when it comes to talking to a girl I think is beautiful? Can I approach someone on the workout floor and offer them a free workout? NO! No I can’t!!! Actually, YES I CAN! I just haven’t yet! πŸ˜‰

But my own revelation was that I am allowing my ego, that part of me (of us all) that says we are separate, to win. As much as I am consciously aware of my ego and understand it, I do nothing to move beyond it…to move beyond the points of comfort it has established! And then I thought, “Dang, what kind of example am I? I say all these things but I can’t even talk to a girl I’m attracted to because I’m still afraid of rejection!!” BOOM!!! There it is folks, Zach’s krytocronalyte! πŸ˜‰

In all honesty though, can you see this for yourself? Can you see these points of comfort your ego has established and how scary it is to step beyond them?! But is that not what living is?!?! It is meant to be scary…to feel your stomach fluttering full of butterflies, your heart pounding, BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!, to be lost for words, and then….BANG!!! We take the leap! And how does it turn out? Sometimes it is the outcome we want, sometimes it isn’t…but isn’t it so much darn fun to get out there all alone, not knowing what will happen, and then jumping?!?! THAT IS LIFE!!! THAT IS LIVING!!!

How many of us are simply existing? Myself included, up until today when I made the conscious choice to scare the shit out of myself every day!!! πŸ˜‰ How many of us won’t tell that person we adore that he/she is stunning? How many of us won’t get out of the crappy job because we don’t know where to go from here? How many of us refuse to take up an activity because we’re comfortable watching our favorite shows?

I am not saying any of that is bad, or good, I just want to know if you are living the scary, exciting, dramatic, free life you would like to live? No matter who we are we want excitement in our lives…that’s why we watch movies! Why not make your own life a movie! (In dramatic movie-man voice) “Coming in May we have the greatest movie ever written, with a cast unlike any other, it will make you laugh, cry, it will chill you and thrill you, you’ll hear words never spoken unto human ears, you will feel emotions you didn’t know existed, you’ll be enamored by every moment, you’ll see lust and Love, sensuality and spankings, you’ll never want to leave the theater, STARRING……..YOU!!!!”

Now doesn’t that sound like fun?!?!?! It sure does to me and from now on I am choosing to live!! Sitting at home by myself on a Saturday night no longer entices me! I want fear, joy, crying, laughter, peace, turmoil, serenity, confusion….I want to live from the deepest place of my Self, in which I can share my gifts to this world! And gosh dang it, my life WILL be a movie! My movie!

Let’s LIVE my dear brothers and sisters! Let us face every fear with a Presence unimaginable to the human eye. Let us feel every second of the flutters in our stomachs and the pounding in our chests! Let us remember why we are here…to stir up some shit and make the world a united, indescribable place where all are welcome and cry like babies!!! Let us LIVE!!! I Love each and every one of You, more than you know!!

All My Love,
Zach IAM

Originally posted 4/23/2013

With Quest-ioning Comes…Joy


The Quest-ioning…

I don’t know if it’s just me, but it feels as if the last few weeks have just been a state of constant questioning for me. The other day Shauna, my fiancΓ©, looks at me and asks if everything is alright and I just replied, “I don’t know, I feel like I’m questioning everything in my life. I’m wondering why I’m here on this planet, what is the purpose of it all if we are just going to die and then come back anyways?” And fully, from the depth of my “then-heart,” I was serious.

The last time I had such a state of questioning was after I was finally coming out of all my treatments from my bone marrow transplant. I had just watched The SecretΒ and was questioning the nature of reality. I had finally found a documentary that forced me to understand myself deeper. That state of questioning led me down the rabbit hole and to the place I am now living. That quest led me to my true love, to understanding my purpose deeper, to being surrounded by successful and wonderful friends, to doing things that world renowned doctors said I couldn’t, and yet here I am back to that exact same quest.Awakening Quote

Quest-ioning Gets Confusing Doesn’t It??

As I hopped right back on this quest, I couldn’t help but wonder why I am right back where I started. As I write this, I am still wondering. However, each day I feel as though I am understanding more. I ask myself why I get up so dreadfully early to train clients, I ask myself why I exercise, I ask myself why I do anything really. And as I ask myself these quest-ions the only answer that keeps coming back to me is…JOY. It’s all for joy!

If you look at my Youtube videos, if you look back at my previous writings, I have been speaking about eternal Love and joy for as long as I have been doing this. And yet, here I am, as human as they come, quest-ioning everything just as we all inevitably do…confused as ever…supposed to be teaching others and yet at this very moment the clarity fails me.

AwakeningI Hear the Voice…

You see my friends, there is this voice inside me right now whispering to me, telling me to keep walking. This voice is reminding me that this is truly a quest, and ultimately the quest is joy. The voice is speaking clearly to me now, reminding me of my deepest purpose, to give love, to receive love, to BE Love. I wish I could explain this voice to you, but you already know it all too well. This voice is the eternal One, the infinite guide, the Great Speaker. This voice is the truth of my soul, of your soul, of our unity.

The Eternal Voice Speaks…

The voice whispers to me, “Be still my son, for you have journeyed as far as any other, you have come to the mountain peak, and as you continue on your journey you will find another. Stop for a minute and observe. My son, witness the beauty I that lays before you. You have gained a perspective unlike many, and this perspective confuses you. As you look outward into the valley you can hardly believe that out there, so far away, is where you have journeyed from. Your mind has a difficult time comprehending the magnitutde of your current height. But nonetheless, sit and witness all the glory that is yours. Look at how far you ha traveled, and remember that your journey is an eternal one, never to be found complacent because as this ends, another begins.

“Child, this place of quest-ioning is a natural progression of growth, time to reflect and accept how far you have come. Let the strength and understanding you have gained sink into the depths of your being, strengthening all aspects of your life. This height is a journey that all my children must make, and they will need a guide. Remember the path, be humble for you have ventured where few have asked to go, but many will seek to find. My purpose for you is to be the Love you know you are. My purpose for you is to recognize your passion and to follow that. As you have come to know, you are the creator of your life and I will support you in whichever decision you take, but I wish for you joy. I wish you take the path of freedom, of excitement, of enthusiasm, for that is the journey to your heart, that is the journey to Me. And do not be afraid to journey astray, for I will always guide you back, but ultimately you must choose to see it for the potential that lies within it, and see that wherever you are is a chance for joy.”Awakening quote Rumi, Rumi Quotes

The Quest is Joy…

My friends, our Inner Voice has whispered to me these words. We are all on our quests. We all have quest-ions about which direction our life is going and hopefully these words have eased your heart as they have eased mine. The world is a constant reminder to seek joy. The world is a constant reminder of that which we are emitting. We are creators, working in harmony with the Great Manager, that Presence which will always support us and be there for our highest good. Mirroring back to us that which is for our greatest development, and our current state of vibration. Continue to quest, continue to journey, but always remember that we are watched and guided, always.

All My Love,

Zach ❀



Journal Entry 3/9/15

The ability of man to make manifest thoughts and desires is unlimited! For the very reason for thoughts and desires is to focus deliberately on those thoughts and allow Source the ability to align all cooperative components in order that those desires may come to fruition! The very reason for having a desire is that the Universe may have that experience through you! The way in which the Divine experiences Itself is through each of us! Without us, without the chaos we produce, life would be all perfect and rainbows all the time which is not the reason for our being. πŸ˜‰ as nice as that may sound πŸ˜‰

Manifestations truly are less difficult than we make them. The reason that so many things we desire do not come forth are simply because of the lack of faith that they will come forth. Once you have asked, stretch forth your hand in order that you may receive your blessings, do not go back with a questioning mind and heart and ask amiss. One command is far more than necessary, if that asking is with an open and expectant heart. Expect good from others and you shall receive. Expect fear from others and you shall receive. Expect kindness from others and you shall receive. Expect anger from others and you shall receive. 

What we experience in our lives is in no way an accident. Everything we experience is a result of our thoughts and beliefs. If you believe yourself to be a victor, you will always ring victorious. If you believe yourself a victim, you will always ring victimized. There can be no other way. The fault in others treating us a certain way is not their fault, the responsibility lies wholly with us. Those people are simply mirroring back to us the beliefs that we hold about ourselves. And because of those beliefs our manifestations demonstrate that.
You see, once we acknowledge our complete part in OUR experience we gain freedom! If you want to make more money doing something you love, get your ass out on the street and do it! Don’t blame this person or that person for not giving you a shot or taking what was rightfully yours, allow Source to provide you with the complete and most magical way possible. And don’t for a second question whether you deserve such magic! 
Magic is our divine inheritance. Perfection is our divine inheritance no matter how far others try to sway that. Thank them for their part in your story and move on. Stop going back and allowing yourself to become upset over someone else’s actions, instead thank them for their contribution to your life and see them on their way. If you truly believed in yourself there is nothing anyone else can do to sway you from your path. For you have the support of heaven at your back and the the Angels clearing your path forward.
So the question comes down toβ€¦β€œDo you truly believe in yourself?” Are you willing to bet all the marbles on yourself? To bet that you are supported in every moment from the heavenly Mother/Father that dwells within the seat of your soul? Are you willing to put the money on yourself so that you may succeed? Are you willing to have faith that the Source of your being is guiding you at every moment, and when you have blocked that guidance, are you willing to ask for help? 
Manifesting our reality is our destiny! We do it all the time anyway, would not you rather do it deliberately!? Wouldn’t you rather know that you are not only taking a part, but literally shaping your reality and all cooperative components are moving into synchronicity for you!? Isn’t that a much more fun way of looking at your life? Isn’t it more empowering knowing that you truly are a god in manifest form, moving the light of life through your very being!? That without you this world would cease to be the wonderful, magical place it can and will be? 
Our realities are shaped everyday in relation to the thoughts and beliefs we carry with us. This is law. Don’t you think the best time to start living as free and magically as possible would be now? Don’t you think that the time to reclaim your life is now? Don’t you think that the Divine Principle is dancing and awaiting your return home, your return to that place of awareness and understanding? I know He/She is and I can’t wait for you to see that for yourself! ❀



Journal Entry 3/8/15:

Brothers and sister, do you truly realize your potential? For we have come from the stars, born of the earth, the perfect expression of the Divine Mother/Father, God. We have unlimited potential within us! No other being has more potential that the other, the limitations pressed upon you, by none other than yourself, are not limitations at all. For as children of the cosmos we have unlimited potential within ourselves. The misconception that we have a finite body with limited access to the Divine is hogwash. The Infinite that dwells within the heart, is the Presence that dwells within all. It is the Presence from whence all sprang. From where all life came forth. For through the Consciousness that is God, life came forth. The Consciousness that is God, the stars, the planets, the water, the trees, the bacteria, the sentient beings, the All came forth. For God is not at all as we have conceived Him/Her to be, but rather an illusion that has aimed to quantify It for the sake of our own minds. For God is and always will be unexplained. God is not to be intellectualized, but rather to be lived, to be experienced, To be felt fully in everything. For God is the cry of a newborn, the bud of the new flower, the satisfaction of water quenching thirst, the ecstasy of a lover’s kiss! 

God cannot be removed from who we are, anymore than the ocean can be removed from a cup of sea water. The water in the cup may feel isolated, but the ocean knows that it is always within it.

We are children of the Infinite Creator, made from the very fabric which is that Presence. We are literal extensions, and acting ambassadors of that Presence. We are streams of the same Source. God is so much grander than we could have ever imagined! And as a result of that, WE are so much grander than we could ever imagine!

We have infinite potential within us! We have unlimited abilities! We are capable of all things! We stepped forth as ambassadors of that Presence, knowing that we would eventually remember that Truth! We stepped forth eagerly wanting to be experiencers of all things human, and remember that all things are returned to Her. That any pains, any joys, any sorrows, any triumphs would be for the upliftment of the Whole! For we are not singular entities, but collective extensions! Why do you think we search so long and hard for love!? For someone to accept us as we are! We are here for self exploration and through that exploration to remember that we are all undyingly connected. We are all One. The love we seek will not come from another’s affection, it will come only from the bliss we have when we connect with our deepest Self, our God Self. It will come from the reunion with our deepest heart, and through that searching will come forth our True Partner. 

We have sought so long for peace in our own hearts yet refuse to challenge our own minds. It is time to remember our depths and realize the Trueness of who we are. We are all gods, unified with the one Presence. Not a man in the sky, but an awareness deep within. A consciousness unknown yet felt. A Presence that whispers in the shadows, β€œFind the Light and there you will find me.” Our time has come to be that which we have looked for. The time has come for us to finally live, and live consciously. No longer going along with the illusion of separation, of fear, of inadequacy, but honoring the sacred temple, our very bodies. The time has come to know that we are infinite. The time has come to know that we are Unlimited. The time has come to know that we are Love. We have returned to remind the world of that, and so it begins ❀



You see, your Love is a gift. Not only is it a gift, but it is the very Essence of your Being. You are the embodiment of Love. When you choose to give Love, you choose to enter into union with the highest aspect of your Self. When you choose to give Love, you choose to help others see that within themselves. When you choose to BE Love, you are now the most power-full force in the universe.

There are times in life when it seems so incredibly difficult to give Love. It seems so far away to truly feel Love for somebody who has hurt us, or hurt another. It seems so difficult to give Love when we feel that life is draining us of our energy. It seems so difficult to BE Love, when all we can think about is getting the bills paid, returning our bodies to health, healing past relationships with family, friends, or lovers.

In those difficult times, we must remember who we are. No matter how difficult it may be to rise to the occassion, and accept where we are, we must go deeper below the surface of life. We must look within our hearts, we must search the depths of our souls, looking below all the insignificant turmoils of life, and realize how beauty-full we are.

We must remind ourselves that the Looker behind our eyes is not simply our brain, It is deeper. We must remind ourselves that the Taster beneath our tongue is not simply our brain, It is deeper. We must remind ourselves that the Feeler below our skin is not simply our nerves, It is deeper. The Experiencer that we are is not our body, It is much deeper.

In our truest nature, we are Love. We are the embodiment of Infinite Presence and Love. We are extensions of the One True Love. We are the expression of Divine Principle and Love. We are Love.

In knowing this, there is no longer need for judgement. We now understand that no matter how hurtful somebody’s words or actions can be, in their deepest heart, they are Love. When your boss calls you incompetent, go deep within your Self and Love them ayways. When your friend tells you that you are worthless, go deep within your Self and Love them anyways. When your parent calls you stupid, go deep within your Self and Love them anyways. When your foe strikes you with his fist, go deep within your Self and Love them anyways. When your lover breaks your heart, go deep within your Self and Love them anyways.

From that place of Love, you now know that all the strength in the world lies within You. From that place of understanding, all the forces in the Universe come to your aid and guide you. From that place of Peace, you can then know which path to take to live the Life you have set forth for yourself.

To Love, does not mean to accept abuse. It does not mean trying to fix somebody you think is broken. It does not mean accepting hurtful words and actions because you like who they use to be. It does not mean allowing others to treat you disrespectfully and laughing it off. To Love, means that no matter what anybody says or does to you that you can Love them anyways, and maintain an enduring Presence. It means that no matter what they say or do, you are now conscious of your response towards them. You no longer REACT in anger, but RESPOND in compassion. It means to give them your Love while allowing them to walk their own path. It means walking with an open heart and knowing who You are in each moment. It means to walk with the Infinite in each moment, and knowing fully that you are protected. To Love means to be You.

As You give your Love, the Universe responds with giving You Love…that is my promise! Spirit does not want you to suffer, but it will not ease your suffering without your consent. You are here to remember who You are. You are here to experience the full spectrum of human emotion and life experiences. You chose as an extension of the Divine to step forth into your physical body to experience ALL that life had to offer. And You knew that there would come a time when You would remember who You really are…and that time has come. Remember…search within the depths of your heart…breathe within the fire of your soul…You are Love! May you remember this all of your days!

All My Love,
Zach IAM

Why Are We Making This SO Difficult?!


Hello My Lovelies,

My dear brothers and sisters…why are we making this so damn difficult?! Why are we making this “spiritual” life so difficult for ourselves and others?! Here’s some insight for you…you don’t need to DO anything to BE who you are! You don’t need to do anything to embody Divinity. You don’t need to visualize the rainbow bridge to uplift Gaia. You don’t need to go to any sacred site and flood in the crystalline grid or anything else to shine your Light. The DOing is in recognize we ALL are Spirit and living true to that.

We consistently aim to intellectualize Spirit, to intellectualize what it is we need to do to help Gaia, to intellectualize our relationships with each other and God, intellectualize…intellectualize…intellectualize. No more! “Who am I?” “Why am I here?” “Where will I go?” “How do I ascend quicker?” Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Now I am sorry if I sound quite cynical tonight, but I consistently see others constantly doing this, and I also find myself doing this. Here’s a suggestion…relax! Those who are reading this would consider themselves, “spiritual,” “Light-bearers,” “Indigos,” whatever other title you’d like to proclaim…but here’s one for you…I AM. Simply I AM. No more titles, no more labels, no more intellectualizing Spirit, no more spiritualized egos, I AM. We are ALL here to change the world in some way! That is exactly why all 7 billion of us are here…to remember our deepest knowing, to live from that Truth, and to inspire others to see that within themselves…plain and simple.

“I need to meditate THIS way, facing THIS direction, visualizing THIS thing in order for me to bring Light into Gaia.” When Gaia simply needs you to BE the Light! The Light comes from no where else but the silent space within your own heart! You are the Eternal God present in a physical vessel! Gaia needs you to BE You! Gaia needs You to live from the Truth within your own heart! Gaia needs you to proclaim to yourself that You are Source, that You are Spirit, that You are Forever, simply…I AM!

And another thing…you don’t need to quicken anything!!! You already are that!!! If you have conceived it in thought, then somewhere, you ARE that! You don’t need to quicken your manifestations…you need to relax and enjoy the unfolding of them! You need to sit back and watch as the Universe yields to you the beauty of your desire. This life experience is not made to just keep manifesting and manifesting and manifesting and manifesting…what kind of fun would that be?! You came forth knowing that as you conceived anything in thought and held true to that vision that you would undoubtedly receive exactly what you asked for! You KNEW that the joyous FUN part would be in witnessing the unfolding of that desire! Not in receiving the desire…that is a given! You can’t help but receive! The fun was in KNOWING that you were already that which desired to be, that you already had all that you desired, and watching as the simplest demonstrations of Source express exactly what it is you saw yourself already having!

This works just as well with Gaia. Gaia already IS healed. Gaia already HAS attained fifth dimension ascension…the work is done, so now you can sit back relax and walk through life with the understanding that you are already where you want to be! In walking with that attitude you have already expressed more Light than 100 visualization sessions! If you’re always asking to manifest quicker, manifest quicker, manifest quicker, yet you never listen to the guidance you are receiving, how are you going to manifest at all? The manifestation comes in accordance with your faith and belief that it already IS! And when you have that unmoving faith you can enjoy all the synchronicities that show you exactly what is already here.

There is nothing intellectual about faith…that is only something you can FEEL. Life is not about intellect, intellect, intellect, it is about feeling. Why do you LOVE sex so much, because in the midst of that moment with another extension of yourself you are free of thought, you are fully enraptured in the moment, touching, smelling, tasting your lover and in the moment you are silent! Unless of course you are just humping then your mind is more than likely busy with other things πŸ˜‰ The BEST parts of life are felt, not intellectualized. Our thoughts are a gift, our emotions are a gift, and they should be treated as such.

We don’t NEED to know exactly how we are going to ascend! We don’t NEED to know exactly how we have changed the world. We don’t NEED to know how we’ll meet our perfect partner. We don’t NEED to know how we’ll enter our dream career, whatever that means to you. We don’t need to intellectualize it all. What is the fun in already having all the answers? If you had all the answers life would be SUPER boring!!! Life is so much more fun knowing that miracles will happen and leaving it up to Spirit to figure out how!

Feel your way through life. Listen to your heart, listen to your gut, listen to your intuition, those are far greater tools than your distracted mind and someone else’s opinion. Be thankful for your feelings and emotions, they are such wonderful gifts! Play, and enjoy the game of life! It’s all just a fun little rollercoaster. You won’t need to KNOW so much when you already FEEL what is right and what already IS. The intellect has no comprehension of Infinity, so stop using it to understand life. Feel your way within life and appreciate the inner knowing you already possess.

With All My Love,
Zach IAM

P.S. this post went all over the place!!! Haha! However, “Who am I” is an incredibly power-full question to ask yourself to be felt in your heart, not intellectualized πŸ˜‰

“Divinity is God in every form, in every thing. The Christ is the Power to recognize that Divinity within.” ~Jesus