Journal Entry 3/11/15

Today I want to discuss why we want things…

Now if we return to the knowing that we are God, the Divine Principle, we begin to question many things. Often times questions arise such as, “Why is there so much contrast? Why is there so much suffering and pain? Why do I desire a way out of certain situations and circumstances and have no success?” Now these questions I hear so very often and have been very dominant questions in my own searching. And my answer is as such…

As manifestations of the perfect Principle, our Source, the contrast and suffering comes as a result of the nature of this reality. This earth dimension is meant to cause new desires to spring forth from us. From experiencing unwanted things, an immediate desire springs forth from the seat of our soul asking for a different, or new and approved, situation/experience. Now the reason there is so much suffering is not a result of the world intruding itself on us, but rather the way we deal with such situations in our own minds. No experience, or person causes us to suffer, the suffering has to deal fully with our own perception of the experience. Just as no experience can bring us joy, only our perception of the experience brings about joy from within us.

Rumi says, “That which you are seeking, is seeking you.” This means that those things that we have been caused to want as a result of an unwanted experience is not waiting for us, but rather doing its best to make its way into our experience if we will allow it. The health that you are seeking, is seeking you. The relationship that you are seeking, is seeking you. The financial abundance that you are seeking, is seeking you. The problem we encounter with not allowing the experience to move forth toward us is our attention upon the thing that we do not want. Our desire may be for more money, but where our attention is focused is on the lack of money in the bank account. Our attention is not on the anticipation of a perfectly healthy body, the perfect mate, or a financially abundant life, but rather why it is we don’t have those things.

When we return to the Truth that we are God in manifest form, it is easy to see how if our focus and energy is not on the thing wanted, that it doesn’t come forth. Now as an extension of Source, wouldn’t you think that the Divine Consciousness would want you to have EVERYTHING you truly desire seeing as that He/She is you?! Don’t you think that the Mind that is the intelligence behind ALL THINGS would want to experience magic through your eyes and ears and fingers and mouth and nose!? Really think about that…if you are God and God wants to experience through you, and all things are possible through God, then the only factor inhibiting you experiencing a better situation is your own thought processes. Source, Divine Intelligence, is organizing everything behind the scenes for your fulfillment! For God’s fulfillment! Because you are God, and God wants to experience as much as possible, and we all have free will, the only factor limiting our achievement of our wanted situation is our own thoughts and beliefs that it is possible.

Here’s a guilt trip for you…when you doubt if a wanted condition is possible for you, you are limiting God’s manifestations. Now do you want that kind of stress on your hands?? 😉 It is really so easy once you accept that you are not a mere mortal, stuck in this body for 80 years, and then can finally return to a better place. You are Infinite gosh darn it! You are pure perfection embodied! You are the Divine Intelligence in manifest form ready to mess shit up and get nasty! You aren’t here to play it clean! You are here to remember your sacred heart, the truth that you are Divine, that you are God/Goddess, and that you are unlimited in all ways. You are here to remember that what you want is what God wants for you because you are the only way in which God can experience the full potential of this reality. You are a true gift to the world, and to Source Consciousness. Without you, and the cause for the desires that you have, life would be static and growth would cease. You, just by being you, cause the Universe to expand to greater lengths! And the fun will begin once you acknowledge your very important role in playing manifestor to all that you can conceive. 

You are an intricate part of Divinity and oh-so necessary! You are important! And remember that what you are seeking, is seeking you! ❤




Journal Entry 3/8/15:

Brothers and sister, do you truly realize your potential? For we have come from the stars, born of the earth, the perfect expression of the Divine Mother/Father, God. We have unlimited potential within us! No other being has more potential that the other, the limitations pressed upon you, by none other than yourself, are not limitations at all. For as children of the cosmos we have unlimited potential within ourselves. The misconception that we have a finite body with limited access to the Divine is hogwash. The Infinite that dwells within the heart, is the Presence that dwells within all. It is the Presence from whence all sprang. From where all life came forth. For through the Consciousness that is God, life came forth. The Consciousness that is God, the stars, the planets, the water, the trees, the bacteria, the sentient beings, the All came forth. For God is not at all as we have conceived Him/Her to be, but rather an illusion that has aimed to quantify It for the sake of our own minds. For God is and always will be unexplained. God is not to be intellectualized, but rather to be lived, to be experienced, To be felt fully in everything. For God is the cry of a newborn, the bud of the new flower, the satisfaction of water quenching thirst, the ecstasy of a lover’s kiss! 

God cannot be removed from who we are, anymore than the ocean can be removed from a cup of sea water. The water in the cup may feel isolated, but the ocean knows that it is always within it.

We are children of the Infinite Creator, made from the very fabric which is that Presence. We are literal extensions, and acting ambassadors of that Presence. We are streams of the same Source. God is so much grander than we could have ever imagined! And as a result of that, WE are so much grander than we could ever imagine!

We have infinite potential within us! We have unlimited abilities! We are capable of all things! We stepped forth as ambassadors of that Presence, knowing that we would eventually remember that Truth! We stepped forth eagerly wanting to be experiencers of all things human, and remember that all things are returned to Her. That any pains, any joys, any sorrows, any triumphs would be for the upliftment of the Whole! For we are not singular entities, but collective extensions! Why do you think we search so long and hard for love!? For someone to accept us as we are! We are here for self exploration and through that exploration to remember that we are all undyingly connected. We are all One. The love we seek will not come from another’s affection, it will come only from the bliss we have when we connect with our deepest Self, our God Self. It will come from the reunion with our deepest heart, and through that searching will come forth our True Partner. 

We have sought so long for peace in our own hearts yet refuse to challenge our own minds. It is time to remember our depths and realize the Trueness of who we are. We are all gods, unified with the one Presence. Not a man in the sky, but an awareness deep within. A consciousness unknown yet felt. A Presence that whispers in the shadows, “Find the Light and there you will find me.” Our time has come to be that which we have looked for. The time has come for us to finally live, and live consciously. No longer going along with the illusion of separation, of fear, of inadequacy, but honoring the sacred temple, our very bodies. The time has come to know that we are infinite. The time has come to know that we are Unlimited. The time has come to know that we are Love. We have returned to remind the world of that, and so it begins ❤