Lightworkers…Vibrate Higher! (A Call To Help Gaia Ascend To 5D) [Video]


Lightworkers…Vibrate Higher! (A Call To Help Gaia Ascend To 5D)

Hi my Lightworkers,
The past few days I have felt that I have been allowing my vibration to lower. I received guidance on the importance of keeping my Love on high and wanted to share a few ways that I have been doing that.
I would love to hear what you are doing to keep your vibration high! All my Love!



Gaia Is Ascending Into 5D With or Without Us (Earth Ascension) [Video]


Gaia Is Ascending Into 5D With or Without Us (Earth Ascension) [Video]


Gaia, our Mother Earth, is ascending into 5D. It is not a question of if she is ascending, it is only a question of if we are going to go with her or be left behind in 3D?

There are things we can do to make the transition with Gaia, but ultimately it is our individual thoughts and behaviors that will allow that or not. Luckily we can tell if we are moving forward or not based upon the clarification of our Emotional Guidance System.

Let me know what your experiences are!

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Ascension/Energy Upgrades February 2020 (Video)


Ascension/Energy Upgrades February 2020 (Video)


Hi friends! I want to share with you some personal experiences I have had these past few weeks that have to do with the energy upgrades we are receiving, i.e., how we are ALL changing and ascending energetically. These stories include communicating with the Council of 11, reliving childhood traumas that I had blocked from my memory, as well as messages I have received in meditation explaining ascension sickness symptoms I have been experiencing.




How do you know if you’re connecting with God, with your Higher Self? How do you know if you are on the right path? How do you know which direction to take? How do you know if your Higher Self/God is recommending a different choice?

Plain and simply, you will know by the way you feel. You will learn through practice how to listen when God, your Higher Self, is guiding you to a specific path. You will know you are connected with God by the emotions and feelings you receive after asking a question, or by what you are thinking.



Are you god? What is god? Are you important in the grand scheme of the universe? Most definitely…YES!!! Here’s why…

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Remember The Call To Love…


Throughout the day today as I was scrolling through my Facebook posts I saw a recurring theme of my friends sharing support for people who have experienced recent attacks from not just the incidents in Paris, but also for the suffering experienced by so many around the world that get less attention. But this is not going to be one of those posts. I am not going to choose a side, I’m not going to aim to validate one individual’s suffering over another, I’m not going to cast out anger or hatred towards any person, but rather I will aim to touch your heart. In the next few minutes I want to inspire your soul so that your Light can shine where it is needed most.

Today was a heavy day for me as I read through the different articles regarding the attacks in Paris, or the recent attacks in Kenya, or the Middle East, and I could feel the pull of my heart. I could feel the heaviness of the world not around me, but within me. I could feel the fear. I could feel the insecurity. I could feel the doubt. Almost the entire day I was filled with an energy I had not felt for quite some time. Yet this evening I began to feel something else.

As I sat and asked my Self, how can I help the world a passage in a very sacred book came to my mind. One of the most profound and sacred books to my heart, Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East, tells a story of an experience with Jesus. A hoard of bandits and murderers began approaching a sacred temple and village. With concern the author of the book asked Jesus what they could do. Jesus replied that he would not return the hatred and anger with which the bandits approached with, but rather send them nothing but Love. The author describes Jesus literally sending forth a beam of Light towards the entrance of the ravine in which the temple was located, and as the bandits reached this point their hatred and anger acted as a mirror upon the wall of Love. As such these bandits’ horses became frightened and began bucking and throwing the bandits from the saddles. In the frenzy the men began shooting and harming each other while also having the hoard of confused horses trampling them. Eventually the bandits laid there, injured or dead as a result of their own doing.

This story has been so profound for me in my life in many ways. The Law of Attraction tells us that “That which is like unto itself is drawn.” We know in quantum physics that in order for a reality to exist, mind must be present to witness its structure. In our own lives we see that when we are truly feel gratitude and expressing that outwardly, we come into contact with other individuals who demonstrate that to us, we see more beauty, more freedom, more Light.

Life is, wholly and truly, an expression of what is happening WITHIN us. The world happening around us, is a metaphor of what is happening within us. How many times a day do you say to yourself how truly beautiful you are? How many times a day do you say thank you to the Source of all life for the blessing of being alive? How often do you truly loo into the eyes of another person with the intent of seeing them for more than the body they possess? How often do you tell yourself “I love you!” We see things happening around us and we think of all that we don’t have, or don’t want, or don’t like and we wonder why there is so much sadness in the world.

We look around at people doing things that we wouldn’t do and we condemn them. We see people saying things we wouldn’t say and we ridicule them. We see someone acting or speaking a certain way and we so rarely choose to see them as more than their words or actions. We so rarely choose to look into their eyes and see the divinity in them. We so rarely choose to acknowledge the Spirit in them yearning to be called forth and them be reminded of who they really are.

You see, what every great master has ever told us is that we need to love our foe as our brother. Jesus said when your brother strikes your cheek, you should offer the other to him also. We find parables like this in all sacred texts and yet we refuse to follow them. We do not offer our brother a helping hand, let alone allow him to harm us. And yet, every great teacher has only taught us one thing: fear is not real, and only Love exists.

Fear is a reminder that you have separated yourself from Spirit. Love is the presence of your unity with Spirit. When we are shown acts of violence our reaction is to immediately attack the attacker. When we witness violent acts we do not love that person anyways, we ridicule him and berate him, which simply exacerbates feelings of isolation and separation. We have forgotten that we not only belong to each other, but that we are each other. We have forgotten that there is a single Presence, a single field of Love, and that we all exist in and as that.

martin luther king jr quote, best life coach, inspirational quoteIn times of collective fear, to further increase that fear through your own emotional field does nothing to bring forth Love. In times of darkness, more darkness is unnecessary. “Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only Light can do that.” In times of others’ suffering you must be reminded of the field of Love that is all that exists. You must stand forth in your strength, knowing fully that you are supported by the hoard of Heaven, and claim undoubtedly that only Love can heal. Not once have you every heard of fear healing. Not once have you ever heard of doubt healing. Not once have you ever heard of blame healing. Yet you have heard of gratitude healing. You have heard of kindness healing. You have heard of compassion healing. You have heard of Love healing.

In times of tragedy, it is not time to blame, and berate, and fight against. In times of tragedy, it is time to show compassion, kindness, Love. How can you help an individual or collective through anger and hatred and condemnation? You can’t. It is not possible to help anyone through the recognition of their unworthiness. You can only help anyone through your recognition of their Light. In your acknowledgment of someone else’s beauty, only then can you affect change. No figure of change ever was praised for telling people how bad they were. The most influential people of history, the ones who are praised for their service to humanity, spoke to the souls of others. They reminded you of your ability to be good. They reminded you of your ability to have compassion. They reminded you of your ability to be kind. They reminded you of your ability to see beauty in others. They reminded you of your ability to Love, and to Love unconditionally!

My friends, those of you reading this, this is your reminder. Don’t get caught in the disillusionment of the “outside.” You know all too well of your ability to affect others for their betterment and to be their reminder. You also know all too well that this can only come from the inside out. We must be the guide for others to follow, be the Light in the darkness so that others may light their own candle. My friends, my dear brothers and sisters, YOU have to be the change for the world. If you get lost in the woods, remember the path is always right next to you, waiting for you to remind others that it is right there…just below the head and about the gut.

All My Love,

Zach ❤

With Quest-ioning Comes…Joy


The Quest-ioning…

I don’t know if it’s just me, but it feels as if the last few weeks have just been a state of constant questioning for me. The other day Shauna, my fiancé, looks at me and asks if everything is alright and I just replied, “I don’t know, I feel like I’m questioning everything in my life. I’m wondering why I’m here on this planet, what is the purpose of it all if we are just going to die and then come back anyways?” And fully, from the depth of my “then-heart,” I was serious.

The last time I had such a state of questioning was after I was finally coming out of all my treatments from my bone marrow transplant. I had just watched The Secret and was questioning the nature of reality. I had finally found a documentary that forced me to understand myself deeper. That state of questioning led me down the rabbit hole and to the place I am now living. That quest led me to my true love, to understanding my purpose deeper, to being surrounded by successful and wonderful friends, to doing things that world renowned doctors said I couldn’t, and yet here I am back to that exact same quest.Awakening Quote

Quest-ioning Gets Confusing Doesn’t It??

As I hopped right back on this quest, I couldn’t help but wonder why I am right back where I started. As I write this, I am still wondering. However, each day I feel as though I am understanding more. I ask myself why I get up so dreadfully early to train clients, I ask myself why I exercise, I ask myself why I do anything really. And as I ask myself these quest-ions the only answer that keeps coming back to me is…JOY. It’s all for joy!

If you look at my Youtube videos, if you look back at my previous writings, I have been speaking about eternal Love and joy for as long as I have been doing this. And yet, here I am, as human as they come, quest-ioning everything just as we all inevitably do…confused as ever…supposed to be teaching others and yet at this very moment the clarity fails me.

AwakeningI Hear the Voice…

You see my friends, there is this voice inside me right now whispering to me, telling me to keep walking. This voice is reminding me that this is truly a quest, and ultimately the quest is joy. The voice is speaking clearly to me now, reminding me of my deepest purpose, to give love, to receive love, to BE Love. I wish I could explain this voice to you, but you already know it all too well. This voice is the eternal One, the infinite guide, the Great Speaker. This voice is the truth of my soul, of your soul, of our unity.

The Eternal Voice Speaks…

The voice whispers to me, “Be still my son, for you have journeyed as far as any other, you have come to the mountain peak, and as you continue on your journey you will find another. Stop for a minute and observe. My son, witness the beauty I that lays before you. You have gained a perspective unlike many, and this perspective confuses you. As you look outward into the valley you can hardly believe that out there, so far away, is where you have journeyed from. Your mind has a difficult time comprehending the magnitutde of your current height. But nonetheless, sit and witness all the glory that is yours. Look at how far you ha traveled, and remember that your journey is an eternal one, never to be found complacent because as this ends, another begins.

“Child, this place of quest-ioning is a natural progression of growth, time to reflect and accept how far you have come. Let the strength and understanding you have gained sink into the depths of your being, strengthening all aspects of your life. This height is a journey that all my children must make, and they will need a guide. Remember the path, be humble for you have ventured where few have asked to go, but many will seek to find. My purpose for you is to be the Love you know you are. My purpose for you is to recognize your passion and to follow that. As you have come to know, you are the creator of your life and I will support you in whichever decision you take, but I wish for you joy. I wish you take the path of freedom, of excitement, of enthusiasm, for that is the journey to your heart, that is the journey to Me. And do not be afraid to journey astray, for I will always guide you back, but ultimately you must choose to see it for the potential that lies within it, and see that wherever you are is a chance for joy.”Awakening quote Rumi, Rumi Quotes

The Quest is Joy…

My friends, our Inner Voice has whispered to me these words. We are all on our quests. We all have quest-ions about which direction our life is going and hopefully these words have eased your heart as they have eased mine. The world is a constant reminder to seek joy. The world is a constant reminder of that which we are emitting. We are creators, working in harmony with the Great Manager, that Presence which will always support us and be there for our highest good. Mirroring back to us that which is for our greatest development, and our current state of vibration. Continue to quest, continue to journey, but always remember that we are watched and guided, always.

All My Love,

Zach ❤

How To Find Peace…


I just meditated and want to share the realization I had…

As I meditated, I went through my normal ritual of reminding myself to relax, take my awareness to my breath, not force any unnecessary intentions, and simply be. However, this time was different because Archangel Michael popped into my head. I had an experience with Archangel Michael this weekend and he had remained in my awareness. So I called him forth and thanked him for always being with me and supporting me in any endeavors I feel I need guidance with.

As I continued meditating, I continued once more with the mental reminders of relaxing and breathing. This tends to be a continuous process for me during my meditations, which at times transpires into something magical, yet 90% of the time is just me reminding myself to relax and focus on my breath. However tonight it was magical.

As I continued to breathe, my mind decided it was time to let go. I began feeling a deeper sense of peace, of settling. My body got heavier, my breath became perfectly even, and although my mind was still active, it maintained a laser sharp clarity. As my mind began it’s wandering, I was able to direct it immediately back to my breath. I suddenly began to smell a scent that was more than familiar, I had no idea where it came from yet I was incredibly peaceful. As my attention remained on my breath, I started feeling a warmth and lightness emanating from my solar plexus and heart. I kept sinking deeper within myself and began to feel my body transform into a bubble of light, an energy vortex. I felt an immense power coming from the center of my being.

As I sat there I realized I wanted to stay there forever. I didn’t want to move for the rest of eternity, feeling the Infinite Power literally coming from ME! All potential came from ME! No one else, it came from that which is the Source of all beingness. As I heard my timer go off, I thought, “NOOOO! I want to stay here in this stillness forever!!!” And then I realized…this stillness is always at my disposal.

What I recognized from this experience, and what I wish for everyone to recognize, is that the peace we search for is always, and only, within us. I know so many great masters, teachers, sages, and all others we find so enlightened have said this, but it is another thing all together to experience it for ourYou-WIll-Never-Find-Peaceselves.

There is a stillness, a peace, that literally resides within the core of our being. Peace is literally the fabric of who we are. From our understanding as extensions of the One Divine Source, we know nothing but peace, nothing but love. Stillness, peace, can truly never be found from anyone, or anything, else. Peace is the realization that we are infinity connected to the Creative Source, that we ARE extensions of that Source. Unfortunately, without the acceptance of our Divine connection, we are empty. We search for fulfillment through connection with others, through things, through food, and yet we find ourselves continually empty looking for upliftment.

It is only when we are tired of feeling empty that we realize the only place we can look for inner fulfillment is where else…within. 😉 It takes strength to look within ourselves. We have learned to look for fulfillment from everything else other than the only place necessary. We have searched for peace in every corner of the world except for the space right beneath our chest cavity.

The only way to find peace…yes, the only way…is to look within ourselves. The only way is to let go of everything and FEEL the stillness that comes from letting go of all the noise in our minds. We are akin to the sky. Clouds come and go, storms fill the air, and yet they always pass. However, we can have no peace when we constantly identify with the clouds, with the storms. When we understand that we are the sky, pure, perfect, infinite, then we have peace. And the most effective way of realizing that we are extensions of that Source is through mediation…and meditation can come in many forms.

Meditation can come from sitting silently for 15 minutes and focusing on your breath, it can come from dancing freely without being watched, it can come from a 30 minute run, a stroll in the rose garden, a journal entry. Yes, the only way to find peace is to search your self, and the only way to do that is to still your mind enough to be clear.

Peace is not a state of mind, it’s a state of being…you Being. You are peace, you just have to  let the clouds pass and turn inward to realize you have always been the sky.

All My Love,

Zach ❤



Journal Entry 3/8/15:

Brothers and sister, do you truly realize your potential? For we have come from the stars, born of the earth, the perfect expression of the Divine Mother/Father, God. We have unlimited potential within us! No other being has more potential that the other, the limitations pressed upon you, by none other than yourself, are not limitations at all. For as children of the cosmos we have unlimited potential within ourselves. The misconception that we have a finite body with limited access to the Divine is hogwash. The Infinite that dwells within the heart, is the Presence that dwells within all. It is the Presence from whence all sprang. From where all life came forth. For through the Consciousness that is God, life came forth. The Consciousness that is God, the stars, the planets, the water, the trees, the bacteria, the sentient beings, the All came forth. For God is not at all as we have conceived Him/Her to be, but rather an illusion that has aimed to quantify It for the sake of our own minds. For God is and always will be unexplained. God is not to be intellectualized, but rather to be lived, to be experienced, To be felt fully in everything. For God is the cry of a newborn, the bud of the new flower, the satisfaction of water quenching thirst, the ecstasy of a lover’s kiss! 

God cannot be removed from who we are, anymore than the ocean can be removed from a cup of sea water. The water in the cup may feel isolated, but the ocean knows that it is always within it.

We are children of the Infinite Creator, made from the very fabric which is that Presence. We are literal extensions, and acting ambassadors of that Presence. We are streams of the same Source. God is so much grander than we could have ever imagined! And as a result of that, WE are so much grander than we could ever imagine!

We have infinite potential within us! We have unlimited abilities! We are capable of all things! We stepped forth as ambassadors of that Presence, knowing that we would eventually remember that Truth! We stepped forth eagerly wanting to be experiencers of all things human, and remember that all things are returned to Her. That any pains, any joys, any sorrows, any triumphs would be for the upliftment of the Whole! For we are not singular entities, but collective extensions! Why do you think we search so long and hard for love!? For someone to accept us as we are! We are here for self exploration and through that exploration to remember that we are all undyingly connected. We are all One. The love we seek will not come from another’s affection, it will come only from the bliss we have when we connect with our deepest Self, our God Self. It will come from the reunion with our deepest heart, and through that searching will come forth our True Partner. 

We have sought so long for peace in our own hearts yet refuse to challenge our own minds. It is time to remember our depths and realize the Trueness of who we are. We are all gods, unified with the one Presence. Not a man in the sky, but an awareness deep within. A consciousness unknown yet felt. A Presence that whispers in the shadows, “Find the Light and there you will find me.” Our time has come to be that which we have looked for. The time has come for us to finally live, and live consciously. No longer going along with the illusion of separation, of fear, of inadequacy, but honoring the sacred temple, our very bodies. The time has come to know that we are infinite. The time has come to know that we are Unlimited. The time has come to know that we are Love. We have returned to remind the world of that, and so it begins ❤