How To Find Peace…


I just meditated and want to share the realization I had…

As I meditated, I went through my normal ritual of reminding myself to relax, take my awareness to my breath, not force any unnecessary intentions, and simply be. However, this time was different because Archangel Michael popped into my head. I had an experience with Archangel Michael this weekend and he had remained in my awareness. So I called him forth and thanked him for always being with me and supporting me in any endeavors I feel I need guidance with.

As I continued meditating, I continued once more with the mental reminders of relaxing and breathing. This tends to be a continuous process for me during my meditations, which at times transpires into something magical, yet 90% of the time is just me reminding myself to relax and focus on my breath. However tonight it was magical.

As I continued to breathe, my mind decided it was time to let go. I began feeling a deeper sense of peace, of settling. My body got heavier, my breath became perfectly even, and although my mind was still active, it maintained a laser sharp clarity. As my mind began it’s wandering, I was able to direct it immediately back to my breath. I suddenly began to smell a scent that was more than familiar, I had no idea where it came from yet I was incredibly peaceful. As my attention remained on my breath, I started feeling a warmth and lightness emanating from my solar plexus and heart. I kept sinking deeper within myself and began to feel my body transform into a bubble of light, an energy vortex. I felt an immense power coming from the center of my being.

As I sat there I realized I wanted to stay there forever. I didn’t want to move for the rest of eternity, feeling the Infinite Power literally coming from ME! All potential came from ME! No one else, it came from that which is the Source of all beingness. As I heard my timer go off, I thought, “NOOOO! I want to stay here in this stillness forever!!!” And then I realized…this stillness is always at my disposal.

What I recognized from this experience, and what I wish for everyone to recognize, is that the peace we search for is always, and only, within us. I know so many great masters, teachers, sages, and all others we find so enlightened have said this, but it is another thing all together to experience it for ourYou-WIll-Never-Find-Peaceselves.

There is a stillness, a peace, that literally resides within the core of our being. Peace is literally the fabric of who we are. From our understanding as extensions of the One Divine Source, we know nothing but peace, nothing but love. Stillness, peace, can truly never be found from anyone, or anything, else. Peace is the realization that we are infinity connected to the Creative Source, that we ARE extensions of that Source. Unfortunately, without the acceptance of our Divine connection, we are empty. We search for fulfillment through connection with others, through things, through food, and yet we find ourselves continually empty looking for upliftment.

It is only when we are tired of feeling empty that we realize the only place we can look for inner fulfillment is where else…within. 😉 It takes strength to look within ourselves. We have learned to look for fulfillment from everything else other than the only place necessary. We have searched for peace in every corner of the world except for the space right beneath our chest cavity.

The only way to find peace…yes, the only way…is to look within ourselves. The only way is to let go of everything and FEEL the stillness that comes from letting go of all the noise in our minds. We are akin to the sky. Clouds come and go, storms fill the air, and yet they always pass. However, we can have no peace when we constantly identify with the clouds, with the storms. When we understand that we are the sky, pure, perfect, infinite, then we have peace. And the most effective way of realizing that we are extensions of that Source is through mediation…and meditation can come in many forms.

Meditation can come from sitting silently for 15 minutes and focusing on your breath, it can come from dancing freely without being watched, it can come from a 30 minute run, a stroll in the rose garden, a journal entry. Yes, the only way to find peace is to search your self, and the only way to do that is to still your mind enough to be clear.

Peace is not a state of mind, it’s a state of being…you Being. You are peace, you just have to  let the clouds pass and turn inward to realize you have always been the sky.

All My Love,

Zach ❤


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