Lightworkers…Vibrate Higher! (A Call To Help Gaia Ascend To 5D) [Video]


Lightworkers…Vibrate Higher! (A Call To Help Gaia Ascend To 5D)

Hi my Lightworkers,
The past few days I have felt that I have been allowing my vibration to lower. I received guidance on the importance of keeping my Love on high and wanted to share a few ways that I have been doing that.
I would love to hear what you are doing to keep your vibration high! All my Love!







This is without question one of my favorite quotes. The first time I read this was in the book series, The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East. I was 22 years old and having been studying the Law of Attraction habitually for the past three years I was at first put off by this statement. My ego had been heavily stroked as a result of feeling that I was the ultimate creator of my reality, Zach the body, not fully understanding the depths of which I was mistaken. However, as I was physically unable to put down the books, my consciousness expanded more so than I could imagine. By the end of one week, and three books later, I understood the true meaning behind that quote. I’d like to share with you after nine more years of inner work, research, and consciousness expansion, how I understand those words.


I’d like to throw another quote into the pot though before we go further,


human beings 1

“We are not physical beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” ~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.


If we look at the similarity between these two quotes we can see how important it is to begin to look at our lives as spiritual beings, rather than heavily dense physical entities. This is also, in my opinion, the most difficult aspect of entering into a human body. As we enter into these bodies forgetting our true nature we tend to get so distracted and lost that we can often go our whole lives not remembering the beauty of who we are. Day after day we wake up and see this meat suit in the mirror and rarely take the time to ask ourselves, “Who is viewing this body?” We get taught in school that our brain is the perceiver of the experience, thereby stopping the questioning of who the true observer is. All the while still calling it “my body.” Hardly do we ask, “If it is ‘my body’ then who does it belong to?”


However, once these questions become reignited in our consciousness, we finally take the quest inward.


We begin to take the quest, which brings us to recognize that there is a perceiver of the experience, a perceiver of the body, but yet we have within us an innate knowing that we have the capacity to shape the world outside of us. So, we journey deeper within, asking who the “ME” truly is. We are not satisfied with the simple explanation of purely being physical bodies with hormonal responses, neuro-muscular signals, etc. We can’t help but ask, “Who am I? Who am I? Who the hell am I?” Yes, I HAVE a body, but why the heck do I feel so interested in the after-life? Why am I fascinated by miracles? Why does the unknown intrigue me so much? Okay, so maybe that was me, but I bet we aren’t so different.


Now we have all these questions, and we begin to have experiences that some call coincidence, but they just keep happening too frequently to be mere random happenings. So, then we find books, and people, and YouTube videos explaining the phenomenon called synchronicity, and realize that maybe the body isn’t all that we are. We start to see in our daily life that as we focus on something, it begins to show up more frequently in our lives. We think of someone and we run into them. We think about how wonderful it would be to have more money then hear of a story about rags to riches. We see in our mind how wonderful a healthy body would feel and all of a sudden we begin to get better. Then BAM! It starts to resonate and make more sense.


Alright, so maybe that was my experience. As a result of my experience I learned a thing or two, and I remembered a thing or one hundred. So, if you’ve made it to this paragraph…congratulations!!! Now it’s time to get preachy…


I want you to remember that you are far beyond what you could ever conceptualize. As you ask those questions in the previous paragraphs you will realize that the “Father within” is not the “you” that you see with your eyes, but the “You” that observes through your eyes. You are a soul, a spiritual entity, inhabiting a body for joyful expansion, for learning, for fun, for Love. You came to be the experiencer of life, to play, to laugh, to cry, rather than sit in a library and learn about the experience. A book can only take you so far, but a journey walked can take you anywhere. The Father that dwelleth within you is the True You. That is the real You…the eternal Self, the Atma, the Christ consciousness.


We get so lost so easily in just being the body, but that is truly the tip of the iceberg. You are an infinite being, getting the opportunity to live an earthly experience. You have been here before, and you may very well likely come back. This experience is not for the faint of heart, or the weak-minded, it is for the strongest souls in the uni-verse. You are one of the souls! But you have forgotten that. I just want you to remember, even if for a brief moment. How many times has something so simple and so magical happened? Do you really think it was because you were lucky? It is because you are an eternal, divine, magical creator. Not you the body, but You the consciousness. Do you know why it is important to meditate? Because through meditation you remember that truth. You remember that you are an infinite, eternal, divine, creative being inhabiting a physical body for a short while. Can you even comprehend eternity? How about a billion years? How about a million years? How about 100,000 years? How about 10,000 years? We can’t possibly conceive of the vastness of our Eternal Self because our conscious thinking mind is stuck looking at the minuteness of our current physical self. Hence the reason we go deeper into the depths of our being through meditation and by doing so align with that Eternal Self, the Father within.


You aren’t going to create magic if you keep seeing yourself as this tiny little body that a rock could so easily crush. The Father that dwelleth within you, the Eternal, Divine Self that you truly are, doeth the works. How true is the statement, “Let go and let God.” That God is the REAL YOU. Not a white bearded man in the sky but an infinite Presence. The Father that dwelleth within, dwelleth within all things. We try to rationalize an Infinite Eternal Presence, by saying, He is the Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. Well my beauty, you have the Holy Spirit within you, therefore by deduction you are all three. Where the Spirit resides so does the Father. You are that Eternal Presence. The issue is that we get lost in this magnificence because the “little you,” the body you, has an incredibly hard time conceptualizing this. That is why the intellectual you will never fully know the magnitude that is your true divinity. The way to your deepest knowing is not through your mind, but through your heart. It must first be felt, be experienced, and then through feeling it again and again and again the mind becomes able to conceptualize it, to finally give in and acknowledge your grandeur.


You may have heard this before, this may be your first-time hearing this, but either way it is because you know this fully within the depths of your heart, you simply are afraid to acknowledge it. Your conscious mind, your ego, is afraid to acknowledge this because if it loses its grip, who do you then become? This is the fun part. As you transcend the ego, you get to play more openly, more freely. You no longer become victim to your ego, but you have ultimate control over how you wish to experience the world and allow the ego to be a fun tool in your consciousness toolbox.


You are reading this because it is your time of transition. It is your time of consciousness expansion. You are moving beyond that which you thought you were, to that which you truly are. How do you speed this process up you ask? Meditate. Practice letting go through your breath. Make a practice of also observing your surroundings and asking yourself, “Who is observing right now?” These two practices will move you deeper. Also, talk to that aspect of yourself, your Higher Self, your angels, Divine Spirit, Source, whatever you like to call it. Once you talk, shut up and listen! Listen to what you feel. Listen for ringing in your ears. Listen to sensations in your body. Just listen. Be playful with all of this. Don’t take it so seriously. Release the attachments to your life. Releasing attachments doesn’t mean to stop caring. It means that whatever the circumstances you will still love openly and deeply and not be thrown by the storms of life. You will step out onto the water and declare yourself an extension of the Infinite. You will declare yourself the Christ child. You will know whole-heartedly that this body is purely a fun vessel in which you get to have your earthly experience. You will finally embrace your eternalness and begin to create the life you wish. This is bliss. This is true freedom. This is why you are here. “My Father and I are One.” Let those words ring throughout your body, throughout your consciousness, nothing could be closer to the Truth.


Leave a comment or question and we can expand together.


All My Love,



Why Do We Feel Emotions?


Have you ever asked yourself why you feel emotions? What is the purpose of emotions? What purpose do emotions serve? What are emotions? Why am I am so emotional?! Well, our emotions serve a very big purpose…and here is why…


How to Change the World…


Change the World, New worldWhy Change the World?

I’m inspired to write today by witnessing the struggles we all seem to be going through as a collective. I have been seeing constant reminders from my friends on social media, and in person, of the constant struggles that the world is going through and I asked my Highest Self, how do we fix this? And as Spirit always does, I was answered…

Can You Change the World?

You see my friends, our whole lives are directed by a Law. Most of you who read my posts know how I speak on the Law of Attraction, and this is the exact law that directs our lives. We don’t have to consciously accept this law, just as we don’t have to accept gravity, nonetheless it still affects our lives.

In the news lately we have been seeing constant struggles of racial tension, gender inequality, financial problems, and the list goes on. As much as these societal issues are going on, I pondered, “Well if this is all happening how can we change it?” We see inequality happening everywhere we go, and at times we see change, and others we are at a loss. And this post is not about reducing the prevalence of that, but rather giving us a way to move as a collective out of that.

2 Keys to Remember:

I want to start by saying that wholly and truly the only person we can ever change is our self. Secondly, I want to express the importance of every day reminding yourself that your thoughts create your new world. Your thoughts will literally transform the fabric of time and space, and it does every day. So this post will be a reminder of your power, and of your ability to transform the world.

‘What Is’ Gives More ‘What Is’

I know it can be difficult watching so many injustices happening around our world. If you possess any form of compassion you feel affected by the problems occurring to all forms of people, animals, plants, and all life. However, my question to you is, “Although you see these things happening, what is it that you would like to see happen?” At times I find myself getting stuck in always responding to “what is.” I reacting to ‘WHAT IS’ happening in the news, ‘WHAT IS’ happening in my career, ‘WHAT IS’ happening to the health of others around me, and often forget that my attention to ‘WHAT IS’ only brings about more of ‘WHAT IS.’

What I’ve learned in my life is that the only way out of ‘WHAT IS’ is to see the bigger picture and recognize that as a result of ‘WHAT IS’ I can now manifest ‘WHAT WILL BE.’ As a result of witnessing what I do not want, racial and gender inequality, prevalent dis-eases, financial injustice, I immediately in myHow to Change the World, new earth own mind developed an idea of what I would like to see. As a result of the contrast, i.e., racial inequality, I immediately wanted racial equality. As a result of watching children suffer through cancer treatments, I immediately wanted a more effective and less traumatic cancer treatment. Everything in my life that some would deem as negative, has really been Spirit’s way of moving through me to manifest a new more beneficial reality.

How Do I Change ‘What Is?’

How does this tie in to your life you ask? This is important because with every contrasting experience you have, you immediately have the opportunity to change where you focus your attention. Thoughts are literal vibrations that are expressed from you, and things which match that vibration come back to you. The constant example of this is a radio tower. You are the radio tower, and you emit the signal of 93.9. Things which are on that same channel will come into your experience. If you are feeling hopeful, channel 93.9, things which match 93.9 come into your experience. If you are feeling fearful, 102.7, things which match 102.7 will come into your experience.

Everything is vibration. Thoughts are vibration, feelings are vibration, actions are vibration, solid figures are really vibration, it’s all vibration. I won’t delve too deeply into this because you can find scientific evidence about this with a quick search online. But you must accept this inalienable truth, everything is vibration. Once you accept that, and realize that fully and truly, your thoughts have a creative potential attributed to them, you will realize how you can change the world.

What Do I Have To Do?

Now how exactly do you change the world? It’s very simple actually. You think only about what it is that you are wanting to see manifest in your life. Do you want social equality? Imagine it, visualize it, think about how incredible it would be to have everybody considered equals. Do you want everyone to be healthy? Imagine it, visualize it, think about how wonderful it would be if everyone was able to heal their bodies if necessary.

The problem is that we think we have to find the parasite and remove it. When in actuality, if the environment is not right for the parasite to live in, it will gladly leave. We must begin believing in our Selves. We must begin believing that we are powerful. We must begin believing that we have a creative Source, which always has our back, and will always give us exactly what we deserve based on where we are vibrationally. We must begin believing that we are connected to not only our friends and family, but we are connected to ALL living things, and most importantly the Source of all.

energetic light body, light being

How to Change the World…

Once we fully accept that we are connected to each other, to all life, to our Source, that is when we can change the world. You can’t act enough to change the world, there is nothing you can physically do to change the world, but on a vibrationally level, you always have changed the world. When you found light in the midst of darkness, you changed the world. When you found laughter in a sea of sorrow, you changed the world. When you cultivated love in an ocean of hate, you changed the world. When you smiled in the face of ridicule, you changed the world. When you danced when there was no music, you changed the world.

Changing the world isn’t something as grand as we make it. We are here as game-changes, as systems busters, to create a new world. We are here as expressions of Spirit to move life into a place of kindness, compassion, of gratitude, of passion, of love. We cannot force others to change with us, however as the radio tower becomes powerful enough the vibrations on an unconscious level are felt by everyone, and in that way you can change their minds. As you emit a signal so strong and full of love, the souls connected with yours, all souls, will have no option but to be uplifted to that state of love. In that way, you can change the world, and in that way, you will change the world.

All My Love

Zach ❤

With Quest-ioning Comes…Joy


The Quest-ioning…

I don’t know if it’s just me, but it feels as if the last few weeks have just been a state of constant questioning for me. The other day Shauna, my fiancé, looks at me and asks if everything is alright and I just replied, “I don’t know, I feel like I’m questioning everything in my life. I’m wondering why I’m here on this planet, what is the purpose of it all if we are just going to die and then come back anyways?” And fully, from the depth of my “then-heart,” I was serious.

The last time I had such a state of questioning was after I was finally coming out of all my treatments from my bone marrow transplant. I had just watched The Secret and was questioning the nature of reality. I had finally found a documentary that forced me to understand myself deeper. That state of questioning led me down the rabbit hole and to the place I am now living. That quest led me to my true love, to understanding my purpose deeper, to being surrounded by successful and wonderful friends, to doing things that world renowned doctors said I couldn’t, and yet here I am back to that exact same quest.Awakening Quote

Quest-ioning Gets Confusing Doesn’t It??

As I hopped right back on this quest, I couldn’t help but wonder why I am right back where I started. As I write this, I am still wondering. However, each day I feel as though I am understanding more. I ask myself why I get up so dreadfully early to train clients, I ask myself why I exercise, I ask myself why I do anything really. And as I ask myself these quest-ions the only answer that keeps coming back to me is…JOY. It’s all for joy!

If you look at my Youtube videos, if you look back at my previous writings, I have been speaking about eternal Love and joy for as long as I have been doing this. And yet, here I am, as human as they come, quest-ioning everything just as we all inevitably do…confused as ever…supposed to be teaching others and yet at this very moment the clarity fails me.

AwakeningI Hear the Voice…

You see my friends, there is this voice inside me right now whispering to me, telling me to keep walking. This voice is reminding me that this is truly a quest, and ultimately the quest is joy. The voice is speaking clearly to me now, reminding me of my deepest purpose, to give love, to receive love, to BE Love. I wish I could explain this voice to you, but you already know it all too well. This voice is the eternal One, the infinite guide, the Great Speaker. This voice is the truth of my soul, of your soul, of our unity.

The Eternal Voice Speaks…

The voice whispers to me, “Be still my son, for you have journeyed as far as any other, you have come to the mountain peak, and as you continue on your journey you will find another. Stop for a minute and observe. My son, witness the beauty I that lays before you. You have gained a perspective unlike many, and this perspective confuses you. As you look outward into the valley you can hardly believe that out there, so far away, is where you have journeyed from. Your mind has a difficult time comprehending the magnitutde of your current height. But nonetheless, sit and witness all the glory that is yours. Look at how far you ha traveled, and remember that your journey is an eternal one, never to be found complacent because as this ends, another begins.

“Child, this place of quest-ioning is a natural progression of growth, time to reflect and accept how far you have come. Let the strength and understanding you have gained sink into the depths of your being, strengthening all aspects of your life. This height is a journey that all my children must make, and they will need a guide. Remember the path, be humble for you have ventured where few have asked to go, but many will seek to find. My purpose for you is to be the Love you know you are. My purpose for you is to recognize your passion and to follow that. As you have come to know, you are the creator of your life and I will support you in whichever decision you take, but I wish for you joy. I wish you take the path of freedom, of excitement, of enthusiasm, for that is the journey to your heart, that is the journey to Me. And do not be afraid to journey astray, for I will always guide you back, but ultimately you must choose to see it for the potential that lies within it, and see that wherever you are is a chance for joy.”Awakening quote Rumi, Rumi Quotes

The Quest is Joy…

My friends, our Inner Voice has whispered to me these words. We are all on our quests. We all have quest-ions about which direction our life is going and hopefully these words have eased your heart as they have eased mine. The world is a constant reminder to seek joy. The world is a constant reminder of that which we are emitting. We are creators, working in harmony with the Great Manager, that Presence which will always support us and be there for our highest good. Mirroring back to us that which is for our greatest development, and our current state of vibration. Continue to quest, continue to journey, but always remember that we are watched and guided, always.

All My Love,

Zach ❤

Why You Sound So Ignorant…


Lately I have been speaking with my friends and clients, listening to their viewpoints, and seeing a lot of interesting posts on their Facebook page. Now I am by no means the most wonderful person in the world, nor the most enlightened. However, I feel that after having gone through chemotherapy treatment twice, a bone-marrow transplant, having seen numerous children die of cancer, and watching innumerable suffering, I have questioned quite a bit in my life. I have asked every seemingly metaphysical, life-affirming, in-depth question I feel that most of us will ask regarding the universe and life as a whole. As such, I have come to some conclusions about life. These conclusions seem to come and go in my consciousness, however they always drift back and remind me of the bigger picture. That is my preface to this little rant that you are about to experience, and if you are ready here…we…go…

I can not believe the ignorance that is spewed from some of the mouths of the individuals I know. I am always reminded by my guides and Angels of what Jesus said, “Forgive them, for they know not what they do.” Although this may be the case, it is difficult to not sit and think, “Sweet heavens, you sound like a ranting and raving egocentric maniac!” It is as if so many of the people I know have not questioned anything in their lives! Even with some of them having had very traumatic experiences, they still see the world with blinders on.

Now I’m going to educate for a second and I’m about to get preachy, so take a sit and soak up as much as you feel resonates with you…

Look at the bigger picture…

Stop for a second and think of the earth. Think of the pictures that are taken from shots of satellites floating out in the ethers. Now sit with this for just a second. Think of what is holding the earth to anything else. Do you have your answer? Nothing! That’s right. Absolutely NOTHING is holding the earth to anything else because the earth is floating in space!!! No seriously, the earth is fucking floating in space! Now let’s go further with this. You are on this earth that is floating in space. Now the sheer fact that you don’t go flying off into the ethers is magical enough, however you have an unknown force that Newton called gravity holding you to the earth. Don’t critical think me to death here, just contemplate that. There is an unknown force literally pulling you towards the surface of the earth in order that you don’t go flying off into a pitch black space!

Now that in and of itself is miraculous! Not cool, a fucking miracle!!! Now let’s go further. Look up for your own satisfaction the nearest star to the sun. After you look that up try your best to even imagine what that means. Try your damnedest to really imagine what a light year even is!!! You can’t! That’s because your rational mind has no idea of the magnitude that is the totality of this thing we call life.

Let’s make it a little more personal now. Before you were an adult, looking at this screen, you were nothing. Technically, your body was an egg from your mother and a sperm cell from your father that magically came together to create an ovum, and your sexy ass started growing! But think about the process…you started as nothing, then 2 aspects of your physical body came together into a unified field (ovum), and started replicating!!! Can you contemplate that?! No, you can’t! You can’t possibly see yourself as nothing, that came together as something, and made what you call you!

The point that I’m making is that in your ranting about vaccines, or your complaining about not having enough money, or your fear of the republicans taking over, or your egocentric beliefs about religion, or whatever you think you’re right about, you haven’t even stopped to see the grandeur and awesomeness that is the world you live in, and the body you inhabit.

Now for the real lecture…;)

Found God, AwakeningRemember your Truth…

You are wholly, and truly, an extension of an unseen Source that throughout the eons has been called many things. That you, in your totality, not the body you think of as you, but in your spiritual essence, is Divinity. When I say that you can’t even conceive of what I am saying to you. But don’t let your rational mind intrude, just keep reading and let your soul remind you gently of your essence.

Do you understand that the whole universe has your back? Do you understand that you are not a body with a soul, but rather the thing you call your mind is the bridge between your soul and your body. Do you realize that you have been lied to your entire life by the media, by your books, by your teachers, by your parents, because they knew not of their Divinity either. Don’t you find it interesting how so many people idolize individuals who have come before, Jesus, Buddha, the awakened ones? Don’t you wonder why we so deeply crave that understanding and freedom? And don’t you find it funny how when someone shows you that, you immediately question everything they’ve said and claim them to be a liar?

Don’t be so egocentric…

Telling people they need to vaccinate their kids because you feel it’s right, telling republicans they don’t care about others and need to be taken out of the senate, calling the Christians and Muslims horrific terrorists, talking about how we need to protect our countries borders, blah blah blah blah blah! You sound so fucking ignorant in your limited mind state!! And in this moment I am no better than you, however I want more for you!

I realized last night why Jesus and Buddha and so many other masters won’t come forth and show themselves to the majority of humanity, it’s because we all have so much learning still to do! If you called on Jesus every time something went wrong in your life and used him as your own personal support pillar, you would never learn to stand on your own 2 feet! If every time you got scared you asked Buddha to show himself and come comfort you, you would never understand how to discern your own emotions and what they mean!

You sound so ignorant…

You sound so ignorant in your telling everyone they are wrong and you are right. You sound so ignorant focusing on such small, inconsequential “events.” You sound so ignorant believing the notion that you get one life and then you are dead. You sound so ignorant believing the premise that others may have some sort of control over your life and that you are not the complete director of your life. You sound so ignorant trying to change the world around you rather than fixing the insecurities within you. And lastly, I sound so ignorant asking you to change.

Life Coach Reno, Zach TavcarMy hope for you…

My hope for you is that you start to question every single fucking thing you hear. My hope for you is that you begin to accept every aspect of yourself and allow others to be as they will. My hope for you is that you challenge your mind, that you challenge your mind to grow. My hope for you is that you find the space within yourself where you are no longer scared of another’s actions because you know that that unseen force that is your True Self is protecting you. My hope for you is that you remember how powerful your thoughts are and the potential that they carry with them. My hope for you is that you smile at everyone and don’t expect one back. My hope for you is that you tongue kiss, a whole lot. My hope for you is that you have as much sex as you can, with a person you really love, and feel the ecstasy of being. My hope for you is that you get up and dance! Fucking dance! My hope for you is that you look deeper into your life and ask the questions that really matter. My hope for you is that you find love everywhere you go because you carry it in every step you take. My hope for you is that you live compassionately, not wanting to change anyone’s behaviors because you believe it true, but because they are wanting growth. My hope for you is that you seek kindness in every action and walk the path of understanding. Lastly, my hope for you is that you seek the wisdom of your own heart, knowing full well that that is where you find your Source, you soul.

All My Love,


Found God, Awakening

Where I Found God…


Where I Found God…

I feel as if over my 28 years of living on this earth that I have searched for a lot of things. I have searched for a life partner, I have searched for the perfect career, I have searched for peace, I have searched for acceptance, but most of all I have searched for God.

Why I Wanted To Find God

You see, after having gone through 4 years of chemotherapy, full body radiation, a bone marrow transplant, and witnessing a whole lot of children, adolescents, and parents suffer I did a whole lot of searching. I searched for answers to why there is suffering, I searched for answers to why these children had to die, I searched for why any of us get sick, I asked God tirelessly for answers but he never replied to my questioning!

I asked and asked and asked. I just kept asking for answers, and my response was barren. Why wasn’t God answering me?! Was I not important enough to be answered? Was I too small and of little importance in His plan that I didn’t deserve an answer? I felt something there wanting to make it self known but I couldn’t hear it! I was scared and confused and questioning and I couldn’t hear the answers I was needing. Until at the age of 19 a friend gave me a movie…and that movie led to a book…and that book led to meditation.

Where I Found God…

As a boy I was only led to the Bible, and from my interpretation of the bible I was led to understand that God is outside me. God is a Presence, which I interpreted as an omnipotent man, that came to the earth in the form of Jesus, and that may or may not decide which individuals to communicate with. As I grew older, and where I stand now in my consciousness, I understood that my past beliefs were mistaken.

At 19 I began to meditate, and from that stillness I was led to a deeper understanding. As I searched the depths of my mind in solitude, I began to uncover hidden gems in the midst of all the chaos and chatter. In the midst of all the darkness, in the midst of all the noise, I found God.

I found God right in the core of my being. I found God at the center of my heart. I found God in me, and I found me in God. I had realized that all my questioning, all my seeking, had led me to the most secret place of all…within myself. I realized that the answers to all the questions I had been seeking were right within my grasp the whole time. The answers that seemed to evade me for so long only took a quieting of my own inner noise and they appeared in front of me.

How Does Meditation Help You Find God?

As I quieted my mind while meditating it was as if I was sinking deeper within an ocean. All the noise of my mind remained at the surface, but as I sat there still, I began to sink deeper. As I sank, I noticed my mind, active at the surface, watching the storms throw the surface yet remaining completely still. As I sank I found the peace that we so long for throughout our lives. I continued deeper, and as I did so, I had a new perspective. I realized that not only was I the surface, but I was the entire ocean.

This depth of understanding showed me that the answer was always waiting to come forth, but in getting lost on the storm at the surface I was unable to sink deeper where it was waiting to be realized.

Found God, Meditation

How Can I Find God If I’m Only Human?

As a result of meditation, I was led to more self-help and sacred religious texts than I would have ever thought I would see. As I remained still, books, people, events, circumstances flooded into my life. All the answers that I had been seeking started working their way forth. Every time I read a new book I thought, “Wow, I know this! I don’t know how I know this, but I FEEL it! Why haven’t I realized this sooner?”

What I realized mostly importantly was that all religious texts claim that we have a soul, and that that soul is an expression of the Godhead, the Divine Presence. The difficulty we continue to perpetuate is that we identify with our bodies rather than that soul. We are taught to believe we are somehow sinners, or some form of imperfection, rather than holding to the inner knowing that we are all extensions of that very Godhead we are searching so deeply for.

How Can I Hear God?

Eventually, if your searching is true, you will come to the understanding and knowing that you are a perfect extension of God. Once that becomes your truth, it is impossible not to hear God. As you live that truth, your entire life becomes a conversation with the Higher Self that is you, that is God. You talk constantly to God, asking for guidance, asking for a demonstration of connection, asking for the path, and then you realize that you need only listen to your emotions.

You begin to trust the old adage, “Trust your gut,” is the key to your conversation with God. You realize that the way you feel is your indication of your connection with God, your Self. As you speak, and ask for the answer, you instantly receive the answer in the form of an emotional response. As you think to yourself, “I miss Johnny, he was the only person I will ever love and he’ll never love me back,” and you feel bad, you recognize that God, your Soul, is telling you that your thoughts are amiss. When you have that understanding you can change your thought, “Johnny was a part of my earthly experience, and there is someone that fits me better who will love me as I love him,” and as you feel good you will know God, your Soul, is telling you that you are in harmony with Infinite truth.

How Long Does It Take To Find God?

I found God in more places than I can count. To this day I am continuing to find God, my Self, and open the depths of my heart after a decade of searching; and hopefully that searching never end. For you to find God it may take one month, one year, one decade, or even one second, but if you take the time to still your mind and sink deeper within yourself, you have already found God.

As I said earlier, it is not about looking for God anywhere outside of yourself. If you have read the entirety of this article then you realize that wholly and truly you are God! So then it becomes more about when will you find your self? When will you decide that enough is enough of refusing to accept the constant pulling of your heart for awakening? When will you decide that you are tired of searching for something that has always been yours? When will you decide that always searching outside yourself is exhausting and tireless, and that finally accepting your grace and Godhood is the answer you have always longed for?

A million may seek for God in the world, but the one who seeks his own heart is free.

All My Love,

Zach ❤

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