Finding Miracles In the Mundane (Choose Joy Over Fear) [Video]


Finding Miracles In the Mundane (Choose Joy Over Fear)


Hi friends,

I wanted to share a challenge to everybody that is choosing fear over joy. Both joy and fear are a choice and I explain exactly how they are just that based upon your emotional guidance system. Choose joy…every moment. It all happens through your thinking.

All my love,



Ascension/Energy Upgrades February 2020 (Video)


Ascension/Energy Upgrades February 2020 (Video)


Hi friends! I want to share with you some personal experiences I have had these past few weeks that have to do with the energy upgrades we are receiving, i.e., how we are ALL changing and ascending energetically. These stories include communicating with the Council of 11, reliving childhood traumas that I had blocked from my memory, as well as messages I have received in meditation explaining ascension sickness symptoms I have been experiencing.

How To Remove Toxic People From Your Life (Law of Attraction)


How To Remove Toxic People From Your Life (Law of Attraction)


Hi guys and gals,

Today I wanted to share how to remove toxic people from your life from a law of attraction perspective.

I am NOT a psychologist, but I wanted to examine and share the 2 main reasons toxic people show up in our lives purely as a result of the law of attraction. I also wanted to share 2 processes I use that completely transform my relationships with people when I feel the relationship is heading the direction I’m not particularly enjoying.

I’d love to hear what processes you’ve used in the past, or currently use, to remove toxic people from your lives.


How Meditation Connects You With Source/God (Law of Attraction)

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How Meditation Connects You With Source/God (Law of Attraction)


How does meditation connect us to our Source? To our Inner Being? I wanted to explore the understanding of why meditation is so necessary to establishing our realignment with God.

It is important to remember that our connection is never lost with Source. Our connection is ALWAYS present with our Inner Being, it is merely that we kink the flow of Source in our life.


3 Reasons Meditation Is Necessary to Manifest Your Desires (Law of Attraction)


3 Reasons Meditation Is Necessary to Manifest Your Desires (Law of Attraction)



Hi my beautiful friends!!

So here are 3 reasons meditation is necessary to manifest your desires!!

Obviously these are not the ONLY 3 reasons why you should meditate. However, for our purposes here I wanted to give you 3 reasons why meditation is necessary for you to manifest your stuff…to get the goods!!

There are far more than 3 reasons to meditate…as there are a plethora of benefits in all areas of our lives (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual health) that meditation has.

The 3 reasons are:
1) Release resistance to well-being
2) Increase your vibrational frequency
3) Increase awareness of well-being flowing in to your life
BONUS 4) Spiritual growth

I hope this video inspires you to begin, or reintroduce, a meditation practice! I know that the benefits have transformed my life and it will do the same for you!

All My Love,


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How do you know if you’re connecting with God, with your Higher Self? How do you know if you are on the right path? How do you know which direction to take? How do you know if your Higher Self/God is recommending a different choice?

Plain and simply, you will know by the way you feel. You will learn through practice how to listen when God, your Higher Self, is guiding you to a specific path. You will know you are connected with God by the emotions and feelings you receive after asking a question, or by what you are thinking.



Formula for Happiness and Enlightenment

The formula for happiness and enlightenment is impossible to quantify. What you should know is that happiness and enlightenment are journeys that will lead you down a path of constant self discovery. What paths we each take will determine how long it takes to reach these states.




Ascension Sickness Symptoms

Ascension sickness, “ascension flu,” symptoms can vary greatly from brain fog, to heart palpitations, to digestive issues and are related to the energetic shifting (ascension) of our bodies.
Disclaimer: If you are experiencing serious health issues, go see a doctor!

Ascension Sickness Symptoms list:



You Attract Your Vibrational Essence (Law of Attraction)

You attract the vibrational ESSENCE of your thoughts and emotions. The vibrational essence of your thoughts is what is attracting new experiences into your life, not always the exactitude of your thoughts.