How To Remove Toxic People From Your Life (Law of Attraction)


How To Remove Toxic People From Your Life (Law of Attraction)


Hi guys and gals,

Today I wanted to share how to remove toxic people from your life from a law of attraction perspective.

I am NOT a psychologist, but I wanted to examine and share the 2 main reasons toxic people show up in our lives purely as a result of the law of attraction. I also wanted to share 2 processes I use that completely transform my relationships with people when I feel the relationship is heading the direction I’m not particularly enjoying.

I’d love to hear what processes you’ve used in the past, or currently use, to remove toxic people from your lives.





This title is a trick question, because ladies let’s be honest…what you want in your head and what you want in your heart do not always match up…nor does it always match up for men. I absolutely LOVE talking about relationships because they are so much FUN! I want to write this not only for my sisters so that you can consciously understand why you are doing what you are doing at times, but for my brothers so that you can stop blaming your woman for your failures and shortcomings. So, this post is meant for those women with a Feminine Essence and men with a Masculine Essence. To recognize if you have a Feminine or Masculine Essence ask yourself, “Do I want to be ravaged or be the ravager?” The Feminine wants to be ravaged by the Masculine and opened to God, and the Masculine wants to ravage and break through the chaos of the Feminine so that it can experience God. With that being said, here we go…

Sisters, first and foremost, do not expect your man to fully understand you. You can hardly consciously understand yourselves, and no matter how many romantic comedies you watch, no man will ever FULLY understand you. Will a man who is fully embodied in his Divinity be more aware of you and be able to flow with you more easily, absolutely…but do not expect your man to know exactly what you want. Secondly, recognize that as a Feminine Essence, you are the embodiment of the totality of Life. You are the ocean of Consciousness and Love, you are the chaos of Life, you need movement, your need expressive expansion, you are nurturing, you are healing, you are the Goddess.

As a woman with a Feminine Essence you want your opposite, we all do. The Feminine wants her Masculine counterpart to enter into the Unity of Life. I am not saying that you NEED your counterpart because ultimately we all have aspects of both the Masculine and Feminine but we tend to be predominantly one. So the Feminine wants to open to Infinite Consciousness through her partnership with the Masculine. Ladies, if you can understand this next point you will begin to understand why you are attracted to jerks…

A Masculine Essence is stability, is rigidity, is directiveness, is take-control-ive-ness, is Light, is active, is direct movement, is grounded Presence. Most men, especially after they have been in a relationship for a while, my past-self included, lose sight that they are Infinite Focused Presence. They become wimpy and push-overs. There responses become, “Yes dear…Okay dear…why are you so naggy dear?” They begin to blame their woman for their short-comings because they think if they don’t succumb to their woman’s wants they will lose her.

What a woman’s heart truly wants is her King. She wants a man who she can trust. She wants a man who will show the world that she is HIS. She wants a man to worship her Inner Goddess. She wants to be seen as the object of pure desire in her man’s eyes. She wants to unconsciously test her man again and again and again and know that his strength will not be moved. She wants a man who is so strong in his Presence that nothing can move his core. She wants a man who is giving his gift to the world with full openness, penetrating all barriers that life seems to throw his way. She wants a man that she can put her faith in and know that he will walk with her as he holds her hand. A woman who when confused at life around her, can come to her man and be calmed by his humor and in his loving!

I say these things and I do not mean a man who will not do the dishes, who will not love his children, who is so rigid that he will not change his beliefs, but a man that is so present within himself that he can wash the dishes with fluidity, that can love his children with his whole heart, and that will adapt to new thoughts and beliefs that come his way.

A superior man cannot be drained by the world because in giving his gift he is constantly renewed.

Each woman who reads this will say YES! YES I do! But women, you must also recognize that you CHOSE your partner. You chose him for some reason. It could been because your Feminine was attracted to his Masculine, it could have been because you settled because the sex was good, it could have been for a variety of reasons, but you did choose your man. The question you would ask yourself is do I trust my man with my heart? If I don’t trust my man with my heart, why am I not opening fully to life? As a Feminine Essence you thrive when you are open and accepting of life. The ocean does not fight the rain, it accepts it. You do not have to accept anger and abuse, but you do have to make the conscious choice to be open to life with a full heart…for there will you experience the joy of Femininity.

Now, men, my brothers, Masculine Essences, being Masculine does not mean being a meat-head. It does not mean forcing anything upon anyone. It does not mean holding so rigid that you break. It does not mean being butch and egoic. It means that you have the choice right now to live true to the words of your heart. To be grounded and to walk with that Presence. It means to find the deepest gift of your heart, and to share it unendingly with the World.

Being Masculine means taking the challenges of your women as gifts to able to stay center in your Being and penetrate all choas. These are gifts that your woman is providing you to strengthen your inner knowing and to trust fully in that knowing…

I will end this post here for today. My dear sisters, thank you for being the goddesses that you are! My dear brothers, thank you for being the Gods that you are! Now choose to embody fully your Essence and live true to that always! Until next time…

All My Love,
Zach IAM



Totally suckered you in with that title didn’t I 😉 This post is actually about…….okay, it’s a short little ditty on rights. First and foremost, all of you that read these things know that I absolutely love Love. I know that soon we will all understand that connection and will have no need for weapons because we will see that by hurting another we are hurting ourselves. That being said, and seeing as this gun control topic is very prevalent, I want to expand the minds of those who think the guns should go.

First, guns are our Second Amendment right. The constitution was not written as a legal right. It was written as the rights of being a human being…of being a Being of the Creator. Most people don’t understand that. The constitution is more of a spiritual rights book than a legal one. So, as being a spiritual being you have the right to bear arms. Obviously sounds funny, but they just got done fighting a war. 😉

The Second Amendment was so important because they had just fought a government that was corrupt and had pretty much turned it’s country into a slave nation, much like the US is today. You might think you are physically free, but you still have to pay for the necessities that will sustain your body temple, as well as clothe and shelter it. You are a slave until you recognize you are far beyond the physical body and no organization or corporation can dictate your Spirit. Now let’s not get off topic.

Our government is now a similar government mimicking 1700 Britain. Our government is like that because…yes because of the monetary structure and our lack of understanding of who we really are. If you don’t believe me do some honest research with an open-mind and you will see it is true. Our government is corrupt. It is the same government that the founding fathers fought to declare this country, “The land of the free!”

We were to be a symbol for the world of what every man and woman were innately endowed with…even though the founding fathers only saw that freedom for white people :/ This country was to be a beam of Light (Statue of Liberty) for the rest of the world. To shine so bright and lovely that we would be a demonstration of how to treat each other, how to love each other, and I see that day in our near future…getting off topic again.

If you refuse to believe that your government is out to fully enslave you, then open your eyes. Look at the homeless rates, look at the drug rates, look at suicide rates. Why else would somebody choose these things unless the system they lived in felt no compassion for the people it was suppose to be working for? To be helping?

Guns are our right so that we can protect our body temples. So that we can protect the body temples of those who are unable to. They are to protect us from a tyrannical government out to enslave it’s people. When we soon all embody our true selves we will allow those people to destroy themselves, until they realize that Truth as well, while we create our realities of Love and Oneness. It is our right as spiritual beings of the Creator to bear arms.

Now if you still doubt, ask yourselves why if a gun ban goes into effect why all the guns are not confiscated? I am all for that discussion. Why not simply get rid of ALL firearms so that if people want to hurt each other they do it with their hands? Think my friends…THINK! You were born to ask questions, and we were born with a perfect system of intuition…does that make sense that the government would try to ban guns from the public and not itself? Why would it do such a thing? Why take away guns from the majority and maintain them to protect the minority? Why would Obama sign a law to give government officials security for life? THINK my friends…THINK!!!!

Last thing…the government officials have to be protected by somebody…and those people are part of the majority. Those people are US! Do not allow your brothers and sisters to enter into the military! And if they are…do your best to explain to them the Truth! Awaken them so that they will not fight you. My dear brothers and sisters, at this point in time, with where the majority of people are in their understanding, guns are our right. Soon we will be to an understanding of Unity and weapons will no longer be needed, trust me on that. However, currently they are our right. A person can have as many 100 round magazines as he wishes because it is his right! It is our right.

I want to leave you with this. The best thing we can do to change this is focus our attention elsewhere. Will there be an uprising? Possibly. But the way we can affect the whole is to awaken ourselves. Turn off the TV. Stop watching what news channels say and do independent research. When you feel that you have knowledge share that with others. Bring that awareness to them as well so that they may do the same. Most importantly however, is to walk with compassion and Love in your heart. Even if somebody is trying to enslave you remember that that is the karma that is pressed upon their Spirit, not yours. Be compassionate towards those who wish to hurt you, because they do it out of ignorance and limited thinking. Be kind towards those who harbor ill will towards you, because that will always return to them, not you. BE LOVE. For when we embody Light no darkness can ever impose upon that. The darkness may do it’s very best to impose itself upon the Light, but the more it struggles to push its way through the more the Light encompasses it and shines right through. BE LOVE, BE Light, BE Truth, BE Yourself because that is who you are. Do not allow the fear and ignorance of others to affect your Light.

Do not fight each other, awaken yourself and see that we are all brothers and sisters, we are in this together, it is our task to change the world, and we must bring that peace, Love, and Unity to our present, TOGETHER!!!

With All My Love,

Zach IAM

Why are relationships difficult?

Why are relationships difficult?

Relationships are a partnership. Relationships are a coming together of 2 individual perspectives forming another perspective. It is not 2 coming together as one…it is 2 coming together to make 3. In this world we live in, typically each culture aims to create a power struggle between each gender. Who has the power in the relationship, etc. What we must understand is that when we are entering into an intimate relationship with another perspective we have to hold that idea that we are creating a new entity…your perspective, your partner’s, AND a relationship perspective.

Many of us aim to change the person we are entering into the relationship with to fit our ideals, which is opposite of what the relationship is for. The relationship is the merging of both your unique ideas and actions and having a playground of enjoyment to enjoy each others’ perspectives. It is not to force the other person to believe what you believe, talk the way you want them to talk, speak the way you want them to speak, dance how you dance, act as you act…it is an area where you allow that other person to be who they wish to be while they allow you to be who you want to be. It is not a space where your ego “plays a mind-game” to determine who has more power.

Although movies are nice and often times can inspire us, do not allow the idea that the thing you are missing is love from another person. You are your own love! Nobody presses their love upon you…it always comes from within you. When you find someone who brings that love out from within you, understand that, that it is from within you and this person was simply a catalyst for that. 🙂 When that is realized that person’s actions or words can never take that love from you because it always has and will resonate from within you.

Relationships are difficult because we do not understand the platform for which they are developed. We watch our parents do this or do that and think its normal…or we watch a movie and think, “Awe, that is true love.” You do not need another person to cuddle you and hold you close for you to acknowledge your own worth. You do not need someone to tell you are beautiful to know you are beautiful. Nor is it okay to stay in a relationship where another doesn’t respect you. If you enter into a relationship always looking for someone else to make you feel a certain way as soon as he/she stops saying or doing those things, you become upset and the relationship dissolves. You MUST acknowledge your own self-worth before you enter into a relationship with anybody else if you want to experience to a true meaningful relationship.

Do you want your relationship to succeed? Then realize that a relationship is a team…is a partnership. That means that you are in it together…but also that you maintain your individual perspective. If you are always focused on your own individual perspective and trying to win in the power struggle, the relationship suffers. If you do not cultivate continually your unique perspective, the relationship struggles and you suffer. It is a balance. Realize that if you do not feel whole then the missing part is not someone to fill that gap, but only the love for yourself that can fill it.

And lastly, communicate. If you are in a relationship and are still afraid to express yourself fully to that person, why are you in that relationship? A romantic relationship is being best friends with someone who you can also express the love you feel for that person physically. We must be able to communicate completely with an open heart in order to reap the benefits in a relationship. By limiting communication with your partner you are not guarding your heart, or protecting yourself, or anything else that you have been taught to believe…you are simply limiting the expansion that will occur in the relationship…you are limiting the possible joy and unencumbered bliss that will come about from that openness.

I wish us all a beautiful, open, blissful experience upon our paths in relationships and life. We have come to experience this reality with wonder and enjoyment and at the top of that list is co-creation with the other beautiful personalities upon this earth. Do not fear…when you find wholeness within yourself you will find wholeness in a relationship with another. Take the leap…enjoy the fall…the net is waiting at the bottom 😉 Wishing you a wonderful fun journey on your path! Love and Light!!!

All My Love,
Zach ❤