Totally suckered you in with that title didn’t I 😉 This post is actually about…….okay, it’s a short little ditty on rights. First and foremost, all of you that read these things know that I absolutely love Love. I know that soon we will all understand that connection and will have no need for weapons because we will see that by hurting another we are hurting ourselves. That being said, and seeing as this gun control topic is very prevalent, I want to expand the minds of those who think the guns should go.

First, guns are our Second Amendment right. The constitution was not written as a legal right. It was written as the rights of being a human being…of being a Being of the Creator. Most people don’t understand that. The constitution is more of a spiritual rights book than a legal one. So, as being a spiritual being you have the right to bear arms. Obviously sounds funny, but they just got done fighting a war. 😉

The Second Amendment was so important because they had just fought a government that was corrupt and had pretty much turned it’s country into a slave nation, much like the US is today. You might think you are physically free, but you still have to pay for the necessities that will sustain your body temple, as well as clothe and shelter it. You are a slave until you recognize you are far beyond the physical body and no organization or corporation can dictate your Spirit. Now let’s not get off topic.

Our government is now a similar government mimicking 1700 Britain. Our government is like that because…yes because of the monetary structure and our lack of understanding of who we really are. If you don’t believe me do some honest research with an open-mind and you will see it is true. Our government is corrupt. It is the same government that the founding fathers fought to declare this country, “The land of the free!”

We were to be a symbol for the world of what every man and woman were innately endowed with…even though the founding fathers only saw that freedom for white people :/ This country was to be a beam of Light (Statue of Liberty) for the rest of the world. To shine so bright and lovely that we would be a demonstration of how to treat each other, how to love each other, and I see that day in our near future…getting off topic again.

If you refuse to believe that your government is out to fully enslave you, then open your eyes. Look at the homeless rates, look at the drug rates, look at suicide rates. Why else would somebody choose these things unless the system they lived in felt no compassion for the people it was suppose to be working for? To be helping?

Guns are our right so that we can protect our body temples. So that we can protect the body temples of those who are unable to. They are to protect us from a tyrannical government out to enslave it’s people. When we soon all embody our true selves we will allow those people to destroy themselves, until they realize that Truth as well, while we create our realities of Love and Oneness. It is our right as spiritual beings of the Creator to bear arms.

Now if you still doubt, ask yourselves why if a gun ban goes into effect why all the guns are not confiscated? I am all for that discussion. Why not simply get rid of ALL firearms so that if people want to hurt each other they do it with their hands? Think my friends…THINK! You were born to ask questions, and we were born with a perfect system of intuition…does that make sense that the government would try to ban guns from the public and not itself? Why would it do such a thing? Why take away guns from the majority and maintain them to protect the minority? Why would Obama sign a law to give government officials security for life? THINK my friends…THINK!!!!

Last thing…the government officials have to be protected by somebody…and those people are part of the majority. Those people are US! Do not allow your brothers and sisters to enter into the military! And if they are…do your best to explain to them the Truth! Awaken them so that they will not fight you. My dear brothers and sisters, at this point in time, with where the majority of people are in their understanding, guns are our right. Soon we will be to an understanding of Unity and weapons will no longer be needed, trust me on that. However, currently they are our right. A person can have as many 100 round magazines as he wishes because it is his right! It is our right.

I want to leave you with this. The best thing we can do to change this is focus our attention elsewhere. Will there be an uprising? Possibly. But the way we can affect the whole is to awaken ourselves. Turn off the TV. Stop watching what news channels say and do independent research. When you feel that you have knowledge share that with others. Bring that awareness to them as well so that they may do the same. Most importantly however, is to walk with compassion and Love in your heart. Even if somebody is trying to enslave you remember that that is the karma that is pressed upon their Spirit, not yours. Be compassionate towards those who wish to hurt you, because they do it out of ignorance and limited thinking. Be kind towards those who harbor ill will towards you, because that will always return to them, not you. BE LOVE. For when we embody Light no darkness can ever impose upon that. The darkness may do it’s very best to impose itself upon the Light, but the more it struggles to push its way through the more the Light encompasses it and shines right through. BE LOVE, BE Light, BE Truth, BE Yourself because that is who you are. Do not allow the fear and ignorance of others to affect your Light.

Do not fight each other, awaken yourself and see that we are all brothers and sisters, we are in this together, it is our task to change the world, and we must bring that peace, Love, and Unity to our present, TOGETHER!!!

With All My Love,

Zach IAM


4 thoughts on “GUN CONTROL…

  1. Hi Zach,
    I appreciate the love you share on your blog. It seems to me much of our history has been hidden from us and is now being revealed. Danny Glover who does a lot of research, recently stated in a speech that the Second Amendment and the ownership of guns was more related to keeping slaves in place and also Native American’s whose land we had just stolen. I tend to think he may be right. You can google the video if you are interested. And I agree that the constitution is a somewhat inspired document, but not as enlightened as many put forth. The right to own slaves was also written into the constitution and was only taken out after the civil war and the emancipation of the black slaves. I do not believe owning guns keeps us free or is our God given right like the NRA and other would like us to believe… Freedom is an inner journey and where the real shift happens. Thanks for letting me share my opinion!

    Thanks for writing your thoughts so others of us can think about these things.

    1. Hi Sheilan,

      I can absolutely see how the Second Amendment would have been enacted for that reason…maybe it was partly to allow people to protect themselves while also enslaving others? No, definitely not as enlightened as many think. I absolutely agree once more…freedom must always come from within…True freedom comes from within…but not everyone is ready to consciously make that journey. As of this point in time, based on our laws, and the belief that the men who founded the country, gun ownership is a right, a right granted to the people by the creator. Obviously man created guns based on egoic thinking, not the Creator, yet until the majority has cultivated the understanding which you possess, if one wishes to possess a weapon for protection that is their choosing. Soon all will possess that understanding and we will live in Unity 🙂 Thank you so much for your opinion!!! You words are true and have expanded my understanding as well!!! Love and Light!!!

  2. Hey Zack love and light to you too! And I absolutely think the gun issue is an important issue for all of us to think about and to dialogue with each other about. It may be the thing which polarizes us even further apart… which is harsh, but needed before a shift can occur to move us towards the unification you speak of.

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