All Is Well


Hello my Lovelies,

I haven’t written in a while, seeing as the energies from the Spring Solstice hit me like a ton of bricks, but just now I felt compelled to share this. I believe I have written on this topic before but here we go again…

I want to let you know that all is well. We hear that al the time, and sometimes it doesn’t always seem like all is well does it? It seems like the shit is hitting something….maybe the fan, maybe the walls, maybe it’s hitting you directly in the face, but truly all is well.

Now what makes me certain, such an expert, that I can tell you that all is well? I can tell you that by the simple fact that what you are experiencing is no longer what you are experiencing. No, I am not on drugs with that statement.

You see, as we desire a new situation, say more money, that money exists in the very moment we desire it. How could that possibly be? How could I want something yet it not exist? That’s the rub. The very reason that you are wanting something, that you are desiring something, is that your soul already has it. Your soul situation already possesses the lover, the health, the money. Now how do I know this?

Well, you have the desire for it, do you not? You can’t want something if you don’t already possess it. You can’t want air if the air wasn’t free to possess. The trick with now experiencing it in this reality, having it manifest, is to focus your attention on already having it. You must beLIEve. When you beLIEve you lie to your senses…your eyes, ears, tasters, feelers…and instead use your inner guidance….your intuition, your heart….so that you can then experience your desire with your senses.

When you are concerned or worried about not having enough money, or not having the best health, or not being with your perfect lover, just remember that the reason you want it so bad is because your soul already has it! You can also look at it as the desires you have, your heart’s true desires, are God’s wanting for you. God wants you to be abundant in all aspects of life, but it is up to you to manifest those things…and they become manifest by your attention to them, of already having them.

If you want a better world, recognize that it already exists and focus your attention on the new world. If you want peace for animals, recognize that that place already exists and to see that world. If you want an equal society where Love and peace abounds, recognize that it already exists and to keep your attention on it.

That is how I know that all is well. Even in the midst of darkness there is always Light. Keep your attention on the Light and it will grow.

“Desire ye what ye will, and behold, it standeth before thee. Throughout the aeons it is has been thine without thy knowing, e’en though thou hast but just asked for it.” ~ Message of the Divine Illiad

With All My Love,
Zach IAM


Anniversary of a Bone Marrow Transplant



I’d like to tell you all a story…a story of a young man who exactly 9 earth revolutions around the sun ago (or 9 years) had a bone marrow transplant. This is a short story about suffering, deep intense suffering, and the results of that suffering. So if you have time, and this calls to you, here we go…

After 7 straight days of full body radiation 2 times per day, 2 days of intense chemotherapy, and 2 days to prepare for the day of reckoning, that day had finally come, February 12, 2004. As he laid there he watched the nurse come in to his room and inject the pre-meds into his chest catheter. 30 minutes later the Bone Marrow Transplant team of doctors walked in to his room with 2 liters of stem cells harvested from an unknown donor. They hung the blood on the pump stand and the process began. It was just another blood transfusion, but this blood was the blood that would now run through his veins, no longer the blood of fear and stress, but that of new life, a rebirth.

The transfusion went perfectly as planned, but the days to follow were going to be the most physically and emotional demanding moments of his young life. More difficult than the first 9 months of chemotherapy that he endured during his first diagnosis, and more difficult than the days of holding himself up without moving while receiving full-body radiation in the previous weeks. As if he had questions before about the meaning of life and why 2 year old children were being diagnosed with cancer, this experience would not only test him far beyond anything he could imagine but would catapult him into a realm of questioning.

The radiation had begun to show it’s side-effects…constant nausea while being unable to vomit because he no longer had any stomach acids to throw up, intense burning sensations in his hands as if his hands were on fire, excruciating sores along his mouth and trachea not allowing him to swallow but only drool. Each day his body withered away more and more because of his inability to move, unable to muster up the strength to even get up and shower most days. He constantly used morphine to dull the pain and to put him into a self-induced coma because of the constant pain.

His parents looked on at this in despair. Feeling unable to do anything but send their love to him and answer any request he had, not knowing that that was the most powerful thing they could have done. Not knowing whether their first-born son would live or die, stay sleeping or awaken, speak to their son or to the altered state of consciousness he became from the drugs. What they didn’t know was that their Love would help him through this and he would fight through the darkness to bring forth the Light.

The month following February 12, 2004 seemed to be a dream for him…entering in and out of consciousness from all of the morphine he continually pushed until he finally began to awake from the fog. As he did, he no longer recognized the form that he perceived the world through. His temple had been pillaged from substances that at the time had removed the impurities.

As the days passed, he dreamed to enter into the world again. To not be stuck in a prison for healing. Staring out the window, wishing to walk in fresh air again. He dreamt of the young man he had been…the athlete, the joker, the ladies man. The days went by, and he began to fall into a depression. He looked at where he was and was so scared that the mountain he would have to climb was far too great. He questioned at times if he had the strength to climb the mountain before him. He fell deeper and deeper into sadness. He called his father on the phone one night sobbing, spilling all of his fears that he didn’t know if he was strong enough to climb this mountain. Crying, wanting to give up. His father did his best to console him, to support him, to send the boy his Love. When the call ended, the boy felt stronger. At that moment, a voice within told him that he would get through it. That although the mountain seemed far too daunting to conquer, that together they would walk as One and reach the top. The boy didn’t know what was telling him this, but he KNEW that the voice was right.

As the days passed into April, the boy began to find more strength. His family surrounded him with Love and he knew that he was strong enough to overcome this obstacle. His physical strength improved week by week, and the stem cells began to assimilate into his body, to recognize their new home. Finally, the boy was allowed to re-enter the world.

It took many months for him to fully regain his strength physically. It took a determination not of his own will, but the Spirit within that pushed him along. He knew within his heart that his experiences had not occurred to simply be forgotten. He had experienced this suffering so that he may help heal others. He did not know how he would help heal others, but he knew that with the Power of his will and the will of the Father within that he would help.

Now, as I’m sure most of you who have read this have figured out, this story is about me, Zach. Most years this day passes by and I don’t even recognize it, but this year I felt compelled to write this. In this new age of Aquarius, this age of Unity and Love, I felt that this story may help some of my brothers and sisters out there who are suffering. I am always asked, “Did you ever feel like giving up?” And this shows you just how close I was. I wanted so badly to give up, to call it quits because I didn’t see how I could possibly reach the mountain top. I knew that was where I wanted to be and I could see myself there, I just had no idea how I could accomplish that. But I always had that little voice within me, that God-Self, Higher Self, pushing me along, just as it pushes you and all of us along in difficult times.

I’m always asked, “That must have been horrible. How did you get through it.” All I can say is, I kept walking. I chose to listen to the voice that said, “I AM here with you and together we will overcome this,” rather than the one that said, “This is too much, you should just give up.” And…I had a lot of support behind me — parents, siblings, and family members that loved me. The other question I always get asked is, “Did you ever ask ‘Why me?'” Of course I did! But I didn’t ask that and want someone else to get sick, I just wanted to know why I got sick, period! It’s normal, if you’re not questioning why things are happening how will you ever learn from them? How will you ever help others to live the life they want if you’re not questioning how you got the life you have?

But I ultimately wanted to write this to say that although this story sounds horrible, for everyone involved, every time I think about it I feel grateful. I feel grateful that I suffered like I did! Everything that I experienced in my past has made me exactly who I am today. The vomiting, the mouth sores, the crying, the despair, the physical deterioration and weakness, the chest catheter, the pain in my family’s eyes, the pain in the eyes of other families who had a sick child, all of it. Do I wish I could go back and heal every single child that I met in the hospital…absolutely!!! Do I wish I could have told the nurses to give me the chemo instead of those children…absolutely!!! But I also know that the suffering experienced by those children and their families, as well as mine, have made their souls evolve and become stronger.

Every bit of suffering has made me stronger, just as each step up the mountain has made me stronger. Our suffering makes us who we are. Does it always feel great while we’re in it?…absolutely not. Do we emerge stronger and evolved from it?…Absolutely!

On this day, which has immense significance for me, I am grateful for every bit of suffering that has allowed me to become who I am today. I want you all to know that even though it may be difficult, you are so much stronger than you recognize and you will always have Source walking with you when you feel weak. These experiences are dear to my growth and I wanted to share them with you…my dearest brothers and sisters. This is the first time I have expressed this to anyone, and I am honored to have shared this with you all. I Love You all so much, truly and forever, and hope this message can help you see how incredibly strong You are!

With All My Love, ‚̧
Zach IAM



Totally suckered you in with that title didn’t I ūüėČ This post is actually about…….okay, it’s a short little ditty on rights. First and foremost, all of you that read these things know that I absolutely love Love. I know that soon we will all understand that connection and will have no need for weapons because we will see that by hurting another we are hurting ourselves. That being said, and seeing as this gun control topic is very prevalent, I want to expand the minds of those who think the guns should go.

First, guns are our Second Amendment right. The constitution was not written as a legal right. It was written as the rights of being a human being…of being a Being of the Creator. Most people don’t understand that. The constitution is more of a spiritual rights book than a legal one. So, as being a spiritual being you have the right to bear arms. Obviously sounds funny, but they just got done fighting a war. ūüėČ

The Second Amendment was so important because they had just fought a government that was corrupt and had pretty much turned it’s country into a slave nation, much like the US is today. You might think you are physically free, but you still have to pay for the necessities that will sustain your body temple, as well as clothe and shelter it. You are a slave until you recognize you are far beyond the physical body and no organization or corporation can dictate your Spirit. Now let’s not get off topic.

Our government is now a similar government mimicking 1700 Britain. Our government is like that because…yes because of the monetary structure and our lack of understanding of who we really are. If you don’t believe me do some honest research with an open-mind and you will see it is true. Our government is corrupt. It is the same government that the founding fathers fought to declare this country, “The land of the free!”

We were to be a symbol for the world of what every man and woman were innately endowed with…even though the founding fathers only saw that freedom for white people :/ This country was to be a beam of Light (Statue of Liberty) for the rest of the world. To shine so bright and lovely that we would be a demonstration of how to treat each other, how to love each other, and I see that day in our near future…getting off topic again.

If you refuse to believe that your government is out to fully enslave you, then open your eyes. Look at the homeless rates, look at the drug rates, look at suicide rates. Why else would somebody choose these things unless the system they lived in felt no compassion for the people it was suppose to be working for? To be helping?

Guns are our right so that we can protect our body temples. So that we can protect the body temples of those who are unable to. They are to protect us from a tyrannical government out to enslave it’s people. When we soon all embody our true selves we will allow those people to destroy themselves, until they realize that Truth as well, while we create our realities of Love and Oneness. It is our right as spiritual beings of the Creator to bear arms.

Now if you still doubt, ask yourselves why if a gun ban goes into effect why all the guns are not confiscated? I am all for that discussion. Why not simply get rid of ALL firearms so that if people want to hurt each other they do it with their hands? Think my friends…THINK! You were born to ask questions, and we were born with a perfect system of intuition…does that make sense that the government would try to ban guns from the public and not itself? Why would it do such a thing? Why take away guns from the majority and maintain them to protect the minority? Why would Obama sign a law to give government officials security for life? THINK my friends…THINK!!!!

Last thing…the government officials have to be protected by somebody…and those people are part of the majority. Those people are US! Do not allow your brothers and sisters to enter into the military! And if they are…do your best to explain to them the Truth! Awaken them so that they will not fight you. My dear brothers and sisters, at this point in time, with where the majority of people are in their understanding, guns are our right. Soon we will be to an understanding of Unity and weapons will no longer be needed, trust me on that. However, currently they are our right. A person can have as many 100 round magazines as he wishes because it is his right! It is our right.

I want to leave you with this. The best thing we can do to change this is focus our attention elsewhere. Will there be an uprising? Possibly. But the way we can affect the whole is to awaken ourselves. Turn off the TV. Stop watching what news channels say and do independent research. When you feel that you have knowledge share that with others. Bring that awareness to them as well so that they may do the same. Most importantly however, is to walk with compassion and Love in your heart. Even if somebody is trying to enslave you remember that that is the karma that is pressed upon their Spirit, not yours. Be compassionate towards those who wish to hurt you, because they do it out of ignorance and limited thinking. Be kind towards those who harbor ill will towards you, because that will always return to them, not you. BE LOVE. For when we embody Light no darkness can ever impose upon that. The darkness may do it’s very best to impose itself upon the Light, but the more it struggles to push its way through the more the Light encompasses it and shines right through. BE LOVE, BE Light, BE Truth, BE Yourself because that is who you are. Do not allow the fear and ignorance of others to affect your Light.

Do not fight each other, awaken yourself and see that we are all brothers and sisters, we are in this together, it is our task to change the world, and we must bring that peace, Love, and Unity to our present, TOGETHER!!!

With All My Love,

Zach IAM

Decision to change…

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So I have been meditating A LOT lately! What I’ve come to continually ask myself is…if I feel this amazing, abundant, creative source within me, surrounding me, and filling me up with its infinite Truth and Love when I meditate, why do I not take that Universal Life Force with me through the rest of my day?! Why do I not live it? Why do I not completely throw out all of the disallowing thoughts, words, and actions? Why do I continually fall into repetitive patterns of not trusting God, that Life Force; of feeling worried, concerned, sad? When is it time to become the change I want to see? What is it that causes that change? Is there a catalyst or do you just one day decide to make a change?

For the last 2 weeks I have been feeling very back and forth on this topic since breaking up with the most amazing woman I have ever known. I will feel sad, or scared, or doubtful and then I will meditate and those feelings will shift to empowerment, love, gratitude, faith, and trust. And those emotions will carry me for a while through the day, then those negative emotions come flooding back in after a moment of contradicting thoughts. So when is it for me, or us, to decide to become the change we want to be and see? When is it time to embody our God-given right? When is it time to become our True nature? When do we let that Universal Life Force, God, flood our physical bodies and permeate every fiber of our being? I can tell you that my time is now!

I know now that I am tired of feeling concerned! I consciously understand and know that a negative emotion is caused by God having his thought of my perfect nature and my thought in that moment not matching up with his thought for me. And contrastingly, when my thoughts line up with what God thinks about me I am feeling joy and love…so then why would I ever in my right mind think a thought contradicting God’s thought of me?! God is this all-seeing brighter perspective that is guiding me on the path that I have chosen. What I mean is that when I consciously intend to create an experience or health outcome or whatever, God now guides me on the path to the manifestation of the intention. And God guides me through my emotions. If I’m not on the path to creating my desire then I feel bad, and vice versa. So why do I, and I’m sure you too, consistently take myself off the path and feel bad? That is so silly! Is that not silly?! God wants all the good for His children that they can create, and I today am going to start creating!!!

I am over being tired and worn-down emotionally! I am done with questioning God’s infinite wisdom and Love for all His children and am going to NOW follow His desire for me, which is to be happy and create as I choose! I get to choose what it is I want to experience and because of God’s infinite Love, He creates through me! I am NOW choosing to be the God-man that is my, and our, True nature! I am NOW choosing to embody what God has bestowed upon me! To create as I choose! To love all beings as myself! To bring light to everyone around me! To help all those that need assistance in any way! To change the consciousness of the world through my own demonstration! To show the way to the light through my thoughts, words, actions, and life!! I can no longer have this knowledge and continue to do nothing with it! I must fully embody the Universal Life Force and live the life of that Truth! It is time for a change! Within myself and for the world! We are Divine creators by nature and I wish that all my friends begin to feel this power within them as well! I hope we can all find this Truth and begin to live it together!!

With All My Love,



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Now this afternoon I had one of the most incredible meditations I have ever had. I ended up meditating for exactly one hour without a timer. I didn’t realize that until just now, but I think it’s pretty amazing that my body KNEW to meditate for exactly one hour. However, while I was meditating I began to ask questions. When I felt that I was done asking myself questions I focused my attention on my breath. I felt the breath move in and out of my nostrils, and also felt it cause my belly to rise and fall.

For the first ten minutes, I would say, I was having somewhat of a mind battle. The one where I try to focus my awareness and then I start thinking of something, then try to focus my awareness and then start thinking of something again, etc. Once my mind battle was over, I truly began to FEEL my breath. I felt the sensations of the air flowing in through my nose, touching every nasal surface, and then flowing out. My breaths began to start getting deeper and more powerful and I could feel more pressure within my nose. And suddenly I began to affirm to myself, “I AM GOD.” This is an affirmation I use when I feel that my awareness is drifting and while I am breathing I will say “I AM” during the inhalation and “GOD” on the exhalation. I continued to do this until I felt I no longer needed to. Thoughts then started flooding my mind. Thoughts such as: “God is non-physical energy, as I am an extension of non-physical energy in physical form, I am God.” “Since I am God I have all that I have asked. When I ask, it is given. Now that I know I am non-physical in a physical vessel that carries God, all that I ask is given.” “Since I have all that God has, seeing as that God and I are One, I no longer need to worry about anything because I have everything I could ever need.” After I had accepted these thoughts and felt the purity for which they were I began to visualize my desires.

Typically I try not to visualize during my meditations but for some reason I felt that I should do it (maybe that was God telling me to do it). As I began to visualize what it is that I desire, I felt at ease. I felt the fluidity in which I was able to visualize my body being in complete wholeness, all the money I needed being supplied, my relationships in perfect harmony, and it felt INCREDIBLE!!! It felt like life just flowed through me and I was LIFE! I was all that life is and I didn’t want to release that feeling. I then began to think of those who I know who are ailing in some way. At that moment I felt the white light in the middle of my body (my heart) and imagined sending that white light to those who are in discord. I focused on sending these individuals the white light of love and life and saw them as whole. Their bodies were in their natural states again, wholeness.¬† The power of God felt as if it was flowing through me!! Once I spent maybe 5 minutes, I think, visualizing my desires and seeing others in their natural states I once again focused my awareness.

I again began to affirm, ” I AM GOD.” As I continued, thoughts overcame my awareness once more. This time however, all that came in was, “GOD is ALL. GOD is NOW. I AM GOD.” I have never liked affirmations much, but these came in with such force! The Truth to which these resonated inside of me was astounding! As I continued to affirm these statements I simply thought of the word, TRUTH. Immediately, the statement, “Truth lies in the eye of the beholder” popped into my mind. I discontinued the affirmation and pondered that statement briefly.

Now here I was having an incredible experience, feeling connected with the Source from which I came, KNOWING that I was on a path of cosmic or universal or divine understanding and knowledge, and yet so many others did not feel or think the same . So does that make one of us wrong? Was I fooling myself? Or was I starting to take my blinders off while so many others still had them on? My answer was this: Our true nature is Love. God is Love, God is Life, therefore Love is Life and Life is Love. So, if we are allowing Love to fill our physical vessels, in that moment we are God. Love is kind, it is compassionate, it is caring, it is patient, it is forgiving. That means that if we are truly Love, if we allow ourselves to be fully enveloped in Love, allow it to penetrate and fill up each and every one of the cells in our body, then we are truly God. That means that nobody needs to be right or wrong, that means that to search within ourselves is to find God, that means not looking at others to bring you happiness but finding it within yourself, that means to acknowledge a friend, loved one, or stranger and KNOW with full certainty that we have all come from One infinite Source, that we are all here to benefit the world with our Love and internal Light! This I KNOW with full certainty!

I KNOW that if we all search for Truth within ourselves that we would all come to the conclusion that life is more than earning hoards of money, more than spending most of our lives at a stressful job, more than worrying about another, more than fear and pain. Our answer would all be that life is meant to be lived, to laugh uncontrollably, to see beauty all around us, to feel the presence of God within us and around us, to uplift those surrounding us, to feel strength and security in Spirit, to know that we are always making a difference and when we are conscious of it we are changing the world for the better, and to KNOW that we are all connected and that LOVE is who we are and will always be! That, I KNOW is Truth! I know that those who are searching will find this.

“As above, so below. As within, so without.”

With All My Love,


Water the roots….

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Hello friends,

So my incredible girlfriend has really been making me think lately.¬† Every time¬†I seem bewildered by some thought or belief I have¬†she will simply reply, “Well are you?” or “Do you?” It is as if she is telling me to look within myself and find the answers…truly look within my¬†self, get rid of all the garbage I have in my mind, and genuinely look¬†within and find the answers…and here is what I’ve come up with ūüôā

I came to realize that I am¬†very judgmental and self-righteous. I always look at other individuals and¬†think to myself,¬†“You do this which is wrong because I do it this way!” When I watch other personal trainers I think, “Your way of training is ineffective because it is not the way that I train!” When I¬†speak to someone about religion or spirituality again I think, “that is crazy to believe what you believe because it is not what I believe and what I believe is Truth!” All of these are exaggerations, but the at the core of what I am thinking are those thoughts. They may be thought somewhat differently, but they all revolve around me being right and you being wrong. What is that? Why do I always have to be right? Aren’t there enough ideas and beliefs and whatever for everyone to have? Why do I have to make everyone train the way that I train, or eat the way I eat, or believe what I believe?

After looking within I found that I have a huge ego!!!! Not the ego where you think you’re beautiful and amazing and¬†so forth, but the ego that separates¬†me from my divine nature, God. I always have to be right, and the smartest, and most knowledgable, and get the accolades, and me, me, me, me, me!!! And that is not a good thing! It’s a little crazy honestly. I would actually start fights with¬†Sara, my perfect girlfriend, about something to question her beliefs and then tell her how she always had to be right…when in actuality I was the one trying to prove to myself about how right my differing opinion was! Does that not sound ridiculous!?!?¬†For me, being right was a virus, and it caused a tremendous amount of turmoil in my life. But what the cause of that virus was, was my EGO!!

I¬†took a wintermester¬†yoga class at UNR a few years ago. My teacher was a martial artist and was discussing Bruce Lee one day. She was explaining how he was her favorite martial artist ever, but mentioned that what got in his way and perhaps killed him was his ego. Now I am not sure if his ego killed him, it very well could have, but the point is that what she said stuck with me. I was a martial artist as a child and idolized Bruce Lee. He was the one and only martial artist for me. So as I started looking within recently, I found that my ego is doing the same thing as Bruce Lee’s. It is getting in the way of my spiritual expansion. It is holding me back. Then I wondered what this thing I call my ego is?

I feel that my ego is all the ideas I have taken in from the outside world that has caused me to believe that I am separate from everything in this world. That I am, for some reason, one single person in the entire universe and can only trust myself, and will only have myself forever, and only know myself, and me, me, me, me…AHHHHHH!!!!!!

I have lived my life going in and out of feeling connected to all others and everything and being self-righteous and ego driven! And it sucks!!!!! Some days you are as high as a kite and a week later you are feeling separate and self-righteous. However, I never took the time to truly look within myself and find the answers for myself, so that is what I have been doing these past 2 weeks. I have always known the answers, just never took the time to truly accept them. Somewhere I knew that I was being held back by my beliefs, and knowledge, and everything else that I have gathered along my 24 years. Not all of it was bad, in fact a lot of knowledge I have come across has helped me grow immensely and has led me to this point in my life. However, I know that it is time to take out the trash.

The trash in my mind…the beliefs that are not in accordance with who I really am, Spirit. It’s time to be accepting, by listening and being understanding of other individuals’ beliefs and values and opinions simply because they are what that person thinks. It is not up to me to change everyone’s mind and make everyone believe as I do, if that was the case this world would be really boring and really crazy!! ūüėČ I need to treasure and be grateful for the immense diversity on the planet…that is what makes us so beautiful!! All I can do is become the change I want to see…become that which is my True Self, Spirit, and live the life that is in harmony with that. Not judging or condemning¬†anyone else for feeling or thinking differently, but know that we are brothers and sisters to whom I get to love and be grateful for.

I like to leave you with something I experienced this morning. While I was watering our terribly dry lawn a thought came to me…”If you only water the top layer of grass it will get burned and die,¬†it is only when you¬†water the deep roots¬†that the grass will thrive and grow.” The reason this meant so much to me was the reason for me writing this. I had, and continually have to, search the depths of myself to grow. It is then that I will thrive with¬†the understanding of myself and Spirit.

I hope that if you read this it helps you as much as it helped me!!!

With All My Love,



Hope, Self-Realization

Lately I’ve been having some breathing issues. My wonderful girlfriend Sara looked through her book of health problems and affirmations to help cure those problems for breathing issues, and it said breathing problems represent fears. So, I decided to look within and ask myself what I’m fearful of…and what fear is…and after some meditating this is what I’ve found for myself…

Random thought…what does it mean by, “You having nothing to fear but fear itself?” When FDR said that, what did he mean? Was he tapped in to infinite intellignece? Was he partially tapped in? If I have nothing to fear then why should fear even concern me? And why the hell I am so scared of whatever it is I’m fearing?

Is fear not the worst emotion possible? It leaves me feeling completely helpless…completely out of touch with who I KNOW I truly am! I KNOW that I AM!! I am infinite beauty, intelligence, the Source of all Truth, all knowledge, all LOVE, as are we ALL. So if I KNOW that deep within my being then why do I fear…the answer…because I do not fully trust that knowing. And why do I not trust it? Some would say it is because I have no control or that their is some evil causing that within me…but I disagree. I honestly KNOW within my heart of hearts that by creating what it is that I desire within my mind , and am doing this for the betterment of myself and humanity, that God, the Divine Source of all, will flow through me and create that which I desire. I KNOW that I, as well as everyone else in this entire world, was created from and of that Divine Source, God. I KNOW that I am an extension of God, always having a connection with God, at all times, only allowing myself to feel that connection or disallow it. So, if I KNOW all of this, why then would I fear?

If I am an extension of God, then by divine inheritance what belongs to the Father belongs to the Son. We are all children of God and that means we all have the ability to create our desires, to heal, to love divine. And why does fear consume me when I find something to fear? Why does it engulf my mind and hold it’s grip tightly on me. The only¬†answer I can find is that what thoughts I am thinking are in discord with the Divine Source that is present within me. If my thoughts create the image, and Spirit manifests that image, then what I am thinking and what God is creating are contrasting one another. Why else would I feel so bad? So fearful? If there lies within me power to create worlds what should I ever fear? Nothing!

I should never fear anything because the Spirit within me, and within you,¬†is responsible for the creation of the universe! Responsible for the creation of each one of us…we are the created, and now by rightful inheritance, the creators! So my conclusion is that my fear is the complete disallowance of who I really am…Spirit. The rejection of my true nature. Fear is the result of getting engulfed in the world that surrounds us and forgetting the Source that flows within us. Although God is everywhere, we don’t always recognize what God is. My fear is my questioning of that Source. So I guess to overcome that fear I have to work on continuing to look within myself to find that Source, so that everywhere I look I see God. No longer seeing the destruction, hate, dis-ease, but seeing the divinance in all that surrounds me and lies within me. My fear is nothing more than a concept in my mind that must be overtaken with Love, Truth, Joy, Appreciation, and Forgiveness. For I am Spirit…and to share that with the world I must first find that within myself.

I’d like to leave you with 2 quotes that are helping me KNOW my true nature…

“The ocean does not recognize when a drop of water has extracted itself from the ocean, but the drop of water feels the connection when it has returned to the ocean.”

“During the darkest hour I know that God is. During the times that I am afraid, I trust more definitely in God, my Father, right within. I rest quietly in the assurance, knowing fully that all is well and that my perfection is complete and finished now.” – BTS ‘Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East’

With All My Love,