These words are empty,
They represent no-thing,
If they do not cause you to feel,
The have no meaning.

For there are those who are dying,
And those who won’t live,
Yet we stand by and do naught,
As if we having nothing to give.

I do not speak,
To you who will read.
I speak to myself,
For I have Love to breed.

Yet I sit and I write,
And I think deep within,
A young girl has inspired me,
A girl no more than ten.

For this young girl spoke great words,
To a throng full of men.
She opened their hearts with her Presence,
A girl no more than ten!!!

Men dressed with their helmets,
Hands close to their guns,
Men fighting for the belief,
That they are saving their sons.

These beliefs that they hold
Are valid and true,
But do the guns that they hold
Possess Power to you?

You see these words have no meaning,
If only you are called to change,
A transmutation of your heart,
A shout to reduce others’ pain.

You see that girl lives in fear,
As do the men with their metal,
We all hurt inside,
But with this should we settle?

I can write here all night,
Live the day with great joy,
Yet amongst the great rock,
Fear fills a young buy.

Nay, these men are filled as well,
Though they hide with solemn masks,
Can we not change these situations,
“Is it possible?” we ask.

I will not inspire you tonight,
For these words are but shallow,
But we must look within our Selves,
We must trust that and follow.

These borders that separate,
Are mans’ ignorant design,
Not knowing that we have been
Brothers and sisters the whole time.

This color of your skin,
The dogma you choose to subscribe,
It is not who you are,
It is the vessel for the ride.

That young girl of ten,
She has changed my heart,
It is about coming together,
Not drifting apart.

Yet these words are hollow,
For they will not change your mind,
But the actions of that young girl,
Please give her your time.

Change is not possible,
It is an imminent truth,
We must drift towards Love,
In which exists no roof.

It must fill us up,
Until we are whole and true,
We must speak with this Eternalness,
Act from it too.

These words are barren,
For they will always be,
Until we consciously choose,
To open our hearts and see.

I write here tonight,
Because I See that young girl,
Her actions speak volumes,
Which can truly change the world.

I will do my best,
To follow her lead,
But I am only one aspect of Truth,
It is all of you who we need.

One act of kindness,
Can change what is feared,
10,000 acts of kindness,
Will bring heaven here.

Can you imagine a world,
Where we live from our hearts?
Can you imagine that world?
Well then shouldn’t we start?

Yet these words are vacant,
The meaning is yours,
Will you decide to choose Love,
Will we change our stars?

You see this life is a gift,
To many that means naught,
Yet you are breathing and walking,
Which to many is sought.

You have food in your pantry,
You have clothes on your back,
While many are worrying,
“When’s the next attack?”

We have been instructed to fight,
That difference should be fought.
Forget what you have learned,
Delete what you’ve been taught.

You sisters may pray different,
Your brothers another color,
But all our great Masters spoke,
“To Love one another!”

Not to accept them with malice,
And pray they will be saved,
But to Love them unconditionally,
For in Spirit’s image they are made.

There is no man in the sky,
Nor a traitor, 666,
But an omnipresent Zephyr,
Who’s Love pervades the mix.

But tonight I am sorry,
For no upliftment will be found,
For our hearts are in the past,
Our feet not on the ground.

We must bring ourselves back here,
To that omnipresent place,
Where our actions follow our hearts,
To that innate Divine space.

From that space we shall take action,
And from there inspire another,
Continuing to walk this path,
Until we are all seen as brothers.

But again these words are empty,
For only you can give them meaning,
Our words have great Power,
And yet we become so numb to what we’re saying.

I heard that in a song,
And it rang true beyond belief,
Because tonight these words are yours,
So I’ll suffice to make it brief.

Remember there is pain,
In all the eyes you meet,
Show them an act of kindness,
Help them to their feet.

All around the world,
There is suffering hard and deep,
So change your words and actions,
Help them up the mountain which at times looks too steep.

If you have eyes to read this now,
You can know that you are blessed.
If you have a home that you can sleep in,
Be grateful you can rest.

Lastly, my words are empty,
Yet I hope they caused you to think,
This thing called life’s a gift,
It’ll be over in a blink.

So while you’re here open your heart to others,
For you are needed more than ever,
The Universe NEEDS your Love, words, and actions,
So we can live Lovingly on this rock together.


All My Love,

Zach IAM



I’m not sure how I see this post going. I have many things pulsing through my mind and heart but I want to share what I am feeling with those of you who choose to read this. I just have watched 4 videos entitled “My Last Days” on YouTube. During these videos I cried, I remembered, but most of all I was inspired.

These videos chronicle individuals who have been diagnosed with terminal illnesses, mostly forms of cancer. As most of you know me, I am a cancer survivor. Each one of these individuals’ stories I can resonate with. I can remember being in the hospital room waiting for test results to come back, I can remember hearing the news I would do anything to forgo, I can remember being scared of the 50/50 chance I was given, but most importantly I can remember saying to myself, “When I am finished with this I KNOW nothing can stop me and I will live my life to the fullest!”

But each time I watch one of these videos I recognize how truly limited I am living. How I am NOT living my life to the fullest. I am not sharing my story with the world and helping others to see that full healing is possible. I am not ALWAYS living with an open heart and looking into the eyes of my brothers and sisters to reduce their suffering. I am not always living to the full potential I am capable of.

However, each time I watch these videos I am also reminded that that is why I am here. I am here for a reason far bigger than my conscious understanding…we all are. I was given a Divine gift in the form of not only having cancer, but of overcoming it. I have a perspective of life and death that so few of us can conceive. We, myself included, go through life with the idea that we’re in it all alone, that the world is testing us and trying to hurt us, that we are isolated on our own little island…which could not be farther from the truth.

These videos always remind me to take THIS VERY MOMENT, RIGHT NOW, and change the world! They remind me to take the steps forward to give my deepest gifts to humanity, even if I can’t see the path clearly. They remind me that THIS MOMENT, NOW, is the only moment I will ever have and to give my Heart to all who will receive it. They remind me that the time for taking chances, for leaping into unknown waters, and for doing what my Heart calls me to do is not tomorrow, it is not next week, it is not when God has aligned everything, it is THIS MOMENT, NOW. THIS MOMENT, NOW, I can take those steps and allow God to carry me with Her as she Lights the path of Love for me.

THIS MOMENT, NOW, is the time to tell your long lost lover that you have been thinking of him/her…THIS MOMENT, NOW, is the time to consciously decide that you will live true to your deepest heart and follow your bliss…THIS MOMENT, NOW, is the time to make the choice to eat health-fully and move your body in Nature…THIS MOMENT, NOW, is the time to choose LOVE. NO matter who you meet, no matter what they have done to you, no matter who they are, you will choose to gaze upon them with a full heart and an open Spirit and envelope them in your giving. No matter what has happened in your past you will choose to believe that the Divine Creative Principle is always guiding you to live your deepest truth and experience joy.

THIS MOMENT, NOW, is the time to remember why we are here. The bills will come and go, the money will come and go, the friends will come and go, the lovers will come and go, but THIS MOMENT, NOW, we can choose to remember our purpose. THIS MOMENT, NOW, we can decide if we want to look at all the rubble piling on top of us, or focus on the unlimited blessings in our experience. THIS MOMENT, NOW, we can let our minds wander to the “what if’s” and “should have’s,” or direct our thoughts to the “I will’s” and “I AM.”

THIS MOMENT, NOW, is the only moment any of us will ever get. All of life exists NOW, not yesterday, not tomorrow, NOW. Remembering that empowers us, it reminds us that THIS MOMENT, NOW, is where we have the ability to choose where we go from here…we don’t have to know all the steps we will take to get there, but we have the Power to take the first step. THIS MOMENT, NOW, empowers us to be thankful for all the experiences that have led us to this very moment, summoning Life through us through our desires, so that we may live true to our deepest purpose. THIS MOMENT, NOW, gives us the chance to remember that we are the embodiment of Love, and we have the choice to feel that Love or resist it.

I hope that those of you who read this, also watch the video I post. We are here to experience the unending Bliss of our NOW experiences. Remember who You are, look deeper into your Heart, You are Source in a physical extension…live true to that in THIS MOMENT, NOW.

All My Love,



Recognize Your Attachments and Breath INTO Them


So tonight I had a very in-depth experience in certain attachments I hold very strong to based on certain images. And as soon as these emotions, based upon these images, came flooding up I found myself wanting to fight them. Instead I heard, “Acknowledge them…accept them.” And so I FELT them without pushing against them.

I can write to you all, my beauty-full brothers and sisters, as much as I want and give you advice…but tonight I recognized why I write to you. As I write to you, I write to myself. As I share with you and ask to question your beliefs, I share with myself and question my own beliefs. Tonight as I experienced the attachments I still hold very strong to, I realized that it is so much more fun to experience, truly experience, letting go. We have attachments, we have desires, and we have emotions attached to those desires. If the desire is not fulfilled the way we think it should be, we suffer. We hold on to how things “should be,” rather than looking deeper and realizing that they should be exactly as they are beyond our sight and within our hearts.

I hear often how “beyond my years” I am or how “awakened” I am, but in all honesty I am learning and growing consciously every day just as you are learning and growing every day. Life is truly about growing from where we are based on what we’ve learned to where we feel we are in our hearts.

Sometimes when I say or write things they make absolutely no sense to me, but when I re-read them I think, “Ah Ha!”

Now back to topic. When you see someone who has your perfect body and you feel sad, or when someone has the money you want and you become angry, or when someone you’re interested in has a girlfriend or boyfriend, acknowledge the emotion you’re feeling. Where do you feel the tensing of your body? Do you feel it in your heart? Do you feel it in your stomach? Does your throat tighten up? Does your breath get shallow? What does it feel like when you experience those emotions based on the attachment you have?

When you acknowledge the attachment that is the first step to freedom. You don’t have to wallow in the emotion and start getting yourself all worked up, simply acknowledge it exists, feel it in your body, recognize the thought you have at that time, close your eyes, and breathe into that area of your body. Say, “Okay, my heart hurts and my stomach is upset because I see this person with the body I want. I am thinking how I’ll never get to that body.” From there, close your eyes and breathe fully into your belly and chest expanding everything while saying to yourself, “In the deepest space of my heart I know my desires are fulfilled and I release all attachments to that desire. I have full faith that Spirit supports me in all ways.”

Now is this going to get rid of everything? Hell to the NO!!! 😉 I’m not promising you that you’ll get rid of the attachment fully! But I do promise that you will feel better and you will soon release yourself from the attachment. It takes some time to let go of the attachments you have built up within your mind and the response you have in your temple, however as you PRACTICE this more and more the emotional attachments will soon dissolve. Yes, it is a PRACTICE.

Do I have attachments? ABSOLUTELY!!! Who do you think I am?! 😉 What I have LEARNED to do is simply allow the attachment as it is and breathing into it. And through that breath and awareness I am more able to allow it to dissolve.

What I wanted to convey in this message is…accept that you have attachments, and recognize that they simply exist in your mind. As you recognize them and learn to breathe INTO them they no longer have power over you. You are no longer saddened by the smell of certain food, or the image of person, you are free to live the life you envision for yourself. You are free to experience life as it is rather than how your attachments distort it. You are FREE. You are now the director of your life, the experiencer of Love, and the director of Light.

Hope you enjoyed a message to myself 😉

All My Love,
Zach IAM

Anniversary of a Bone Marrow Transplant



I’d like to tell you all a story…a story of a young man who exactly 9 earth revolutions around the sun ago (or 9 years) had a bone marrow transplant. This is a short story about suffering, deep intense suffering, and the results of that suffering. So if you have time, and this calls to you, here we go…

After 7 straight days of full body radiation 2 times per day, 2 days of intense chemotherapy, and 2 days to prepare for the day of reckoning, that day had finally come, February 12, 2004. As he laid there he watched the nurse come in to his room and inject the pre-meds into his chest catheter. 30 minutes later the Bone Marrow Transplant team of doctors walked in to his room with 2 liters of stem cells harvested from an unknown donor. They hung the blood on the pump stand and the process began. It was just another blood transfusion, but this blood was the blood that would now run through his veins, no longer the blood of fear and stress, but that of new life, a rebirth.

The transfusion went perfectly as planned, but the days to follow were going to be the most physically and emotional demanding moments of his young life. More difficult than the first 9 months of chemotherapy that he endured during his first diagnosis, and more difficult than the days of holding himself up without moving while receiving full-body radiation in the previous weeks. As if he had questions before about the meaning of life and why 2 year old children were being diagnosed with cancer, this experience would not only test him far beyond anything he could imagine but would catapult him into a realm of questioning.

The radiation had begun to show it’s side-effects…constant nausea while being unable to vomit because he no longer had any stomach acids to throw up, intense burning sensations in his hands as if his hands were on fire, excruciating sores along his mouth and trachea not allowing him to swallow but only drool. Each day his body withered away more and more because of his inability to move, unable to muster up the strength to even get up and shower most days. He constantly used morphine to dull the pain and to put him into a self-induced coma because of the constant pain.

His parents looked on at this in despair. Feeling unable to do anything but send their love to him and answer any request he had, not knowing that that was the most powerful thing they could have done. Not knowing whether their first-born son would live or die, stay sleeping or awaken, speak to their son or to the altered state of consciousness he became from the drugs. What they didn’t know was that their Love would help him through this and he would fight through the darkness to bring forth the Light.

The month following February 12, 2004 seemed to be a dream for him…entering in and out of consciousness from all of the morphine he continually pushed until he finally began to awake from the fog. As he did, he no longer recognized the form that he perceived the world through. His temple had been pillaged from substances that at the time had removed the impurities.

As the days passed, he dreamed to enter into the world again. To not be stuck in a prison for healing. Staring out the window, wishing to walk in fresh air again. He dreamt of the young man he had been…the athlete, the joker, the ladies man. The days went by, and he began to fall into a depression. He looked at where he was and was so scared that the mountain he would have to climb was far too great. He questioned at times if he had the strength to climb the mountain before him. He fell deeper and deeper into sadness. He called his father on the phone one night sobbing, spilling all of his fears that he didn’t know if he was strong enough to climb this mountain. Crying, wanting to give up. His father did his best to console him, to support him, to send the boy his Love. When the call ended, the boy felt stronger. At that moment, a voice within told him that he would get through it. That although the mountain seemed far too daunting to conquer, that together they would walk as One and reach the top. The boy didn’t know what was telling him this, but he KNEW that the voice was right.

As the days passed into April, the boy began to find more strength. His family surrounded him with Love and he knew that he was strong enough to overcome this obstacle. His physical strength improved week by week, and the stem cells began to assimilate into his body, to recognize their new home. Finally, the boy was allowed to re-enter the world.

It took many months for him to fully regain his strength physically. It took a determination not of his own will, but the Spirit within that pushed him along. He knew within his heart that his experiences had not occurred to simply be forgotten. He had experienced this suffering so that he may help heal others. He did not know how he would help heal others, but he knew that with the Power of his will and the will of the Father within that he would help.

Now, as I’m sure most of you who have read this have figured out, this story is about me, Zach. Most years this day passes by and I don’t even recognize it, but this year I felt compelled to write this. In this new age of Aquarius, this age of Unity and Love, I felt that this story may help some of my brothers and sisters out there who are suffering. I am always asked, “Did you ever feel like giving up?” And this shows you just how close I was. I wanted so badly to give up, to call it quits because I didn’t see how I could possibly reach the mountain top. I knew that was where I wanted to be and I could see myself there, I just had no idea how I could accomplish that. But I always had that little voice within me, that God-Self, Higher Self, pushing me along, just as it pushes you and all of us along in difficult times.

I’m always asked, “That must have been horrible. How did you get through it.” All I can say is, I kept walking. I chose to listen to the voice that said, “I AM here with you and together we will overcome this,” rather than the one that said, “This is too much, you should just give up.” And…I had a lot of support behind me — parents, siblings, and family members that loved me. The other question I always get asked is, “Did you ever ask ‘Why me?'” Of course I did! But I didn’t ask that and want someone else to get sick, I just wanted to know why I got sick, period! It’s normal, if you’re not questioning why things are happening how will you ever learn from them? How will you ever help others to live the life they want if you’re not questioning how you got the life you have?

But I ultimately wanted to write this to say that although this story sounds horrible, for everyone involved, every time I think about it I feel grateful. I feel grateful that I suffered like I did! Everything that I experienced in my past has made me exactly who I am today. The vomiting, the mouth sores, the crying, the despair, the physical deterioration and weakness, the chest catheter, the pain in my family’s eyes, the pain in the eyes of other families who had a sick child, all of it. Do I wish I could go back and heal every single child that I met in the hospital…absolutely!!! Do I wish I could have told the nurses to give me the chemo instead of those children…absolutely!!! But I also know that the suffering experienced by those children and their families, as well as mine, have made their souls evolve and become stronger.

Every bit of suffering has made me stronger, just as each step up the mountain has made me stronger. Our suffering makes us who we are. Does it always feel great while we’re in it?…absolutely not. Do we emerge stronger and evolved from it?…Absolutely!

On this day, which has immense significance for me, I am grateful for every bit of suffering that has allowed me to become who I am today. I want you all to know that even though it may be difficult, you are so much stronger than you recognize and you will always have Source walking with you when you feel weak. These experiences are dear to my growth and I wanted to share them with you…my dearest brothers and sisters. This is the first time I have expressed this to anyone, and I am honored to have shared this with you all. I Love You all so much, truly and forever, and hope this message can help you see how incredibly strong You are!

With All My Love, ❤
Zach IAM