I’m not sure how I see this post going. I have many things pulsing through my mind and heart but I want to share what I am feeling with those of you who choose to read this. I just have watched 4 videos entitled “My Last Days” on YouTube. During these videos I cried, I remembered, but most of all I was inspired.

These videos chronicle individuals who have been diagnosed with terminal illnesses, mostly forms of cancer. As most of you know me, I am a cancer survivor. Each one of these individuals’ stories I can resonate with. I can remember being in the hospital room waiting for test results to come back, I can remember hearing the news I would do anything to forgo, I can remember being scared of the 50/50 chance I was given, but most importantly I can remember saying to myself, “When I am finished with this I KNOW nothing can stop me and I will live my life to the fullest!”

But each time I watch one of these videos I recognize how truly limited I am living. How I am NOT living my life to the fullest. I am not sharing my story with the world and helping others to see that full healing is possible. I am not ALWAYS living with an open heart and looking into the eyes of my brothers and sisters to reduce their suffering. I am not always living to the full potential I am capable of.

However, each time I watch these videos I am also reminded that that is why I am here. I am here for a reason far bigger than my conscious understanding…we all are. I was given a Divine gift in the form of not only having cancer, but of overcoming it. I have a perspective of life and death that so few of us can conceive. We, myself included, go through life with the idea that we’re in it all alone, that the world is testing us and trying to hurt us, that we are isolated on our own little island…which could not be farther from the truth.

These videos always remind me to take THIS VERY MOMENT, RIGHT NOW, and change the world! They remind me to take the steps forward to give my deepest gifts to humanity, even if I can’t see the path clearly. They remind me that THIS MOMENT, NOW, is the only moment I will ever have and to give my Heart to all who will receive it. They remind me that the time for taking chances, for leaping into unknown waters, and for doing what my Heart calls me to do is not tomorrow, it is not next week, it is not when God has aligned everything, it is THIS MOMENT, NOW. THIS MOMENT, NOW, I can take those steps and allow God to carry me with Her as she Lights the path of Love for me.

THIS MOMENT, NOW, is the time to tell your long lost lover that you have been thinking of him/her…THIS MOMENT, NOW, is the time to consciously decide that you will live true to your deepest heart and follow your bliss…THIS MOMENT, NOW, is the time to make the choice to eat health-fully and move your body in Nature…THIS MOMENT, NOW, is the time to choose LOVE. NO matter who you meet, no matter what they have done to you, no matter who they are, you will choose to gaze upon them with a full heart and an open Spirit and envelope them in your giving. No matter what has happened in your past you will choose to believe that the Divine Creative Principle is always guiding you to live your deepest truth and experience joy.

THIS MOMENT, NOW, is the time to remember why we are here. The bills will come and go, the money will come and go, the friends will come and go, the lovers will come and go, but THIS MOMENT, NOW, we can choose to remember our purpose. THIS MOMENT, NOW, we can decide if we want to look at all the rubble piling on top of us, or focus on the unlimited blessings in our experience. THIS MOMENT, NOW, we can let our minds wander to the “what if’s” and “should have’s,” or direct our thoughts to the “I will’s” and “I AM.”

THIS MOMENT, NOW, is the only moment any of us will ever get. All of life exists NOW, not yesterday, not tomorrow, NOW. Remembering that empowers us, it reminds us that THIS MOMENT, NOW, is where we have the ability to choose where we go from here…we don’t have to know all the steps we will take to get there, but we have the Power to take the first step. THIS MOMENT, NOW, empowers us to be thankful for all the experiences that have led us to this very moment, summoning Life through us through our desires, so that we may live true to our deepest purpose. THIS MOMENT, NOW, gives us the chance to remember that we are the embodiment of Love, and we have the choice to feel that Love or resist it.

I hope that those of you who read this, also watch the video I post. We are here to experience the unending Bliss of our NOW experiences. Remember who You are, look deeper into your Heart, You are Source in a physical extension…live true to that in THIS MOMENT, NOW.

All My Love,




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