Law of Attraction Success Story (How I Healed My Body)


Law of Attraction Success Story (How I Healed My Body)


This is my law of attraction (LOA) success story on how I healed my body! To be more specific…how I used the law of attraction to heal my femoral head (hip bone) after being diagnosed with avascular necrosis in my right femoral head. For those of you who have not heard of this before, avascular necrosis is a bone death (necrosis) because of no blood supply (avascular). To the medical community the only option for treatment at the stage of my diagnosis was a total hip replacement. This is my story of how I healed it, without surgery, by utilizing the law of attraction and other methods.

All My Love,



A Story of Faith…


I was around 15 years old when my dad and I were watching the MTV Video Music Awards when Beyonce won best artist. She walked up on stage, overwhelmed, and said, “First and foremost I’d like to thank God.” When I heard that I blurted out, “Why is she thanking God, he didn’t do anything, she did all the work!” My dad looked at me and replied, “What do you mean? The reason you’re here is because of God!” I thought for a second, pondering life, and that’s when things started to change in my consciousness.Spiritual Awakening

Now this isn’t your average story of God. This isn’t a tale of a man becoming Christian, this isn’t about me blasting my beliefs and forcing them in anyone’s face, this is a different kind of story.

As a kid, our family were the typical, go to church on holiday, kind of church goers. My parents were both raised Catholic and seemed to have consistent views on their beliefs of God. I, however, thought church was incredibly boring, listening to an old white guy in a funny hat repeat boring scripture. When I got into middle school, I joined a Baptist church with my best friend and found myself more interested in the message of the bible. However, the stories were exactly that to me, stories. I didn’t truly believe a man walked on water, healed the sick, died and came back to life, it seemed like a great story, but a story nonetheless. Needless to say, when I was young I never developed a relationship with any higher power. I knew that if I put in the work to achieve what I wanted, I would reap the benefits. That was until I went through 5 years of chemotherapy treatment after having cancer twice as an adolescent.

You see, when I was 15 and watched Beyonce thank God I thought that was a cop-out. I truly felt she was just being diplomatic and didn’t actually thank God. My dad’s response was in reference to my still being alive after having already gone through my first year of chemotherapy and still being alive. I however, felt differently. I felt that as a result of myself, as a result of ME, that I was in remission. That changed within a year.

At 16 I relapsed and had a much different experience that time. I was no longer isolated in a room with no other kids around. This time I was in a hepa-fitered pediatric oncology ward and saw kids as young as 1 year old with tubes coming out of their chests receiving chemo. I looked around and thought, “What kind of God would do this?! How can we believe in God if He has the power to heal and yet all these kids are sick?!” It made no sense to me. This questioning took me down the rabbit hole.

When I was 19 I was given the documentary, The Secret, by a friend of my dads and that’s when it clicked. If you have not seen this documentary, I highly recommend you see it. However, the basis of the film is on the Law of Attraction. A law that is similar to the laws of gravity, yet not as recognized or understood by humanity. This law describes that “That which is like unto itself is drawn,” meaning, like attracts like. This film explains that thoughts are the creative force of all life and that the universe at large is responding to our thoughts and bringing us experiences which match those thoughts. As soon as I saw this film it was as if I was in heaven! I thought, “FINALLY!!! Something that gives me validation that I am the director of my own life and I will never have to rely on anything or anyone ever again!!!” Boy did I interpret that wrong!! 😉

That was 9 years ago and I have just recently in the last 3-4 years begun to develop a true relationship with God. And honestly, only the last year have I begun to develop a strong faith in the co-creative dance that happens between my thoughts, words, and actions and the manifestations of God.

Why I began writing today was because I felt inspired. 10 years ago I wouldn’t have had any idea was inspiration was, that I should just do something. I had no understanding of what was guiding me or why I had such a feeling, simply that I should do it. Now even though I stated earlier that I never cultivated a relationship with the Divine as a child, I always felt like I was being guided. I always had this intense push from within that told me I had to be strong and push on, no matter what the obstacle. Everything in my life was just an obstacle so that I could get stronger and rise above it. Today I finally understand what was guiding me.

You see, no matter if you choose to believe it or not, there is a Presence that directs all things. Not direction in the form of dictation, but a mere guidance to the path of truth. The trees are not forced to grow, yet they are guided to move to full size and provide oxygen, bear fruit, create homes for insects and other critters. Insects and animals are guided to build dams, collect nectar, dance among the sky, never forced yet always guided. Similarly, this Presence guides us home. This Presence, whether you call it God, or Source, or energy, it does not matter, you do not influence Perfection, perfection influences you.How to Change the World, new earth

As such, seeing as that this Presence is the Source of all that Is, the Source of All Life, this Presence knows beyond a question of a doubt which path is right for you in any area of your life. As an extension of this Presence, you have the choice to connect fully with this Divine Mind, or pinch yourself off It. It does not matter to Source what you choose in the moment because we are all free to do as we please, yet the joy of a child coming home far outweighs the choice of the child to stay away and not come and visit. Source is always beckoning us home, always reminding us in the most of subtle ways to return home, to return to our hearts.

You see, there was a time in my life where I thought I was all alone, doing it all by my lonesome. And it wasn’t until I realized it was much harder going at it alone than it was to challenge my beliefs and listen to that inner voice, the Voice telling me that I was looked after and protected. The Voice that guided me to the books and the documentaries and the constant reminder to return to Love.

You see my friends, this is a story of faith. Faith does not belong to religion. Faith is a state of being. Faith is a habitual practice of communicating with Source, with your Self. Faith is so much better than sitting alone wondering which direction you will take and weighing all the outcomes. Faith is about quieting yourself, quieting your mind, and with a clear intention listening to the Voice that has been guiding you anyways. As soon as you’re quiet, you will hear that Voice whisper, “This way my child, I’ll be right beside you the whole way.”

All My Love,


Workout of the Day September 4, 2015


Physical Workout of the Day:

My Time = 22:08

Shauna’s Time = 23:48 (7 Pull-Ups & Bar Dips)

Mental Workout of the Day:

“Wouldn’t It Be Nice If…” Game

Today’s mental workout will be focused on playing the “wouldn’t it be nice if…” game. Set a timer for 10 minutes and close your eyes. Say to your self, “Wouldn’t it be nice if…” and finish the sentence with what it is you are desiring. Play this as if you are imagining all the possibilities you have ever desired. Start with the things that you don’t have a lot of resistance against, such as “Wouldn’t it be nice if someone told me I had a nice smile.” Things that really you don’t have a lot of resistance against. As you do this, really feel what it would be like to have someone tell you that you have a nice smile. After you have begun to feel more uplifted move on to the things that you are REALLY desiring. You could say, “Wouldn’t it be nice if I met the perfect partner for me and had a nice conversation with them.” As you play this, remember that it is key to FEEL the feeling of being in the situation, experiencing what it is like to be in actual circumstance. Continue playing this until you are truly feeling better or until the timer goes off.

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Daily Affirmation:

“When you come to the Red Sea place in your life where in spite of all you can do, there is no way ’round, there is no way back, there is no other way but through. Know God with a soul serene and the dark and the storms are gone. God stills the waves, God stills the winds, God says to your soul, Go on! Go on! Go on! Go on!” -Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East

You can see yesterday’s workout for a wonderful process to help rise in your vibration to manifest your desires and connect you with your Divine Feminine 🙂

You can contact me if you are interested in life coaching and personal training services I offer and I would love to hear from you…



Journal Entry 3/11/15

Today I want to discuss why we want things…

Now if we return to the knowing that we are God, the Divine Principle, we begin to question many things. Often times questions arise such as, “Why is there so much contrast? Why is there so much suffering and pain? Why do I desire a way out of certain situations and circumstances and have no success?” Now these questions I hear so very often and have been very dominant questions in my own searching. And my answer is as such…

As manifestations of the perfect Principle, our Source, the contrast and suffering comes as a result of the nature of this reality. This earth dimension is meant to cause new desires to spring forth from us. From experiencing unwanted things, an immediate desire springs forth from the seat of our soul asking for a different, or new and approved, situation/experience. Now the reason there is so much suffering is not a result of the world intruding itself on us, but rather the way we deal with such situations in our own minds. No experience, or person causes us to suffer, the suffering has to deal fully with our own perception of the experience. Just as no experience can bring us joy, only our perception of the experience brings about joy from within us.

Rumi says, “That which you are seeking, is seeking you.” This means that those things that we have been caused to want as a result of an unwanted experience is not waiting for us, but rather doing its best to make its way into our experience if we will allow it. The health that you are seeking, is seeking you. The relationship that you are seeking, is seeking you. The financial abundance that you are seeking, is seeking you. The problem we encounter with not allowing the experience to move forth toward us is our attention upon the thing that we do not want. Our desire may be for more money, but where our attention is focused is on the lack of money in the bank account. Our attention is not on the anticipation of a perfectly healthy body, the perfect mate, or a financially abundant life, but rather why it is we don’t have those things.

When we return to the Truth that we are God in manifest form, it is easy to see how if our focus and energy is not on the thing wanted, that it doesn’t come forth. Now as an extension of Source, wouldn’t you think that the Divine Consciousness would want you to have EVERYTHING you truly desire seeing as that He/She is you?! Don’t you think that the Mind that is the intelligence behind ALL THINGS would want to experience magic through your eyes and ears and fingers and mouth and nose!? Really think about that…if you are God and God wants to experience through you, and all things are possible through God, then the only factor inhibiting you experiencing a better situation is your own thought processes. Source, Divine Intelligence, is organizing everything behind the scenes for your fulfillment! For God’s fulfillment! Because you are God, and God wants to experience as much as possible, and we all have free will, the only factor limiting our achievement of our wanted situation is our own thoughts and beliefs that it is possible.

Here’s a guilt trip for you…when you doubt if a wanted condition is possible for you, you are limiting God’s manifestations. Now do you want that kind of stress on your hands?? 😉 It is really so easy once you accept that you are not a mere mortal, stuck in this body for 80 years, and then can finally return to a better place. You are Infinite gosh darn it! You are pure perfection embodied! You are the Divine Intelligence in manifest form ready to mess shit up and get nasty! You aren’t here to play it clean! You are here to remember your sacred heart, the truth that you are Divine, that you are God/Goddess, and that you are unlimited in all ways. You are here to remember that what you want is what God wants for you because you are the only way in which God can experience the full potential of this reality. You are a true gift to the world, and to Source Consciousness. Without you, and the cause for the desires that you have, life would be static and growth would cease. You, just by being you, cause the Universe to expand to greater lengths! And the fun will begin once you acknowledge your very important role in playing manifestor to all that you can conceive. 

You are an intricate part of Divinity and oh-so necessary! You are important! And remember that what you are seeking, is seeking you! ❤



I’m not sure how I see this post going. I have many things pulsing through my mind and heart but I want to share what I am feeling with those of you who choose to read this. I just have watched 4 videos entitled “My Last Days” on YouTube. During these videos I cried, I remembered, but most of all I was inspired.

These videos chronicle individuals who have been diagnosed with terminal illnesses, mostly forms of cancer. As most of you know me, I am a cancer survivor. Each one of these individuals’ stories I can resonate with. I can remember being in the hospital room waiting for test results to come back, I can remember hearing the news I would do anything to forgo, I can remember being scared of the 50/50 chance I was given, but most importantly I can remember saying to myself, “When I am finished with this I KNOW nothing can stop me and I will live my life to the fullest!”

But each time I watch one of these videos I recognize how truly limited I am living. How I am NOT living my life to the fullest. I am not sharing my story with the world and helping others to see that full healing is possible. I am not ALWAYS living with an open heart and looking into the eyes of my brothers and sisters to reduce their suffering. I am not always living to the full potential I am capable of.

However, each time I watch these videos I am also reminded that that is why I am here. I am here for a reason far bigger than my conscious understanding…we all are. I was given a Divine gift in the form of not only having cancer, but of overcoming it. I have a perspective of life and death that so few of us can conceive. We, myself included, go through life with the idea that we’re in it all alone, that the world is testing us and trying to hurt us, that we are isolated on our own little island…which could not be farther from the truth.

These videos always remind me to take THIS VERY MOMENT, RIGHT NOW, and change the world! They remind me to take the steps forward to give my deepest gifts to humanity, even if I can’t see the path clearly. They remind me that THIS MOMENT, NOW, is the only moment I will ever have and to give my Heart to all who will receive it. They remind me that the time for taking chances, for leaping into unknown waters, and for doing what my Heart calls me to do is not tomorrow, it is not next week, it is not when God has aligned everything, it is THIS MOMENT, NOW. THIS MOMENT, NOW, I can take those steps and allow God to carry me with Her as she Lights the path of Love for me.

THIS MOMENT, NOW, is the time to tell your long lost lover that you have been thinking of him/her…THIS MOMENT, NOW, is the time to consciously decide that you will live true to your deepest heart and follow your bliss…THIS MOMENT, NOW, is the time to make the choice to eat health-fully and move your body in Nature…THIS MOMENT, NOW, is the time to choose LOVE. NO matter who you meet, no matter what they have done to you, no matter who they are, you will choose to gaze upon them with a full heart and an open Spirit and envelope them in your giving. No matter what has happened in your past you will choose to believe that the Divine Creative Principle is always guiding you to live your deepest truth and experience joy.

THIS MOMENT, NOW, is the time to remember why we are here. The bills will come and go, the money will come and go, the friends will come and go, the lovers will come and go, but THIS MOMENT, NOW, we can choose to remember our purpose. THIS MOMENT, NOW, we can decide if we want to look at all the rubble piling on top of us, or focus on the unlimited blessings in our experience. THIS MOMENT, NOW, we can let our minds wander to the “what if’s” and “should have’s,” or direct our thoughts to the “I will’s” and “I AM.”

THIS MOMENT, NOW, is the only moment any of us will ever get. All of life exists NOW, not yesterday, not tomorrow, NOW. Remembering that empowers us, it reminds us that THIS MOMENT, NOW, is where we have the ability to choose where we go from here…we don’t have to know all the steps we will take to get there, but we have the Power to take the first step. THIS MOMENT, NOW, empowers us to be thankful for all the experiences that have led us to this very moment, summoning Life through us through our desires, so that we may live true to our deepest purpose. THIS MOMENT, NOW, gives us the chance to remember that we are the embodiment of Love, and we have the choice to feel that Love or resist it.

I hope that those of you who read this, also watch the video I post. We are here to experience the unending Bliss of our NOW experiences. Remember who You are, look deeper into your Heart, You are Source in a physical extension…live true to that in THIS MOMENT, NOW.

All My Love,




Tree Path

We have to believe that all the walls that are tumbling down around us are so that we can see the Light of the Sun that has been hidden for so long. We have to believe that everything that we held so dear that is coming crashing down is Spirit’s way of opening us up to all that is headed our way. We have to have faith that as all the beliefs we held true that made us believe the illusion come completely undone, the Infinite supply of Divine abundance will shine it’s Light upon us.

You see, I remembered today that Great Creative Principle wants to work through us. That aspect of our Self, that is beyond our body, beyond our minds, our True Self, wants and has a purpose to fulfill. We came to this earth experience as spiritual beings in human forms so that we may experience the grandeur of this reality and to fulfill the purpose we set forth for ourselves. Some of us are conscious of that purpose, others are still looking, but most of us, when we truly quiet our thoughts and listen to our hearts, know what purpose we have come forth to fulfill.

This purpose, I should add, is what you want it to be. If you can fathom being an Infinite Being with unlimited potential, wanting to strengthen your inner knowing and belief in yourself as an extension of the Creative Source, wouldn’t it sound like fun to head on down to Earth and express that creative potential and in doing so lift the whole of humanity? You, as a spiritual being, chose to come forth into this reality at this time so that you may live the purpose you set forth for yourself and uplift humanity! We all did! And that purpose is very easy to find, or realize. All you have to do is ask yourself one simple question…

“What uplifts my heart of hearts and fulfills me more than anything else? When I do _____________________________ I could do it absolutely all day, every day, and not grow weary. When I am__________________________I feel like time slows down and I feel completely full of life and invigorated with Love.”

Whatever you used to fill in the blank is your life purpose. That is why when you take part in that you can do it all day and you love it so much! By feeling good we are in alignment with what the Mother/Father Principle is wanting for us. You came forth with the intention of remembering that you are a beauty-full creative extension of the One, and that you would allow Spirit, your Higher Self, to flow through you so that you would uplift humanity and Gaia, and that you would feel the delicious creative expansion of this life experience!

The reason so many things always fall apart can be deduced to 1 reason, you are not respecting your soul and living true to your heart…you are not fulfilling your purpose. God is constantly removing you from this environment or that environment, or this job or that job, or this relationship or that relationship, and doing It’s best to give you the reminders of what your life purpose is, but you keep resisting the flow of life. At times don’t we think we know better than God. Truthfully? We think we know how things should unfold, and in what manner, and when they don’t go exactly as we planned we get upset or sad or depressed or feel like things aren’t working in our favor, when in actuality all the things that are coming undone are gifts!

You are asking for help…Source is responding saying, “Yes, you are right, you DO deserve that!”…so the Universe begins to rearrange what comes into and out of your life, but then you start seeing things coming undone and you think, “Hey! I thought things were suppose to be coming in, not falling apart.”…and so you resist the changes that are making it possible to experience all the desires you want to experience and to begin living your life purpose.

You are NOT smarter than the Infinite Creative Principle!!!

As we realize that the Universe is not smiting us, but rather reorganizing itself so that we can share our deepest gifts to the world, we can begin to relax. This is the faith component. As we begin to hold true to the belief that the Universe wants to work through us and will rearrange itself for us so that I can share our gifts to the world, life becomes a game. The stress of finding the job, or hustling to make that paper, or running around like a chicken with its head cut off, subsides and we can then listen to the inspiration we are being given so that we can take inspired action.

Our hearts will be open to receiving the guidance of talking to this person, or eating lunch at that restaurant, or going to the gym at this time, or taking a right at this light, or, or ,or…the possibilities are endless. As we let go of trying to figure out how everything will happen, and have faith that it is and has already happened, we find that place of stillness within ourselves where our true Power lies. That place of nirvana where we trust that our Source is leading us to exactly where we want to go and in the way where we can give our deepest gifts!

It is time that we remember that we are here to give our gifts and Source is always supporting us. It is time that we remember who we are and have faith in the God Principle of which we are united. May you be reunited with your Truth!

All My Love,

Zach IAM