Tree Path

We have to believe that all the walls that are tumbling down around us are so that we can see the Light of the Sun that has been hidden for so long. We have to believe that everything that we held so dear that is coming crashing down is Spirit’s way of opening us up to all that is headed our way. We have to have faith that as all the beliefs we held true that made us believe the illusion come completely undone, the Infinite supply of Divine abundance will shine it’s Light upon us.

You see, I remembered today that Great Creative Principle wants to work through us. That aspect of our Self, that is beyond our body, beyond our minds, our True Self, wants and has a purpose to fulfill. We came to this earth experience as spiritual beings in human forms so that we may experience the grandeur of this reality and to fulfill the purpose we set forth for ourselves. Some of us are conscious of that purpose, others are still looking, but most of us, when we truly quiet our thoughts and listen to our hearts, know what purpose we have come forth to fulfill.

This purpose, I should add, is what you want it to be. If you can fathom being an Infinite Being with unlimited potential, wanting to strengthen your inner knowing and belief in yourself as an extension of the Creative Source, wouldn’t it sound like fun to head on down to Earth and express that creative potential and in doing so lift the whole of humanity? You, as a spiritual being, chose to come forth into this reality at this time so that you may live the purpose you set forth for yourself and uplift humanity! We all did! And that purpose is very easy to find, or realize. All you have to do is ask yourself one simple question…

“What uplifts my heart of hearts and fulfills me more than anything else? When I do _____________________________ I could do it absolutely all day, every day, and not grow weary. When I am__________________________I feel like time slows down and I feel completely full of life and invigorated with Love.”

Whatever you used to fill in the blank is your life purpose. That is why when you take part in that you can do it all day and you love it so much! By feeling good we are in alignment with what the Mother/Father Principle is wanting for us. You came forth with the intention of remembering that you are a beauty-full creative extension of the One, and that you would allow Spirit, your Higher Self, to flow through you so that you would uplift humanity and Gaia, and that you would feel the delicious creative expansion of this life experience!

The reason so many things always fall apart can be deduced to 1 reason, you are not respecting your soul and living true to your heart…you are not fulfilling your purpose. God is constantly removing you from this environment or that environment, or this job or that job, or this relationship or that relationship, and doing It’s best to give you the reminders of what your life purpose is, but you keep resisting the flow of life. At times don’t we think we know better than God. Truthfully? We think we know how things should unfold, and in what manner, and when they don’t go exactly as we planned we get upset or sad or depressed or feel like things aren’t working in our favor, when in actuality all the things that are coming undone are gifts!

You are asking for help…Source is responding saying, “Yes, you are right, you DO deserve that!”…so the Universe begins to rearrange what comes into and out of your life, but then you start seeing things coming undone and you think, “Hey! I thought things were suppose to be coming in, not falling apart.”…and so you resist the changes that are making it possible to experience all the desires you want to experience and to begin living your life purpose.

You are NOT smarter than the Infinite Creative Principle!!!

As we realize that the Universe is not smiting us, but rather reorganizing itself so that we can share our deepest gifts to the world, we can begin to relax. This is the faith component. As we begin to hold true to the belief that the Universe wants to work through us and will rearrange itself for us so that I can share our gifts to the world, life becomes a game. The stress of finding the job, or hustling to make that paper, or running around like a chicken with its head cut off, subsides and we can then listen to the inspiration we are being given so that we can take inspired action.

Our hearts will be open to receiving the guidance of talking to this person, or eating lunch at that restaurant, or going to the gym at this time, or taking a right at this light, or, or ,or…the possibilities are endless. As we let go of trying to figure out how everything will happen, and have faith that it is and has already happened, we find that place of stillness within ourselves where our true Power lies. That place of nirvana where we trust that our Source is leading us to exactly where we want to go and in the way where we can give our deepest gifts!

It is time that we remember that we are here to give our gifts and Source is always supporting us. It is time that we remember who we are and have faith in the God Principle of which we are united. May you be reunited with your Truth!

All My Love,

Zach IAM


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