As I write this first line my heart if filled with confusion and anger. I have just watched a video of a beauty-full young dog being shot to death by a police officer. My response to watching such a horrific act was wanting to punish that police officer forever!! To make him realize what a horrific act he has portrayed and see that he suffers!!!

However, in the instant that I wished harm upon this fear-full man, I recognized a stronger pull within me. A pull towards understanding what the contrast of the video has caused within me. A pull towards looking at this situation from a broader perspective, one that I am always preaching to others…a pull towards compassion and gratitude for this beauty-full puppy. I realized that if I became angry, I had no power to enact change within the hearts of others, and that puppy’s life would have been for loss. Instead, this puppy has given me a gift…a gift of awakening.

You see my lovelies, in watching this video I now know what it is that I DO want. I want for ALL my brothers and sisters to recognize their own Divinity!! I want ALL my brothers and sisters to see that they are the embodiments of Love and that fear is the illusion of this time-space reality!! I want ALL my brothers and sisters to KNOW without a question of a doubt that we are all connected on a Soul level!! Your soul, my soul, the puppy’s soul, are all One!! I want ALL my brothers and sisters to recognize that as we hurt one another, mentally, emotionally, physically, we ARE hurting ourselves! I want ALL my beauty-full brothers and sisters to recognize that this body you are in is an illusion…a falsity…and that our True Essence is that of God!!!

I want, for myself, to embody my Divine right, as the Son of God. I want to fully establish my Christ-hood. I want to fully awaken within myself the True knowing that I am God, and that You are God, and that we ALL are God, and we are here to experience all of life! I want to embody my Self consciously so greatly that you all have no choice but to come with me! As my soul expands, your soul expands, and we all are lifted to new heights of awareness and consciousness!! I want to embody the Infinite Light so that it illumines us all and takes us to Infinite understanding.

You see my lovelies, right now in this moment I have an understanding that this beauty-full puppy has come into my life to help me realize that there is only a stream of well-being. There is NO darkness! There is NO evil!! There is no devil!! These are illusions that we have collectively conceived and propagated in this illusory reality! There is only a stream of wellness, of Light, of Truth, and we have the CHOICE to let that stream of Life pour through us, or we can pinch it off! It is our CHOICE whether we embody Love or fear. It is OUR CHOICE!!! Nobody can force us to turn on a dark switch because it does not exist. We do not walk into a room and turn on the dark switch. We can CHOOSE to turn on the Light switch and walk within the illumination it provides, or we can CHOOSE to keep it off. It is OUR CHOICE!!

Not allowing this stream of well-being to course through us causes us to feel fearful! That police officer, chose to act in such a way that embodied fear, to resist the well-being, he held no true inner power as he pulled the trigger of his gun, it was done from fear and a place of isolation, disconnected from Source. Had he embodied Love and allowed the stream of well-being to flow, he would have calmly subdued this puppy, and the puppy would have acted in kind.

You see my friends we have a CHOICE!!! We always have a CHOICE! We have a choice to Love or to fear. We have a choice to let the well-being that is our natural state to flow openly, or we can choose to resist it. The choices we make dictate the experiences we have. We have a choice to consciously and deliberately choose thoughts that are in harmony with Source, the Essence that is You, or we can choose to think thoughts that are not in harmony with Source. You will know that you are in harmony or disharmony with Source by the way you feel…when you feel good you are in harmony with Source, when you feel bad you are in disharmony with Source. It is that simple.

You have a choice to feel grateful for all the blessings in your life and Source will respond with giving you even more things to be grateful for! Or you can focus on what you are not getting and Source will give more things to not feel grateful for. It is all your CHOICE!!! Where you put your thoughts is what will manifest in this reality.

You are a Power-full creator!! You are truly and fully an extension of God!!! You came forth to experience this reality and through the contrast and the ability to focus you knew you would create your reality, the problem is…you forgot who you are! Your body, on an atomic level, is 99.9999999% space. As you realize that the atoms of your body respond to the thoughts you are thinking you can realize that simply by changing your thoughts you can create a whole new body! On an atomic level you don’t exist! You are vibrational beings, experiencing this vibrational reality, come forth to create your reality through the sifting around of contrast and the ability to focus on what it is you desire.

This beauty-full puppy has caused me to remember that my wanting for a girlfriend, or wanting for more money, is inconsequential when it comes to all the things I have to be grateful for! I can CHOOSE to be thankful for an incredible family, a healthy body, healthy food to eat, beauty-full loving puppies, clothes on my back, clean water to drink, an Iphone, a bed to sleep in, and on and on and on, or I can choose to look at what I don’t have. But this puppy gave his life for the Love he felt in his heart for the man whom he loved…and this puppy I am grateful for!! I don’t hate the police officer who shot him, nor do I wish harm upon this officer, because in his own heart he is suffering a battle far more difficult than I could ever press upon him. Instead I wish that this officer finds peace and recognizes he has the ability to HELP and to CHOOSE Love. I am grateful because I know the soul of this puppy is Me and the Love that he is expressing to me brings tears to my eyes and fills my heart. His re-emergence into Non-physical was not in vain, he gave us a gift…

The gift for the ability to remember that we can CHOOSE!!!

What will you choose?

All My Love,
Zach IAM


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