This title is a trick question, because ladies let’s be honest…what you want in your head and what you want in your heart do not always match up…nor does it always match up for men. I absolutely LOVE talking about relationships because they are so much FUN! I want to write this not only for my sisters so that you can consciously understand why you are doing what you are doing at times, but for my brothers so that you can stop blaming your woman for your failures and shortcomings. So, this post is meant for those women with a Feminine Essence and men with a Masculine Essence. To recognize if you have a Feminine or Masculine Essence ask yourself, “Do I want to be ravaged or be the ravager?” The Feminine wants to be ravaged by the Masculine and opened to God, and the Masculine wants to ravage and break through the chaos of the Feminine so that it can experience God. With that being said, here we go…

Sisters, first and foremost, do not expect your man to fully understand you. You can hardly consciously understand yourselves, and no matter how many romantic comedies you watch, no man will ever FULLY understand you. Will a man who is fully embodied in his Divinity be more aware of you and be able to flow with you more easily, absolutely…but do not expect your man to know exactly what you want. Secondly, recognize that as a Feminine Essence, you are the embodiment of the totality of Life. You are the ocean of Consciousness and Love, you are the chaos of Life, you need movement, your need expressive expansion, you are nurturing, you are healing, you are the Goddess.

As a woman with a Feminine Essence you want your opposite, we all do. The Feminine wants her Masculine counterpart to enter into the Unity of Life. I am not saying that you NEED your counterpart because ultimately we all have aspects of both the Masculine and Feminine but we tend to be predominantly one. So the Feminine wants to open to Infinite Consciousness through her partnership with the Masculine. Ladies, if you can understand this next point you will begin to understand why you are attracted to jerks…

A Masculine Essence is stability, is rigidity, is directiveness, is take-control-ive-ness, is Light, is active, is direct movement, is grounded Presence. Most men, especially after they have been in a relationship for a while, my past-self included, lose sight that they are Infinite Focused Presence. They become wimpy and push-overs. There responses become, “Yes dear…Okay dear…why are you so naggy dear?” They begin to blame their woman for their short-comings because they think if they don’t succumb to their woman’s wants they will lose her.

What a woman’s heart truly wants is her King. She wants a man who she can trust. She wants a man who will show the world that she is HIS. She wants a man to worship her Inner Goddess. She wants to be seen as the object of pure desire in her man’s eyes. She wants to unconsciously test her man again and again and again and know that his strength will not be moved. She wants a man who is so strong in his Presence that nothing can move his core. She wants a man who is giving his gift to the world with full openness, penetrating all barriers that life seems to throw his way. She wants a man that she can put her faith in and know that he will walk with her as he holds her hand. A woman who when confused at life around her, can come to her man and be calmed by his humor and in his loving!

I say these things and I do not mean a man who will not do the dishes, who will not love his children, who is so rigid that he will not change his beliefs, but a man that is so present within himself that he can wash the dishes with fluidity, that can love his children with his whole heart, and that will adapt to new thoughts and beliefs that come his way.

A superior man cannot be drained by the world because in giving his gift he is constantly renewed.

Each woman who reads this will say YES! YES I do! But women, you must also recognize that you CHOSE your partner. You chose him for some reason. It could been because your Feminine was attracted to his Masculine, it could have been because you settled because the sex was good, it could have been for a variety of reasons, but you did choose your man. The question you would ask yourself is do I trust my man with my heart? If I don’t trust my man with my heart, why am I not opening fully to life? As a Feminine Essence you thrive when you are open and accepting of life. The ocean does not fight the rain, it accepts it. You do not have to accept anger and abuse, but you do have to make the conscious choice to be open to life with a full heart…for there will you experience the joy of Femininity.

Now, men, my brothers, Masculine Essences, being Masculine does not mean being a meat-head. It does not mean forcing anything upon anyone. It does not mean holding so rigid that you break. It does not mean being butch and egoic. It means that you have the choice right now to live true to the words of your heart. To be grounded and to walk with that Presence. It means to find the deepest gift of your heart, and to share it unendingly with the World.

Being Masculine means taking the challenges of your women as gifts to able to stay center in your Being and penetrate all choas. These are gifts that your woman is providing you to strengthen your inner knowing and to trust fully in that knowing…

I will end this post here for today. My dear sisters, thank you for being the goddesses that you are! My dear brothers, thank you for being the Gods that you are! Now choose to embody fully your Essence and live true to that always! Until next time…

All My Love,
Zach IAM


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