“The wound is where the Light enters you.” -Rumi

As I was laying on the floor a few moments ago, listening to “Glass Jar” by Tristan Prettyman, a montage of an ex, whom I still love, and myself began to run through my mind. As the notes of the guitar played images flooded my mind of me holding her, of us arguing in the kitchen, of her upset with me because of my actions, with me abruptly and childishly leaving the bed to sleep on the couch, and I realized…Ah Ha!! All these experiences have given rise to the beauty-full relationship I now desire.

Each one of those experiences with this person caused me to want more. With every unwanted situation, contrast, I unconsciously shot a rocket of desire for that which I DID want to experience. For every argument, I desired to experience a person who understood my opinion…for every yelling match, I desired to have an open-ended discussion…for every night going to bed angry, I desired to go to bed in love…for every unexpressed feeling, I desired to have a verbally-open partner. With every unwanted situation I unconsciously told the Universe exactly what I DID want to experience.

It is our job as creators, as extensions of God, as extensions of the One, to experience the contrast in this reality and from there be cognizant of what we DO wish to experience and hold that as our dominant thought and intention. With every experience of not having enough money, we tell the Universe that we want to have more money. With every experience of feeling fat or unattractive, we tell the Universe we want to feel fit and healthy. With every unwanted fight with our partner, we tell the Universe we want to experience more Love and affection with our partner.

We don’t create abundance by talking about all the bad situations we are experiencing, about all the lackful experiences we are having, with how ugly we feel, because the Universe will give us more of the essence of those thoughts…more experiences to make us feel lost, or poor, or ugly…because the Universe simply mimics what we send out through our thoughts. Once we experience those situations we then know exactly what we do want…to be grounded, financially abundant, and beautiful.

The trick to manifestation is holding our inner sight to that which we are wanting to experience. “As is your sight, so is your creation.” “That which is like unto itself is drawn.” “The rich get rich the poor get poorer.”

As we hold our dominant thoughts to that which we are wanting to experience and having positive expectation about the manifestation of those things they then show up in our experience. As we have faith and believe that the Universe is providing us exactly what we are holding as our dominant thoughts, we then see proof that we are Creators of our own realities. We are the Universe experiencing Itself. As we hold true to our inner sight, as we believe that which we are wanting is already ours, the Universe then moves through us in the form of inspiration so that It may experience Itself in the form of those manifested experiences. It aligns all things, people, circumstances, so that It may experience Itself through you.

And it all happened as the result of experiencing the contrast, the unwanted. Do not get stuck up on what has happened in the past, for they are gifts for what you can Now experience in your present. You are an extension of the One Creative Principle and you are Divine. Remember that the experiences we may call, the shit, is all part of allowing you to remember how incredibly Power-full you are as an extension of Source. You are here to experience ALL of life, and from that choose what you are wanting to experience. Remember who you are, and what you are capable of, for that is what you came here to do.

All My Love,
Zach IAM



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