Recognize Your Attachments and Breath INTO Them


So tonight I had a very in-depth experience in certain attachments I hold very strong to based on certain images. And as soon as these emotions, based upon these images, came flooding up I found myself wanting to fight them. Instead I heard, “Acknowledge them…accept them.” And so I FELT them without pushing against them.

I can write to you all, my beauty-full brothers and sisters, as much as I want and give you advice…but tonight I recognized why I write to you. As I write to you, I write to myself. As I share with you and ask to question your beliefs, I share with myself and question my own beliefs. Tonight as I experienced the attachments I still hold very strong to, I realized that it is so much more fun to experience, truly experience, letting go. We have attachments, we have desires, and we have emotions attached to those desires. If the desire is not fulfilled the way we think it should be, we suffer. We hold on to how things “should be,” rather than looking deeper and realizing that they should be exactly as they are beyond our sight and within our hearts.

I hear often how “beyond my years” I am or how “awakened” I am, but in all honesty I am learning and growing consciously every day just as you are learning and growing every day. Life is truly about growing from where we are based on what we’ve learned to where we feel we are in our hearts.

Sometimes when I say or write things they make absolutely no sense to me, but when I re-read them I think, “Ah Ha!”

Now back to topic. When you see someone who has your perfect body and you feel sad, or when someone has the money you want and you become angry, or when someone you’re interested in has a girlfriend or boyfriend, acknowledge the emotion you’re feeling. Where do you feel the tensing of your body? Do you feel it in your heart? Do you feel it in your stomach? Does your throat tighten up? Does your breath get shallow? What does it feel like when you experience those emotions based on the attachment you have?

When you acknowledge the attachment that is the first step to freedom. You don’t have to wallow in the emotion and start getting yourself all worked up, simply acknowledge it exists, feel it in your body, recognize the thought you have at that time, close your eyes, and breathe into that area of your body. Say, “Okay, my heart hurts and my stomach is upset because I see this person with the body I want. I am thinking how I’ll never get to that body.” From there, close your eyes and breathe fully into your belly and chest expanding everything while saying to yourself, “In the deepest space of my heart I know my desires are fulfilled and I release all attachments to that desire. I have full faith that Spirit supports me in all ways.”

Now is this going to get rid of everything? Hell to the NO!!! 😉 I’m not promising you that you’ll get rid of the attachment fully! But I do promise that you will feel better and you will soon release yourself from the attachment. It takes some time to let go of the attachments you have built up within your mind and the response you have in your temple, however as you PRACTICE this more and more the emotional attachments will soon dissolve. Yes, it is a PRACTICE.

Do I have attachments? ABSOLUTELY!!! Who do you think I am?! 😉 What I have LEARNED to do is simply allow the attachment as it is and breathing into it. And through that breath and awareness I am more able to allow it to dissolve.

What I wanted to convey in this message is…accept that you have attachments, and recognize that they simply exist in your mind. As you recognize them and learn to breathe INTO them they no longer have power over you. You are no longer saddened by the smell of certain food, or the image of person, you are free to live the life you envision for yourself. You are free to experience life as it is rather than how your attachments distort it. You are FREE. You are now the director of your life, the experiencer of Love, and the director of Light.

Hope you enjoyed a message to myself 😉

All My Love,
Zach IAM


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