Why Are We Making This SO Difficult?!


Hello My Lovelies,

My dear brothers and sisters…why are we making this so damn difficult?! Why are we making this “spiritual” life so difficult for ourselves and others?! Here’s some insight for you…you don’t need to DO anything to BE who you are! You don’t need to do anything to embody Divinity. You don’t need to visualize the rainbow bridge to uplift Gaia. You don’t need to go to any sacred site and flood in the crystalline grid or anything else to shine your Light. The DOing is in recognize we ALL are Spirit and living true to that.

We consistently aim to intellectualize Spirit, to intellectualize what it is we need to do to help Gaia, to intellectualize our relationships with each other and God, intellectualize…intellectualize…intellectualize. No more! “Who am I?” “Why am I here?” “Where will I go?” “How do I ascend quicker?” Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Now I am sorry if I sound quite cynical tonight, but I consistently see others constantly doing this, and I also find myself doing this. Here’s a suggestion…relax! Those who are reading this would consider themselves, “spiritual,” “Light-bearers,” “Indigos,” whatever other title you’d like to proclaim…but here’s one for you…I AM. Simply I AM. No more titles, no more labels, no more intellectualizing Spirit, no more spiritualized egos, I AM. We are ALL here to change the world in some way! That is exactly why all 7 billion of us are here…to remember our deepest knowing, to live from that Truth, and to inspire others to see that within themselves…plain and simple.

“I need to meditate THIS way, facing THIS direction, visualizing THIS thing in order for me to bring Light into Gaia.” When Gaia simply needs you to BE the Light! The Light comes from no where else but the silent space within your own heart! You are the Eternal God present in a physical vessel! Gaia needs you to BE You! Gaia needs You to live from the Truth within your own heart! Gaia needs you to proclaim to yourself that You are Source, that You are Spirit, that You are Forever, simply…I AM!

And another thing…you don’t need to quicken anything!!! You already are that!!! If you have conceived it in thought, then somewhere, you ARE that! You don’t need to quicken your manifestations…you need to relax and enjoy the unfolding of them! You need to sit back and watch as the Universe yields to you the beauty of your desire. This life experience is not made to just keep manifesting and manifesting and manifesting and manifesting…what kind of fun would that be?! You came forth knowing that as you conceived anything in thought and held true to that vision that you would undoubtedly receive exactly what you asked for! You KNEW that the joyous FUN part would be in witnessing the unfolding of that desire! Not in receiving the desire…that is a given! You can’t help but receive! The fun was in KNOWING that you were already that which desired to be, that you already had all that you desired, and watching as the simplest demonstrations of Source express exactly what it is you saw yourself already having!

This works just as well with Gaia. Gaia already IS healed. Gaia already HAS attained fifth dimension ascension…the work is done, so now you can sit back relax and walk through life with the understanding that you are already where you want to be! In walking with that attitude you have already expressed more Light than 100 visualization sessions! If you’re always asking to manifest quicker, manifest quicker, manifest quicker, yet you never listen to the guidance you are receiving, how are you going to manifest at all? The manifestation comes in accordance with your faith and belief that it already IS! And when you have that unmoving faith you can enjoy all the synchronicities that show you exactly what is already here.

There is nothing intellectual about faith…that is only something you can FEEL. Life is not about intellect, intellect, intellect, it is about feeling. Why do you LOVE sex so much, because in the midst of that moment with another extension of yourself you are free of thought, you are fully enraptured in the moment, touching, smelling, tasting your lover and in the moment you are silent! Unless of course you are just humping then your mind is more than likely busy with other things 😉 The BEST parts of life are felt, not intellectualized. Our thoughts are a gift, our emotions are a gift, and they should be treated as such.

We don’t NEED to know exactly how we are going to ascend! We don’t NEED to know exactly how we have changed the world. We don’t NEED to know how we’ll meet our perfect partner. We don’t NEED to know how we’ll enter our dream career, whatever that means to you. We don’t need to intellectualize it all. What is the fun in already having all the answers? If you had all the answers life would be SUPER boring!!! Life is so much more fun knowing that miracles will happen and leaving it up to Spirit to figure out how!

Feel your way through life. Listen to your heart, listen to your gut, listen to your intuition, those are far greater tools than your distracted mind and someone else’s opinion. Be thankful for your feelings and emotions, they are such wonderful gifts! Play, and enjoy the game of life! It’s all just a fun little rollercoaster. You won’t need to KNOW so much when you already FEEL what is right and what already IS. The intellect has no comprehension of Infinity, so stop using it to understand life. Feel your way within life and appreciate the inner knowing you already possess.

With All My Love,
Zach IAM

P.S. this post went all over the place!!! Haha! However, “Who am I” is an incredibly power-full question to ask yourself to be felt in your heart, not intellectualized 😉

“Divinity is God in every form, in every thing. The Christ is the Power to recognize that Divinity within.” ~Jesus


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