Thank You Zach…For Showing Me How To Live

Tonight I am writing this for no one but myself. Typically I like to share messages and inspiration that I have recognized as a Universal Truth, but tonight I am simply writing for me.

I watched a video tonight of a young man who returned to Non-Physical from cancer yesterday. If any of you who read this would like to watch it I thoroughly recommend it, as it allows you to look at life in a completely different perspective. The video is of a young man named Zach Sobiech, who was diagnosed with osteosarcoma and given 6 months to live. The video is beauty-fully touching and the way this beauty-full soul lived his life reminded me of how to live mine.

Those of you who read these usually know that I tend to see the world a little differently than most. I see things with my heart and not my mind, yet that means in no way that I always practice what I preach. I do my absolute best to live the life I so deeply know is meant for all of us and that I write, speak, and act about but I get off track quite often as well.

Zach Sobiech, truly inspired me tonight through the way he lives his life. Although he has returned to the Non-Physical, he so eloquently reminded me of my own journey to where I am. In watching the video I continually was drawn to tears but the sadness and fear of loss in his family’s hearts, the same sadness and fear that I once witnessed in my own family’s hearts. Zach reminded me to JUMP! He reminded me, he made me FEEL, and he showed me how I want, and know, how to live life.

I can remember staring out the window of the hospital room knowing I would get out, and somewhere within me felt I had a large purpose, but unable to do anything I previously did. I couldn’t run, I couldn’t jump, I couldn’t play basketball, I could hardly walk 1/4 of a mile without being exhausted, and I told myself I would LIVE my life. Yet, as I sit here right now writing this, I continue to question if I am truly living the life I imagined for myself?

Sure I help people by training them, sure I help anyone I possibly can, sure I do my best to bring a smile to everyone’s face, but do I take command of my life with full faith that Source is supporting my decisions? Not always. Do I leap when I so dearly want to jump? Not always. Do I have full faith in my ability to affect people’s lives? Not always. Am I doing the things I told myself I wouldn’t let pass me by when I was healthy again? Not always…and not nearly enough.

I continue to push off each moment and say, “Oh the time wasn’t right. I’ll wait for next time.” But what if there is NO NEXT TIME?! I know exactly what it is to wonder if there ever will be a next time, many of us have. And yet I continue to find myself falling back in to comfortablitity. I continue to succumb to the fear of rejection, succumb to the, “Oh, it just doesn’t feel right.” When in all Truth I was just too afraid to leap, to afraid to trust, to afraid to LIVE.

Today, Zach has become my hero. Today, my dear brothers and sisters who returned to Non-Physical once again reminded me that, although we are Eternal beings, I still must jump no matter how scary it may seem. Today they reminded me that my life purpose is exactly what I say it is. Today they reminded me that I must always be true to my heart, speak from my heart, act from my heart, and live from my heart. They reminded me that I am still here for a reason! They reminded me that rejection never lasts, but uplifting the hearts of others always will.

Zach’s message was that of this day, this hour, this minute, this moment and to live fully from this moment!!! Do not hesitate to experience life…the time will never be right! The time is never going to be right for me to ask a girl out, the time will never be right to buy a car, the time will never be right to ask for a promotion, the time will never be right…because the only right time is always NOW! Now is the time for honesty, Now is the time for kindness, Now is the time for leaping, Now is the time for acting, Now is the time for singing, and dancing, and…and…and…and…and for Love! It is right Now! Zach reminded me of that!

I am so grateful to Zach and for sharing his journey. I am so grateful for all my brothers and sisters who have returned Home and yet continue to guide me so that I may fulfill OUR purpose. I am so grateful for those of you who read these and find Your Truth amidst them. I am grateful for this moment Now…I am grateful because I’ve once again remembered how to LIVE through the inspiration of another. I’ve remembered what truly being the Light looks like! Thank you Zach…thank you so much for your Light, for your beauty, and for your Love!

With ALL My Love,
Zach IAM


Here is Zach’s story:


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