Claim Your Divine Right…Now


Hello my Lovelies,

I am sitting here looking out the window, enjoying the birds fly around, tasting the delicious flavor of my weekly vegan burrito, and my attention is brought to my dear little brother,Trevor, who I just went to see at the hospital and who is still there unable to talk, exhausted, with his head perched upon his hands, a pose I know all too well from my past.

As I sit here Divinity whispers in my ear, “You are are here now my child, you can taste, you can see, you can walk, you are strong, you are sharing OUR message.”

I write this to ask you where you are? While you are eating are you truly eating or is your mind among your worries? While you are walking are you feeling the earth below your feet or are you concerned with your tasks that lay ahead? While you are speaking with a friend or lover are you experiencing them in their brand new presence or are you frustrated about your work day and how difficult it was 5 hours ago?

I ask these questions because these moments remind me that I am here now, for all the times I should have died and for all the reasons I should be dead, I am here now. YOU are here now. You have overcome obstacles greater than you ever realized that you could climb over. Yet with all the Power that we know we truly are, we deny it.

We question our strength and wherewithal, and succumb to the illusory fears we have been told to accept. Do not question your Power, do not question your Divinity, listen to the Voice-without-sound and remember who you are.

Remember that although it may seem hard you are always supported by Spirit. That even though it may be difficult it could always be worse. You could be forced to reside in a hospital where you can barely lift your head. You are here now free to experience the world, free to experience the whole Universe exactly as you choose.

Be grateful for the gift of this present moment. Be grateful for the ability to smile and dance. Be grateful for the ability to read this and to do whatever it is you so choose. And as you feel that gratitude and Power, be strong enough to act with it filling your heart!

Claim your right as an extension of God to experience the totality of life. Claim your right to spread Love everywhere and to recognize Divinity within every form! Claim your right to BE Happiness, to BE Truth, to BE Love. Claim your right to be the gift to the world that you truly are! Do not just exist my friends, Live Life with a heart full of Presence and gratitude!

With All My Love,
Zach IAM


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