What Are You Running From?


Hello My Lovelies,

I have a simple question to ask those reading this…WHAT ARE YOU RUNNING FROM?

Honestly, this is a question for my more “spiritual” friends, but what are you running from? No, actually this is a question for anyone who is now reading this…what are you running from? I see it so often…I want happiness, I want peace, I want a family, I want a loving relationship, I want to be in the 5th dimensional experience, but in the midst of that beauty-full glorious asking I really hear…I don’t want to be sad anymore, I don’t want to be stressed anymore, I am tired of being single, I am tired of being treated like dirt, I am tired of the 3rd dimension.

Now these things are completely fine and well, this reality is made to inspire wanting from all of us, wanting so that we may express the beauty-full bounty that is waiting for us to claim is ours…but why do you keep running?

Why are you tired of this 3rd dimension? Why are you tired of being single? Why are you tired of being unhappy? Do you ever ask yourself that question or do you just constantly avoid finding those answers? Do you ever wonder that possibly you are creating that very thing which you are running from? Do you ever wonder if these contrasting experiences are all gifts so that you may become stronger spiritually and in your faith that you are Spirit?

Many people say, I couldn’t possibly have manifested this dis-ease, I could possibly have manifested this car accident, I couldn’t possibly have manifested me hurting my foot, but in all truth you did! You are the creator of your life! No one else has any power over you. The universe simply responds to what you are asking for spiritually. If you are craving excitement, the universe will respond. If you are craving passion, the universe will respond. If you are craving joy, the universe will respond. However, it all depends on the perception you have of the circumstances you are given. It all depends on you!

Now back to the topic, these circumstances are not to be avoided. They are gifts in the form of contrast. In finding yourself unhappy, you can turn your attention towards that which makes you happy. In finding yourself lonely, you can turn your attention towards your image of your perfect relationship.

You will not out-run a tiger, it will always catch you and eventually kill and eat you. Instead, turn  towards the tiger, treat it with Love, with unwavering faith that Spirit will protect you, pet the tiger, give it a few kisses, and then continue on your journey. Do you see?

Recognize that you chose, as a spiritual entity, to embody YOUR body and experience this reality. This was not forced upon you! Nobody held your arm and said, “You will go to earth and you will suffer because that is how it is!” Doesn’t that sound silly?! An omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient being would do that? I don’t know about you but that may be the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard.

You are an extension of God! You are a finger on the hand of God. You came with the intent to experience the contrast of life! To experience the full spectrum of human emotion! You came with the intent to remember that you are a gloriously Divine extension of Source with all the Power that Source possesses! You came with the intent to get dirty and nasty and gritty and cry and laugh and freaky and weird and shake shit up and dance in the rain and….AND JUST TO GET REAL FREAKY NAUGHTY!!! You did not come to play it safe! The lies you were taught to believe about this “one life and that’s all you get” non-sense couldn’t be farther from the truth! You are Eternal! You are Light! You are God!

There is nothing humble about insulting your soul and making yourself believe you’re a sinner! There’s nothing humble about saying, “Oh I’m only human.” Damn right you’re human! You are an extension of the One! The One that is me, the One that is You, the One that is the tree, the dog, the tiger, the rose, the leaf, the cell, the molecule, the atom, You are that which is All-That-Is!!!

So now that you remember who you are, also remember that you didn’t come here to get somewhere else! You came here to experience the totality of life! You came here to have your heart-broken, crushed, stomped on, and torn apart, only to have it mended again by the recognition that it could never be broken, crushed, stomped on, or torn apart, that You have the power to BE Love, that you ARE Love! You didn’t come here to just be happy, you came to get rowdy, scared, fear-full, and depressed, only to remember that those were all illusions, that none of those existed for in your mind. You came to remember that You…Are…Love. You…Are…Happiness. You…Are…Joy.

So remember my brothers and sisters! Remember how bright and Power-full you are! Remember that is not about getting from here to there…because you are wherever you say you are. You are already where you want to be! You need not run from anything, because in running from it you are actually running to it. Find your Presence Now! Recognize that the happiness you seek is already yours! Recognize that the peace you seek is you! Recognize that the relationship you desire is here now! Recognize that your dream lover is already embracing you with their lips. Recognize that it is all now. All that you wish to experience is yours now, it always has been, waiting for you to simply realize it.

“A man once asked Buddha, ‘Buddha, I want more happiness. How do I attain more happiness.’ The Buddha looked at the man lovingly, ‘First remove ‘I’ that is ego, then remove ‘want’ that is craving, and you are left with happiness.”

With All My Love,
Zach IAM


2 thoughts on “What Are You Running From?

  1. Greetings Brother Zach, thank you. This is truly powerful and enlightening. Plus very much so need it. THANK YOU AGAIN FOR SHARING.

    Love & God of light Blessings
    ***TISH MEZELL*****8

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