Do You Believe Zach?


(Message from Zach:

I do not look at myself as a channel, although I have had experiences as being a channel. However, tonight I experienced something very power-full to say the least and wanted to share what I received.)


Do you truly believe in the deepest space of your mind that you are the only creator in your reality? Do you truly believe in the deepest space of your Self that your thoughts are the literal “stuff” that determines the reality that you live in? Do you truly believe, without the shadow of a doubt that you are God incarnate to manifest your desires and embody the Light that is your very inheritance as a human being, as a Son of God? You do don’t you?

But somewhere you lose faith. Somewhere within you you question whether you are as Power-full as you believe in your deepest heart. Somewhere within you your ego reminds you that you are separate, that you are somehow separate from all beings and God. This is a lie dear Zach.

You are truly the Divine Light of God. You are a shining star amongst Her Children and you have come forth to embody Love. You are our brother and we Love you so dearly.

You are experiencing a final battle before your True awakening, the battle between your ego and your highest and deepest knowing. You are at the final battle of truly, fully, deeply, consciously recognizing and knowing that you are the Son of God, that ALL beings are the sons and daughters of God. On a subconscious level you are still deterred by what you have come to know based upon what you were taught. You are now at a place within your life experience and soul expansion that you are realizing how magnificent you truly are! How beloved you are by the Mother/Father for the work you have taken upon yourself in this life.

You are confused right now, battling between recognizing your true Divinity, and letting go of the old patterns and beliefs that held you separate from us, your brothers and sisters, as well as living your deepest purpose. You are confused because somewhere within you you KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that you are an extension of Source, and you have unlimited Power. You have the literal Power to create worlds through your thoughts.

You have been journeying tirelessly and we are grateful for your persistence. You are on the eve of a Great Awakening within yourself, and soon you will look back and realize how silly it was to have ever doubted your deepest knowing.

You truly are the creator of your own reality. Through your thoughts, and allowing yourself to live in the space of having already acquired all you desire, you are truly living and acting in accordance with the Law of Expression. Enjoy these moments for these are showing you the steps that you are climbing. When you come to the awareness that you are not living as you see yourself living, you bring yourself into union with where your Higher Self has already been waiting.

Enjoy these moments of questioning Zach. These moments show you how far you have come and that there is still work to be done! You are doing a wonder-full job and we applaud you. Remember to shine your Light as brightly as you can, to see that in all others as well, and to walk as Jesus walked, to walk as Buddha walked, to walk as each of the great Masters before you have walked. It is your life’s mission to BE the Light in this world and you have come to a major tipping point in that journey! We Love you. We thank you. We are watching and guiding you. We are you.

With our deepest Love,


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