I know a boy,
With a heart of great strength,
A boy of twenty-two,
A whole life to gain.

But this boy has a trial,
His body withering away,
His nerves refusing to fire,
Yet his endurance stays.

I know a boy,
But for only a short blip,
This boy has taught me gratitude,
And how to sail on the ship.

I know a boy,
And he has caused me to think,
To keep my eyes open,
Refusing to blink.

For in that moment of time,
When the eyes become closed,
We miss the majesty,
That are the winding roads.

The paths that we travel,
And the flowers on the side,
These are the moments of perfection,
So enjoy the ride.

I know a boy,
A man stronger than the lot,
He holds tightly to hope,
To walk once more is what he has sought.

This boy shows me my woes,
For I drift away from my heart,
Reminded to go within,
Unconscious of his part.

This boy is my example,
Of why I need to thank,
To be reminded of the blessings,
That have always filled my lake.

At times it looked like a pond,
Others a greasy pool,
But always has it been plentiful,
Beyond the mind of the fool.

I know a boy,
Who has been my key,
To recognize my Truth,
To live my Divinity.

This boy has shown my purpose,
Completely known to this soul,
I am grateful for his Presence,
For he has made me whole.

A boy whom I’ve just met,
And yet has alighted my way,
I am honored by his Presence,
He has brought Light to the day.

We must be grateful for our blessings,
We never know when they’ll be gone,
Give thanks and live with joy,
For life has always been a song.

Sing the hymns of Love,
Play the strings of Light,
Give thanks for the other musicians,
Without them it wouldn’t be so bright.

Heed these words,
And take them into your abode,
They will be received differently,
But still part of our road.

Dedicated to a young man who has made me fully realize my purpose even deeper than I could have known and showing strength and perseverance that only an advanced soul could demonstrate




I want to know you.
I want to search the depths of your soul,
Every heart break and every let down,
I want to experience your Presence.

I want to move beyond every callous and scar burned into your mind by every man that has let you down,
And I want to heal those wounds with every word, with every touch, with every kiss, and bring you back up.

I want to know you…

I want to know you beyond the mask you put on day to day,
The mask this lost society has taught you to wear,
I want to witness the Light of your heart,
The Light that finally gets to make it’s entrance into the world that so dearly has been asking you to show.

I want to speak to the rhythms of your soul,
The gentle flow of life that so beautifully moves through you.
The current that has fought its way forth through all the darkness that seemed to bear no way out,
The stream that so gently moves its way closer and closer to breaking down the walls of the men of your past.

I want to know you…

You see, I want to know you beyond the grace you wear so well,
I want to look into your eyes for hours and let them tell me the story of your life,
The ups and downs, the fear, the Love, I want it all.

I want to soak you in the Love of the Creator,
Softening every sadness, every heartbreak, every insecurity.
Until that Love has surrounded you and filled you so deeply,
That there is no way you would ever be able to deny the perfection that you truly are.

I want to know you…

I want to stand at the foot of your throne,
Bowing down to the Goddess that I see before me,
The embodiment of Divinity, the giver of Life,
I want to worship your very essence, breathe in the gift of your Love.

I want to know you…

You know they say that behind every heart lies the seat of the soul, but that’s not true,
Because when I look at you, when I stare into your eyes, our souls unite…right in front of me.

Zach ❤


These words are empty,
They represent no-thing,
If they do not cause you to feel,
The have no meaning.

For there are those who are dying,
And those who won’t live,
Yet we stand by and do naught,
As if we having nothing to give.

I do not speak,
To you who will read.
I speak to myself,
For I have Love to breed.

Yet I sit and I write,
And I think deep within,
A young girl has inspired me,
A girl no more than ten.

For this young girl spoke great words,
To a throng full of men.
She opened their hearts with her Presence,
A girl no more than ten!!!

Men dressed with their helmets,
Hands close to their guns,
Men fighting for the belief,
That they are saving their sons.

These beliefs that they hold
Are valid and true,
But do the guns that they hold
Possess Power to you?

You see these words have no meaning,
If only you are called to change,
A transmutation of your heart,
A shout to reduce others’ pain.

You see that girl lives in fear,
As do the men with their metal,
We all hurt inside,
But with this should we settle?

I can write here all night,
Live the day with great joy,
Yet amongst the great rock,
Fear fills a young buy.

Nay, these men are filled as well,
Though they hide with solemn masks,
Can we not change these situations,
“Is it possible?” we ask.

I will not inspire you tonight,
For these words are but shallow,
But we must look within our Selves,
We must trust that and follow.

These borders that separate,
Are mans’ ignorant design,
Not knowing that we have been
Brothers and sisters the whole time.

This color of your skin,
The dogma you choose to subscribe,
It is not who you are,
It is the vessel for the ride.

That young girl of ten,
She has changed my heart,
It is about coming together,
Not drifting apart.

Yet these words are hollow,
For they will not change your mind,
But the actions of that young girl,
Please give her your time.

Change is not possible,
It is an imminent truth,
We must drift towards Love,
In which exists no roof.

It must fill us up,
Until we are whole and true,
We must speak with this Eternalness,
Act from it too.

These words are barren,
For they will always be,
Until we consciously choose,
To open our hearts and see.

I write here tonight,
Because I See that young girl,
Her actions speak volumes,
Which can truly change the world.

I will do my best,
To follow her lead,
But I am only one aspect of Truth,
It is all of you who we need.

One act of kindness,
Can change what is feared,
10,000 acts of kindness,
Will bring heaven here.

Can you imagine a world,
Where we live from our hearts?
Can you imagine that world?
Well then shouldn’t we start?

Yet these words are vacant,
The meaning is yours,
Will you decide to choose Love,
Will we change our stars?

You see this life is a gift,
To many that means naught,
Yet you are breathing and walking,
Which to many is sought.

You have food in your pantry,
You have clothes on your back,
While many are worrying,
“When’s the next attack?”

We have been instructed to fight,
That difference should be fought.
Forget what you have learned,
Delete what you’ve been taught.

You sisters may pray different,
Your brothers another color,
But all our great Masters spoke,
“To Love one another!”

Not to accept them with malice,
And pray they will be saved,
But to Love them unconditionally,
For in Spirit’s image they are made.

There is no man in the sky,
Nor a traitor, 666,
But an omnipresent Zephyr,
Who’s Love pervades the mix.

But tonight I am sorry,
For no upliftment will be found,
For our hearts are in the past,
Our feet not on the ground.

We must bring ourselves back here,
To that omnipresent place,
Where our actions follow our hearts,
To that innate Divine space.

From that space we shall take action,
And from there inspire another,
Continuing to walk this path,
Until we are all seen as brothers.

But again these words are empty,
For only you can give them meaning,
Our words have great Power,
And yet we become so numb to what we’re saying.

I heard that in a song,
And it rang true beyond belief,
Because tonight these words are yours,
So I’ll suffice to make it brief.

Remember there is pain,
In all the eyes you meet,
Show them an act of kindness,
Help them to their feet.

All around the world,
There is suffering hard and deep,
So change your words and actions,
Help them up the mountain which at times looks too steep.

If you have eyes to read this now,
You can know that you are blessed.
If you have a home that you can sleep in,
Be grateful you can rest.

Lastly, my words are empty,
Yet I hope they caused you to think,
This thing called life’s a gift,
It’ll be over in a blink.

So while you’re here open your heart to others,
For you are needed more than ever,
The Universe NEEDS your Love, words, and actions,
So we can live Lovingly on this rock together.


All My Love,

Zach IAM



Are you here for Love or are here for fear?
For those with hearts open, let them hear.

You have come for laughter, yet also for pain,
You have forgotten this Truth, so remember again.

This journey called Life will throw you ’round,
Do not get scared by the falls, for that is where You will be found.

Though the ups may seem joyous and the downfalls too hard,
By remembering your Core, you will not drift afar.

You see my dear child, you have come for a ride,
Though at times you will want off, stay strong and hold tight.

Because as you remember, you are the creator of it all,
No longer will the heights hamper your fall.

You will jump from great peaks, knowing that all will be well.
For there you will remember that you always lept, never fell.

From this space of mind, you sing the joys of the heart,
You were never a victim, but a joyous Creator from the start.

No words will convey the Truth only you can know from life,
It is not a race to the finish, but a game enjoyed through strife.

You are the spark of the Divine, the Light of the Source,
You are needed more than ever, to return to your course.

The world is not set up, for goodness and bad,
It is here for creation, to manifest what is yet to be had.

For in your understanding of Truth, and your breathing into the Flame,
God may now experience Itself, and all be returned to It’s name.

No wars are needed, nor a fight over perspective,
The Universe exists unto itself, and ALL should be respected.

The great Masters have taught, that all Beings are Divine,
That all beings are united, across all space and time.

But this you must remember, so that we can experience true Love,
All things are below, as they are up above.

For this great Truth will span all intellectual thought,
It shall be felt in the heart, in the ego it is not.

Please remember these words, my dear brethren of the Light,
For all of us shall remember, that within holds this sight.

All My Love,
Zach IAM