I know a boy,
With a heart of great strength,
A boy of twenty-two,
A whole life to gain.

But this boy has a trial,
His body withering away,
His nerves refusing to fire,
Yet his endurance stays.

I know a boy,
But for only a short blip,
This boy has taught me gratitude,
And how to sail on the ship.

I know a boy,
And he has caused me to think,
To keep my eyes open,
Refusing to blink.

For in that moment of time,
When the eyes become closed,
We miss the majesty,
That are the winding roads.

The paths that we travel,
And the flowers on the side,
These are the moments of perfection,
So enjoy the ride.

I know a boy,
A man stronger than the lot,
He holds tightly to hope,
To walk once more is what he has sought.

This boy shows me my woes,
For I drift away from my heart,
Reminded to go within,
Unconscious of his part.

This boy is my example,
Of why I need to thank,
To be reminded of the blessings,
That have always filled my lake.

At times it looked like a pond,
Others a greasy pool,
But always has it been plentiful,
Beyond the mind of the fool.

I know a boy,
Who has been my key,
To recognize my Truth,
To live my Divinity.

This boy has shown my purpose,
Completely known to this soul,
I am grateful for his Presence,
For he has made me whole.

A boy whom I’ve just met,
And yet has alighted my way,
I am honored by his Presence,
He has brought Light to the day.

We must be grateful for our blessings,
We never know when they’ll be gone,
Give thanks and live with joy,
For life has always been a song.

Sing the hymns of Love,
Play the strings of Light,
Give thanks for the other musicians,
Without them it wouldn’t be so bright.

Heed these words,
And take them into your abode,
They will be received differently,
But still part of our road.

Dedicated to a young man who has made me fully realize my purpose even deeper than I could have known and showing strength and perseverance that only an advanced soul could demonstrate



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