Are you here for Love or are here for fear?
For those with hearts open, let them hear.

You have come for laughter, yet also for pain,
You have forgotten this Truth, so remember again.

This journey called Life will throw you ’round,
Do not get scared by the falls, for that is where You will be found.

Though the ups may seem joyous and the downfalls too hard,
By remembering your Core, you will not drift afar.

You see my dear child, you have come for a ride,
Though at times you will want off, stay strong and hold tight.

Because as you remember, you are the creator of it all,
No longer will the heights hamper your fall.

You will jump from great peaks, knowing that all will be well.
For there you will remember that you always lept, never fell.

From this space of mind, you sing the joys of the heart,
You were never a victim, but a joyous Creator from the start.

No words will convey the Truth only you can know from life,
It is not a race to the finish, but a game enjoyed through strife.

You are the spark of the Divine, the Light of the Source,
You are needed more than ever, to return to your course.

The world is not set up, for goodness and bad,
It is here for creation, to manifest what is yet to be had.

For in your understanding of Truth, and your breathing into the Flame,
God may now experience Itself, and all be returned to It’s name.

No wars are needed, nor a fight over perspective,
The Universe exists unto itself, and ALL should be respected.

The great Masters have taught, that all Beings are Divine,
That all beings are united, across all space and time.

But this you must remember, so that we can experience true Love,
All things are below, as they are up above.

For this great Truth will span all intellectual thought,
It shall be felt in the heart, in the ego it is not.

Please remember these words, my dear brethren of the Light,
For all of us shall remember, that within holds this sight.

All My Love,
Zach IAM




There is a force in this world, in this Universe, in this thing we call Life, that is far more power-full than we realize.

This has been a topic I have been truly meditating on for the last week and I realized today that I should write about what wants to come through me.

You see, this physical world that we seem to experience is a beauty-full gift. These vessels that carry us through time and space are a beauty-full gift. Our ability to experience all that this reality has to offer is a beauty-full gift. But many of us have lost sight of that, have we not? We have forgotten who we are. We have forgotten the all-encompassing beauty that surrounds us, that is within us, at all times.

Most human beings move through life as if it is a means to an end. “If I act good and righteously now, then when I die I can go to heaven,” they think. Is this not more true than we realize? Many of us who call ourselves “spiritual” may still feel that way. “I want to go home!” we cry. “This pain from this lover is too much to bare!…My body vessel is too sick for me to carry on!…I feel so alone I want to be with my true family!…” Do we not find ourselves doing this at times?

We must remember, and remind ourselves constantly, that each of us CHOSE to be here at this time and space. We made a conscious CHOICE from a Higher Perspective, from Non-Physical, to come forth into these beauty-full vessels and experience, and CREATE, all that this physical experience had to offer. However, we move through life as if life is just happening to us. We break up with a partner, we get sick, we lose our job, all the while blaming some “God” we don’t understand, or saying that the world is just unfair.

We rarely take the perspective of our Higher understanding. We rarely look through the eyes of our True Self, of our Divine Self, and consciously accept the fact that we create every experience we have. We rarely accept the fact that there is a force so incredibly potent that it not only directs all of Life, but is all of Life. And almost never do we realize that that very force is moving through, and within, us by virtue of the thoughts we hold.

An example of forces if I may…
Right now, in this very moment, we are floating on a rock in the middle of nowhere. For a minute imagine you are the sun looking at earth. Earth is literally a rock floating in space, there is nothing holding it there other than an unknown force, right? Do you understand that force? Do you understand how the earth and all the other planets are not falling out of orbit around the sun, other than this unknown force? I sure as heck don’t!
Another example…
Right now, in this very moment, an unknown force is holding your vessel in contact with the ground. Again, if you look at the earth from the sun’s perspective, your body could be on the bottom side of the earth right now, yet there is a force that is holding your body from just falling out into the nothingness of space. What is that force? Obviously we call it gravity, but what does that mean? You literally are upside down right now from the perspective of the sun and yet you remain grounded to the earth.

These forces are far more power-full than simply giving them the title of “gravity” and whatever else force is holding earth in orbit. Without these forces that govern your very life you would not be able to experience the beauty of this world. You do not fully understand these forces yet you abide by them do you not? Similar to these forces are the power-full forces of your thoughts. Many of you may have heard of the Law of Attraction, but the term I heard and like to call it is the Law of Expression.

The Law of Expression is the universal law that states that the Divine Principle, God, is experiencing life through you and expressing itself through you in the form of your thoughts, words, actions, and therefore manifestations. It created Itself in the form of you so that it could experience Itself again and again through fresh experiences and new eyes. Your eternal soul IS that aspect of yourself that is the True You, your Higher Self, and is your God Self. The Divine Mind, does not care which experiences you have because It knows that all is well. Divine Mind does not question if there are dark forces because it knows that no plethora of darkness and ever impede on the Light. When a match is lit, it alights a dark room every time.

So if Divine Mind does not care which experiences you have, it is all really up to you to bring new life into the world. Every time you give rise to a new fresh desire, a new fresh wanting, Divine Mind says, “Yes! I like this idea and I want to experience through your eyes my beauty-full child!” And so as you hold true to that thought Divine Mind begins to align all of your experiences so that It can experience that through you!

The problem is is that few of us truly believe this force exists. The force that governs worlds, and directs all things is within you for you to use at your disposal. Just like gravity, you may not fully understand it, but nonetheless your life is governed by it and you abide by this Law whether you are conscious of it or not.

The reason you want to be in a relationship so badly is because Source, God, wants to experience that through you! The reason you want a healthy body so badly is because Source, your Higher Self, wants to experience that through you. The reason you want to have financial abundance is because Spirit wants to experience that through you. The reason you want to help others so badly is because Spirit wants to experience that through you. In allowing God, your Higher Self, to move through you through the thoughts you hold, the words you speak, and the actions you take, the whole of the Universe expands. You are now giving humanity and the Universe a gift by simply holding true to knowing that your thoughts are expressing God.

There is a force is this world that is more power-full than we can comprehend. There is a force in this world that is creative beyond recognition. There is a force in this world that has the ability to bring peace to all beings. There is a force in this world that sees all beings and things as extensions, expressions, of the One. There is a force in this world that is Love. This force in this world is You.

May you remember that all of your days!

All My Love,

Zach IAM


As we continually remember that we are extensions of Source (Divine Principle), not separate from it but One with it, we are less likely to judge our experiences as good or bad. We understand that as an extension of Source we have come forth to experience the full spectrum of human emotions, and consciously experience them fully. To be a witness of the emotions occurring rather than feeling they are an external force pressed upon us. We understand that we are all of, and one with, the One. From this perspective experiences no longer become good or bad, but rather adventures to be had, even for the most minute moment. As we remember who we are and why we are here, life begins to open up and we can then begin to live fully instead of just exist. It is all a ride in this beautiful vessel known as the human body.
All My Love! ♥ ♥ ♥

Zach IAM

Why Do You Fear?


Love - Fear

What are you afraid of my dear friends? Not spiders, not heights, but why are you afraid to open your awareness? I ask you this question genuinely and for you to determine yourself. why are you afraid? Why will you not allow yourself to open your awareness to the possibility that you are an unlimited being capable of the most wonderful feats? Why are you afraid to look beyond the veil of illusion?

I ask you these questions because I once asked myself these questions, and I still ask myself these questions from time to time. We all must ask ourselves these questions if we are to begin living the life that we know is possible for us. We must not get lost on the reason for the fear, but simply acknowledge it and understand it so that we may move past it.

Why are you afraid to look beyond the illusory qualities that designate a person’s worth? To see that no material characteristics can equal the worth of the Truth? Material worth does not designate a spiritual being’s wealth. And yet I see so many of us chasing an illusion that does not fulfill the soul. Yes, unfortunately at this time in this reality money is needed to fulfill the basic necessities to sustain an earthly body. But does always chasing that fulfill your soul?

We work so hard on demonstrating an image, an idea, through our bodies that we forget to sustain our true selves, our inner selves. We buy certain clothes, we do our hair a certain way, we workout and diet to alter our body temple, never realizing that all the time we spent designing and rebuilding the temple we have forgot what the temple was intended for.

What are you afraid of? Why do you refuse to question the reality you live in? Why do you refuse to believe that love will always conquer all. Not romantic love, but the very substance that is the Universe. Why do you refuse to entertain the thought that you are the highest expression of God, that you are God? What are you afraid of?

Why do you refuse to question a system that seeks to enslave you? Nature knows no money. Animals do not exist in a pay for service system. Why do you refuse to question who you are? You are an eternal expression of God that has come forth into this reality to experience it’s fullness. If the system does not support that, then don’t you ever wonder why? What are you afraid of?

If this is the one chance you get, what are you doing to leave behind a better society for those who will come after you? What are you afraid of? What are you afraid of? What are you afraid of?!?!?!

It is a simple choice…between fear and Love. It is YOUR choice. You can continue to see the world as the TV tells you to…seeing what’s new in fashion, the “health scares” that are going around, living vicariously through a rich actor or actress. Or, you can begin to live your life…engaging in conversation with new friends, helping a community organization, listening and/or making beautiful music, dancing, closing your eyes and feeling your breath, listening within for the answers to your unlimited potential. It is a simple choice…between fear and Love.

Question your fears. When you understand them, you realize they exist only in your perception of a limited Universe. We are unlimited! We are eternal! We are Love! Feel that and know that for yourself…cultivate that knowing. We are Love.

With All My Love,
Zach Iam

How To Live Life Fully…



Fall down hard,
Get up gently,
Laugh uncontrollably,
Cry hysterically,
Shoot for the stars,
Love unconditionally,
Take the leaps,
Enjoy the falls,
Don’t be so serious,
Be light,
Make new friends,
Hug your neighbor,
When you find your lover, hold on,
When the passion is gone, let go,
Kiss with your eyes closed,
Gaze with your heart open,
Don’t worry about others’ opinions,
Understand yourself,
Exude compassion,
Smile ecstatically,
Wonder magically,
Sing as loud as possible,
Dance with all your fierce-ness,
Wake up early,
Sleep in late,
Listen to your heart,
Follow your gut,
Make a path for others to follow,
Follow the paths of the greats,
Smell the roses,
Avoid the farts,
Talk with your family,
Be silent in your mind,
Face the fear,
Appreciate the wounds,
Speak with passion,
Listen with openness,
Jump for joy,
Walk with purpose,
And let your Light shine!

In the end it won’t matter how much money you’ve accumulated or the hearts you’ve broke, but in the hearts you touched and the moments that left you in awe.


All My Love,


I’m not special!

Appreciation, Hope, Joy, Love

I was told the other day that I was special. I had shared my beliefs, and adversities that I’ve experienced in my life, with a woman and she told me I was special. I thought for just one second and replied with a smile, “I’m not special, I’m stubborn.”

There is nothing special about me. At my core I am no different from that woman, nor am I any different from any of you reading this. We are all made in the image and likeness of One creator, One substance, that pervades each one of us.

All I have done in my life is to be as stubborn as possible and refuse to accept the opinions of others that do not resonate with my heart. That doesn’t mean I haven’t listened to the opinion of others, it means that I have not allowed their opinions to affect the knowing I felt in my heart.

I am asked quite frequently, “How are you so happy?” And the answer is quite simple, I have refused to let the words and actions of others affect the happiness I wanted to feel. I am happy because I consciously find things to be happy about. I am happy because I have practiced listening to my gut. I am happy because I choose to be happy and not let anyone affect that.

I am not special. The Life Force that pervades every atom of my being is the same exact Life Force that pervades every atom of your being! We are One! I am you, you are me! I am not monetarily rich, I do not have the best body, I am not in a romantic relationship, and yet I feel happy simply because I choose to be.

I am not special, I am no different from you. I hear it all the time, “Zach, why are you always smiling? Every time I see you you are always happy and smiling.” Well, you guessed it…I choose to smile. It is not something that is pressed upon me because I am in Divine favor. I am smiling because I have so much to be grateful for! I am smiling because I know that you are just as wonderful and beautiful and Divine as I am. I am smiling because although experiences in this life seem tough, we always get past them and are better off for having experienced them.

I am not special. “Zach, why are you so positive all the time?” Why aren’t you positive all the time? I understand that there is suffering occurring in this world, poverty, hunger, so many atrocities. However, when I see that I do not dwell on where my brothers and sisters are suffering, I see them thriving. I ask myself what can I do to better their situation? Should I pity these people or should I acknowledge the abundance and ecstasy I wish my brothers and sisters to experience and let that inspire me to make a change? Out of the depths of darkness these people, our brothers and sisters, experience they grow strong! Their strength is unlike that of many of us who have never experienced such atrocities. So why shouldn’t I be positive? The suffering people go through strengthens them emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, and from that perspective I will find what I can do to help them.

So, as you can see, I am not special. I have experienced a similar amount of suffering as you. I have dealt with death, dis-ease, heart-break, physical ailments, emotional turbulence, mentally instability, just as we all have. All I have done was been stubborn towards the opinions of others if it insulted my soul. We are free! Truly unlimited beings, able to consciously imagine and bring forth anything we choose, and yet we fall short. We fall short because we allow others to insult our soul, our heart’s beliefs.

Do you want to be happy? Do you want to smile? Do you want to be positive? Then stop allowing the opinions of others to continually insult your soul. You do not need anyone to approve of your dreams or heart’s desires…you simply need the strength and faith to say, “I will because my heart says so.” And then all those outside voices will quiet while you begin to live your dreams.

But you know what, I am special…and you are special…and you are special…and you…and you and yes! Even you!!! We are the children of Divinity. Each one of us connected and yet perfectly individual and unique!!! We are special!!! So let’s begin to walk like it!! Let’s begin to act like we’re special!! Let’s begin to talk like we’re special!!! Let’s begin to treat each other with the kindness and Love that we are all special!! When we are all able to recognize how special and perfect we truly are is a day that is soon upon us!! So let us get started now and let every one else know how truly special they are as well!!! I love you all so very dearly and am so excited to see our unfolding!!

With All My Love,


Present the Package

Appreciation, Hope, Joy, Love, Self-Realization

Lately I have been working on a very important idea that I think we can all benefit from. It is similar to that old saying, “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.”

We all hear that but how many of us actually practice that saying? Truthfully, we all want everybody to be like us! We want everybody to believe what we believe, think like we think, act like we act, eat like we eat, and so on and so forth. We are not content allowing others to chose the path they wish to take and walking our path simultaneously. We want to drag them on our path with us. We think we know better than that person and that our Truth is the ultimate Truth and if others don’t feel the same they are surely wrong. And then arguments ensue, and fighting, and then on a grand scale wars happen, and all that silly stuff; all because we were too close-minded to allow others to walk their own path. Why do we maintain this egocentric behavior when it does nothing but hurt others and cause us suffering?

We must let go of the fact that we are always right. Most of us think we are right simply because of what we have been told, or what we have learned, we have not done the work ourselves to look for the answers within. Our greatest teachers at times come from the most unsuspecting people, places, and events. However, if we are always so close-minded to the fact that others cannot teach us, we will always reside in the place of stagnation and resistance. We are all student-teachers, forever learning and instructing at the same time, yet if we feel that a child cannot teach us anything because we have been manifest in this reality longer, we shut ourselves off from the potential lessons we could learn from their playful nature. We must keep an open awareness so that we can fully learn and embrace all the wonderful lessons life has in store for us.

When it comes to being a teacher, we must realize that our responsibility is to present others with the wisdom we have awakened if they are asking for it. It is NOT our responsibility to enforce our views or beliefs on someone, many times our beliefs have come from a place of misunderstanding and that simply leads to more misunderstanding. To become a True teacher for friends, family, children, acquaintances, the world, whoever it may be, we must first do the work ourselves. We must look to the Spirit or Higher Self within and receive the answers there. This is not the mind or the ego, but the Self that is beyond the mind and ego. The Self that is the Divine Son or Daughter of God. That extension of God that is within. The perceiver of the experiences, the looker behind the eyes, our True Self. Yes, this takes practice, practice of understanding that the Self is the Truth and the ego is that which judges. However, as we continue to raise our sight to the Highest within ourselves through our thoughts, we lift our awareness to that state of connection and Oneness. From there can we be the ultimate teacher for our fellow Spirit brothers and sisters, to provide them with that wisdom they are needing in the times of asking.

As a teacher we must also present that wisdom and allow them to accept it or not if they choose. I had an analogy I felt was more fitting than leading a horse to water, but that it is like this…it is as if we are presenting our brothers and sisters with a package at their home and we begin to knock on the door. Nobody answers so we continue to knock. As we knock and knock our knuckles begin to bleed, then break, then we switch hands. As we knock with the other hand the same happens, and we are left with both our hands bloody and broken. We must leave the package at the doorstep and knock once and when our brothers and sisters are ready for the wisdom they will open the door and open the package. In presenting someone with the wisdom and making them receive it we just hurt ourselves. We must leave it for them to receive and continue on our path delivering packages to others who are also asking.

We first must assess ourselves and ask if what we believe uplifts us and makes our heart sing or if it is what we have learned. We then must do the work to change or strengthen those beliefs. And when we understand that as we connect with our Higher Self, with Spirit, that we can then consciously choose to be of service to others through the Wisdom we have awakened. In forcing others to believe as we do, we do nothing for their growth, nor allow them to expand as they wish and is their God-given right! We are all free to think, act, and speak as we choose and as such we must be the model for others. In thinking, speaking, and acting in a way that resonates with our heart, with God/Spirit, we invoke our Divine inheritance and we can then inspire those around us to choose that path as well.

“The healer is the man/woman that can inspire faith.” – Jesus

With All My Love,


Breaking the Shell

Appreciation, Hope, Joy, Love, Self-Realization

The month of September was quite a whirlwind. Everything seemed to fall apart. Absolutely EVERYTHING! My job came to a complete standstill, I injured my shoulder, and someone from my past made a re-entrance into my present. It made me wonder…why in the world is everything falling apart and going into this crazy whirlwind when I feel that I am doing everything correctly? Even though everything was crumbling around me I still had a sense of peace and centeredness, which didn’t make very much sense to me. Then I read something which Cynthia Occelli said, “”For a seed to achieve it’s greatest expression, it must come completely undone. The shell cracks, it’s insides come out and everything changes. To someone who doesn’t understand growth, it would look like complete destruction.”

That quote is absolutely true and came at the perfect time. I can see so many around me, myself included, that on the surface would seem like everything was falling apart! However, as I look at the deeper meaning there is much more going on than we recognize. Our True purpose is breaking free of the shell and all of the things that kept us encapsulated are breaking apart. I realized that I was, and sometimes still do, look at the situation from a very limited point of view. I only see what is happening on the surface, rather than diving deep into the depths so that I can look up and realize that the tiny changes on the surface are nothing compared to the vast depths of the stillness and perfect silence. Yet sometimes it seems difficult to dive down when the surface feels more safe. It is a practice of learning to go deeper rather to hang out on the surface, where we think everything is happening, when in reality it is the tip of the iceberg.

Our minds like to think we have all the answers, when in reality our minds simply deter us from the Truth. The Truth can only be known through our hearts, to follow the guidance we are being given and receive that guidance with an open heart. By over-thinking the pure messages we are receiving through our hearts we distort the message into something we can only perceive with our limited beliefs. We must take our awareness beyond our limited beliefs to that beliefs that we know in our hearts, the God beliefs, the beliefs of unlimited capabilities. We also must allow the shells in our life to fall apart so that we may grow into beautiful trees. If the trees allowed the seeds to encapsulate them forever, we would never perceive the beauty that is a tree. Just as the tree, we must allow the changes to occur so that we can grow into our True Selves, the beings of unlimited potential that is always waiting to be awakened.Image

We are growing into the beautiful beings we are meant to be and it is our choice whether we allow that change to happen or if we resist it? The question we must ask ourselves is, do I want to enjoy the process of change and unfolding or resist it and be upset? Either way it will happen and I for one would like to enjoy the process! I hope you would like to as well.

With All My Love,