Breaking the Shell

Appreciation, Hope, Joy, Love, Self-Realization

The month of September was quite a whirlwind. Everything seemed to fall apart. Absolutely EVERYTHING! My job came to a complete standstill, I injured my shoulder, and someone from my past made a re-entrance into my present. It made me wonder…why in the world is everything falling apart and going into this crazy whirlwind when I feel that I am doing everything correctly? Even though everything was crumbling around me I still had a sense of peace and centeredness, which didn’t make very much sense to me. Then I read something which Cynthia Occelli said, “”For a seed to achieve it’s greatest expression, it must come completely undone. The shell cracks, it’s insides come out and everything changes. To someone who doesn’t understand growth, it would look like complete destruction.”

That quote is absolutely true and came at the perfect time. I can see so many around me, myself included, that on the surface would seem like everything was falling apart! However, as I look at the deeper meaning there is much more going on than we recognize. Our True purpose is breaking free of the shell and all of the things that kept us encapsulated are breaking apart. I realized that I was, and sometimes still do, look at the situation from a very limited point of view. I only see what is happening on the surface, rather than diving deep into the depths so that I can look up and realize that the tiny changes on the surface are nothing compared to the vast depths of the stillness and perfect silence. Yet sometimes it seems difficult to dive down when the surface feels more safe. It is a practice of learning to go deeper rather to hang out on the surface, where we think everything is happening, when in reality it is the tip of the iceberg.

Our minds like to think we have all the answers, when in reality our minds simply deter us from the Truth. The Truth can only be known through our hearts, to follow the guidance we are being given and receive that guidance with an open heart. By over-thinking the pure messages we are receiving through our hearts we distort the message into something we can only perceive with our limited beliefs. We must take our awareness beyond our limited beliefs to that beliefs that we know in our hearts, the God beliefs, the beliefs of unlimited capabilities. We also must allow the shells in our life to fall apart so that we may grow into beautiful trees. If the trees allowed the seeds to encapsulate them forever, we would never perceive the beauty that is a tree. Just as the tree, we must allow the changes to occur so that we can grow into our True Selves, the beings of unlimited potential that is always waiting to be awakened.Image

We are growing into the beautiful beings we are meant to be and it is our choice whether we allow that change to happen or if we resist it? The question we must ask ourselves is, do I want to enjoy the process of change and unfolding or resist it and be upset? Either way it will happen and I for one would like to enjoy the process! I hope you would like to as well.

With All My Love,



2 thoughts on “Breaking the Shell

  1. I was meant to read your wise words of wisdom in my time of need. In April 2010, I was called on by a crow and through my intuition showing me the way I started on my amazing spiritual journey which opened the doors to Universal Laws (Law of Attraction), levels of consciousness and divine purpose of self. Through this, I have founded a charity in order to feed the homeless with my first goal being a mobile soup kitchen. The peace that fills my inner self is of such calm and serenity and the world I live in is filled with a bounty of beauty wherever my eyes behold. The outer world of nature aligns with my true nature and ease of life is a road I walk. I see the sorry souls of many everywhere and I have empathy for them for they know not of the way.
    My relationship of 20 years is now unsteady in my husbands mind fbut with me…everything is fine. I feel great….look better than ever and my intuition and physic levels are rising within myself to a point where I am sometimes unsettled with what I feel inside. I can now feel what people are feeling especially if its negative or bad and this is an unsettling feeling….a gift but unsettling.
    My husband says that I am not the same and am difficult at times…with a nasty temper flaring up and that I am consumed with other things and our realationship is not high on my priority list anymore. My realtionship has always been number 1 and alway will be. I feel as though I am breaking through a mold and everything was fine when I was in my shellas I did my normal routine day in and day out. LIfe was good then but I feel alive now….more than ever.
    I can’t seem to get enough knowledge these days. Television now gives me headaches and the ego that feeds others can make me cringe. I prefer my own company sometimes and silence is a golden gift to my mind as I need it to enliven myself on many levels along with classical and inspiring music.
    I can feel my husbands coldness within his kisses and the sadness he feels shows within his body language, his eyes, sleepless nights along with me feeling through my intuition what he feels. I am broadening my job prospects but feel as though I am flipping around like a fish out of water trying to find my niche. I found through my intuition that creativness within my self through he art of writing…free writing. To my husband…our realtionship is breaking apart at the seams but I am as secure as can be, with no insecurity what-so ever. I love this amazing journey that I am on and I am not going to turn into anybodys opinion for the sake of being another sheep in the herd. I am here for a purpose….am on track….. & I follow the Universe’s amazing signs ( a frog and goldfinch i We, as humans are the most creative genies ever created and when we tap into this pure unlimited potential anything is achievable. So many are like me I believe nd your words and quote have helped me……thank you!

    1. I am glad what was written could help. I am sorry for your relationship struggles but you seem to know what is right for you at this time. You are changing vibrationally, as we all are, and your vibration might not align with your husbands currently, and that is okay. Like the seed, things have to fall apart for us to emerge as the glorious trees we are meant to be. Relationships, are definitely part of the equation. You should continue to follow your heart and your intuition, for that will always lead us to the path of Truth. I can feel your emergence, and also your unsteadiness, or uncertainty with your relationship, but all is well. Your husband must walk his path as well, and if you decide to take separate paths, that is okay. Continue on your path and Light the way for him, and if he decides to remain where he is, that is his choosing and all is well. With Love 🙂

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