I want to preface this post by saying that I am speaking to my brothers with a predominantly masculine essence who are in committed loving relationships with their partner. All beings contain both masculine and feminine essences, however the majority of us predominantly have one or the other. The way to know if you have a masculine essence is to ask yourself, “In a committed, intimate relationship, would I rather be the predominantly ravager or the ravagee?” If you would rather be the ravager, then you more than likely have a predominantly masculine essence. As spiritual beings we chose to come forth into, and experience, a stronger essence, either masculine or feminine, so that we may fulfill the tasks we set for ourselves. As such, brothers, this one’s for you…

As a masculine essence you came forth from Non-Physical, Spirit, Source, Infinite Principle, Good Principle, God Principle, to move through the chaos that is the Feminine energy with fervor, with passion, with skill, with Love. You chose to enter into a masculine essence because you wanted to move through, around, above, below, the obstacles that the feminine essence displayed to you so that you could strengthen your Self. You wanted to strengthen the Active Principle within you so that you may remember that you are God, Spirit, incarnate.

From an unconscious perspective, you chose the partner you are now with because you knew that this partner would be able to challenge you so that you could strengthen your core. You chose this partner because she would cause you to question your self and insure that you grew spiritually. You chose her because somewhere within you, you knew that she could potentially be the Goddess to your God, the queen to your king.

Now brothers, the most important thing I want to relay to you is that if your woman is nagging you constantly, IT IS YOUR FAULT! Very simply, the reason your woman is nagging you is because she no longer trusts you to be her King. She no longer trusts your masculine core. You have become lazy, you have denied your Self, you have stopped giving your gift to the world, and in doing so your woman no longer respects you. It is blunt, but it is true.
If you are with a woman who you were once madly in Love with and could see being with no other woman, yet she constantly nags you, it is your fault!

Your woman’s nagging is an unconscious way of her Feminine challenging your Masculine. More times than you’d realize, our women can see who we are before we can. They can see not only potential within us, but can see that core Masculine strength which we possess. If you are not living up to this core strength which you carry within you at all times, your woman begins to challenge you in order to stimulate your recognition of that.

Some of my brothers will say, “But I’m tired I want to sit down and relax and watch TV.” You have now allowed life to drain you of your inner strength. The reason your sex life has become nothing, like two fishes flopping around out of water together, is because your woman has now had to compensate and dwindle her Feminine essence while taking on more masculine qualities, and that is NOT her responsibility! That’s why she chose YOU! She no longer respects you because you allow this thing you call life to drain you. How are you going to open her to God through your loving if life’s simple experiences drain your Life Force?

In giving in to your woman’s commands you have now relinquished everything that has made you the King in her eyes. A happy wife is NOT a happy life. That is laziness and that is weakness! A woman must respect her man! She must respect that he has the enduring strength to stand in his complete Presence and give his deepest gifts to the world. She must respect that no matter what turmoils might seem to be placed in his path he has the ability to maneuver around them with skill and ease. She must respect that with every challenge she provides him, he will rise to the occasion and stand among the mountain top with Love in his heart and Light from his being.

You can be a stay-at-home dad, while still being able to give your gifts from your deepest heart. It does not matter that you bring home the bacon, it does not matter that you have chest hair and a beard, what matters is that your woman can trust that you will carry her with you to the Peak of Truth….what matters is that your woman respects the Presence with which you stand in every moment of Life…what matters is that you are living true to your Heart so that you may be a guide to others to live from theirs.

My brothers, life is not trying to beat you down, it is challenging to become the man you wished to become as you chose to step forth into this physical vessel. Your woman is an extension of Life. You came forth knowing that you would embody the Active Principle of Life. You knew within the deepest place of your heart that nothing in life could hinder you from giving your gifts. You knew that within you was the Principle that creates worlds, was the Light that could cut through any darkness. You knew that you would choose a partner who would help you remember that and that she would be your most precious gift…for she would see you as the God You are, knowing fully of what you are capable, as you would honor her Goddess.

Remember your strength my brothers. Live true to your heart, for that is where you will remember why you are here, and which gifts you will give. For in your heart you can laugh at the obstacles that enter your path because you embody the Active Principle of God, and nothing can disturb that Presence. Love your woman with the Love that creates worlds. Love your woman that causes Angels to weep. Give your Love to ALL your brothers and sisters. You are One with the Creator, you are that very thing, as is your woman, as are your brothers, as are your sisters. Be You.

All My Love,
Zach IAM


I’m not special!

Appreciation, Hope, Joy, Love

I was told the other day that I was special. I had shared my beliefs, and adversities that I’ve experienced in my life, with a woman and she told me I was special. I thought for just one second and replied with a smile, “I’m not special, I’m stubborn.”

There is nothing special about me. At my core I am no different from that woman, nor am I any different from any of you reading this. We are all made in the image and likeness of One creator, One substance, that pervades each one of us.

All I have done in my life is to be as stubborn as possible and refuse to accept the opinions of others that do not resonate with my heart. That doesn’t mean I haven’t listened to the opinion of others, it means that I have not allowed their opinions to affect the knowing I felt in my heart.

I am asked quite frequently, “How are you so happy?” And the answer is quite simple, I have refused to let the words and actions of others affect the happiness I wanted to feel. I am happy because I consciously find things to be happy about. I am happy because I have practiced listening to my gut. I am happy because I choose to be happy and not let anyone affect that.

I am not special. The Life Force that pervades every atom of my being is the same exact Life Force that pervades every atom of your being! We are One! I am you, you are me! I am not monetarily rich, I do not have the best body, I am not in a romantic relationship, and yet I feel happy simply because I choose to be.

I am not special, I am no different from you. I hear it all the time, “Zach, why are you always smiling? Every time I see you you are always happy and smiling.” Well, you guessed it…I choose to smile. It is not something that is pressed upon me because I am in Divine favor. I am smiling because I have so much to be grateful for! I am smiling because I know that you are just as wonderful and beautiful and Divine as I am. I am smiling because although experiences in this life seem tough, we always get past them and are better off for having experienced them.

I am not special. “Zach, why are you so positive all the time?” Why aren’t you positive all the time? I understand that there is suffering occurring in this world, poverty, hunger, so many atrocities. However, when I see that I do not dwell on where my brothers and sisters are suffering, I see them thriving. I ask myself what can I do to better their situation? Should I pity these people or should I acknowledge the abundance and ecstasy I wish my brothers and sisters to experience and let that inspire me to make a change? Out of the depths of darkness these people, our brothers and sisters, experience they grow strong! Their strength is unlike that of many of us who have never experienced such atrocities. So why shouldn’t I be positive? The suffering people go through strengthens them emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, and from that perspective I will find what I can do to help them.

So, as you can see, I am not special. I have experienced a similar amount of suffering as you. I have dealt with death, dis-ease, heart-break, physical ailments, emotional turbulence, mentally instability, just as we all have. All I have done was been stubborn towards the opinions of others if it insulted my soul. We are free! Truly unlimited beings, able to consciously imagine and bring forth anything we choose, and yet we fall short. We fall short because we allow others to insult our soul, our heart’s beliefs.

Do you want to be happy? Do you want to smile? Do you want to be positive? Then stop allowing the opinions of others to continually insult your soul. You do not need anyone to approve of your dreams or heart’s desires…you simply need the strength and faith to say, “I will because my heart says so.” And then all those outside voices will quiet while you begin to live your dreams.

But you know what, I am special…and you are special…and you are special…and you…and you and yes! Even you!!! We are the children of Divinity. Each one of us connected and yet perfectly individual and unique!!! We are special!!! So let’s begin to walk like it!! Let’s begin to act like we’re special!! Let’s begin to talk like we’re special!!! Let’s begin to treat each other with the kindness and Love that we are all special!! When we are all able to recognize how special and perfect we truly are is a day that is soon upon us!! So let us get started now and let every one else know how truly special they are as well!!! I love you all so very dearly and am so excited to see our unfolding!!

With All My Love,


Breaking the Shell

Appreciation, Hope, Joy, Love, Self-Realization

The month of September was quite a whirlwind. Everything seemed to fall apart. Absolutely EVERYTHING! My job came to a complete standstill, I injured my shoulder, and someone from my past made a re-entrance into my present. It made me wonder…why in the world is everything falling apart and going into this crazy whirlwind when I feel that I am doing everything correctly? Even though everything was crumbling around me I still had a sense of peace and centeredness, which didn’t make very much sense to me. Then I read something which Cynthia Occelli said, “”For a seed to achieve it’s greatest expression, it must come completely undone. The shell cracks, it’s insides come out and everything changes. To someone who doesn’t understand growth, it would look like complete destruction.”

That quote is absolutely true and came at the perfect time. I can see so many around me, myself included, that on the surface would seem like everything was falling apart! However, as I look at the deeper meaning there is much more going on than we recognize. Our True purpose is breaking free of the shell and all of the things that kept us encapsulated are breaking apart. I realized that I was, and sometimes still do, look at the situation from a very limited point of view. I only see what is happening on the surface, rather than diving deep into the depths so that I can look up and realize that the tiny changes on the surface are nothing compared to the vast depths of the stillness and perfect silence. Yet sometimes it seems difficult to dive down when the surface feels more safe. It is a practice of learning to go deeper rather to hang out on the surface, where we think everything is happening, when in reality it is the tip of the iceberg.

Our minds like to think we have all the answers, when in reality our minds simply deter us from the Truth. The Truth can only be known through our hearts, to follow the guidance we are being given and receive that guidance with an open heart. By over-thinking the pure messages we are receiving through our hearts we distort the message into something we can only perceive with our limited beliefs. We must take our awareness beyond our limited beliefs to that beliefs that we know in our hearts, the God beliefs, the beliefs of unlimited capabilities. We also must allow the shells in our life to fall apart so that we may grow into beautiful trees. If the trees allowed the seeds to encapsulate them forever, we would never perceive the beauty that is a tree. Just as the tree, we must allow the changes to occur so that we can grow into our True Selves, the beings of unlimited potential that is always waiting to be awakened.Image

We are growing into the beautiful beings we are meant to be and it is our choice whether we allow that change to happen or if we resist it? The question we must ask ourselves is, do I want to enjoy the process of change and unfolding or resist it and be upset? Either way it will happen and I for one would like to enjoy the process! I hope you would like to as well.

With All My Love,