Tasty little morsel…


Do you ever get moments of clarity from God? I mean simple little things that you would never notice unless you were present and paying attention? Little gifts from that Divine Spirit God right within us? We have all had them just some of us neglect to pay attention…well here is my experience with one just now and I would like to share…

So lately I have been feeling lost and powerless! So certain about something in the depths of my heart and yet the physical manifestation of that is no where in sight. It is actually completely opposite from what my heart and gut says! Now this caused immense confusion for me and has been driving me crazy, but tonight God gave me a tasty little morsel!

You see I have been blaming myself so intently the last month that I forgot to see MY beauty! I have been so hard on myself that I completely forgot how amazing I was!! Yes, I messed up in the past, more so than I ever thought I could or would, hurting someone so close to me that I hurt myself! And I have been so hard on myself and unable to forgive myself that I no longer so my perfection. And I know we all do this, it’s part of learning and being human! πŸ™‚ However, God answered my prayer tonight! God gave me my confidence back! He saw my perfection even when it seemed at times that I had the blinders on! Now I always had my strength and God always allowed me to see it, but it was as if I was on a teeter-totter going back and forth from feeling somewhat in control and okay to completely powerless. So just now I began to see the beauty that lies within me!!! I had been so hard on myself that I had done so many things incorrectly that I forgot all of the things that I do correctly and all the qualities that I possess that make me who I am!! Now this is about to sound cocky but I say these things with the utmost humility…truthfully…I just now feel my strength and power again and want to share so that those who feel like I did regain theirs as well…so here we go!

My perfection immediately lit up my thinking! I truly am perfect for the man I envision myself to be…now that doesn’t mean I’m perfect in your eyes but that does mean that I am perfect for me and in God’s eyes…I am athletic, I am extremely spiritual, I am kind, I love and am great with kids, I play guitar, I dance very well, I am loving, I enjoy cuddling a lot, I am very smart, I help others freely and willingly, I am strong and sure of who I am, I own my own business, I am extremely driven to succeed at whatever I put my mind to, I succeed at whatever I put my mind to ;), I’m funny, I’m outgoing but can relax and enjoy down time, I eat healthy, I wear my heart on my sleeve, I am loyal, I’m a great kisser (well at least I think so ;)), I am passionate about life, I’m adventurous, I love animals, I can heal others through touch, I give incredible massages (been told that too many times ;)), I have a sexy body, I’m handsome, I have a great smile, I’m appreciative, and most importantly I see the light that not only resides within me but within all of us and connects us eternally!!!

So you might be thinking, Zach you are crazy, cocky, egotistical, silly, weird, very different, or whatever the case may be, but I want all of us to start noticing our beauty!!! Make a list of things that you see in your self that make you perfect!!! No matter what anyone else tells you, you ARE PERFECT!!!! It is for you to decide whether or not you see that perfection in yourself!!! God built us in his image!!! God only creates perfection…don’t let your mind/ego disrupt His glorious creation!!!! See the perfect presence within your self and understand that all the qualities you possess make you perfect…look at my list…that makes me perfect and makes me feel better because yes, I have gotten lost from who I am, very very lost, and have disrupted God’s beautiful creation, but I am deciding now to become what God has created me to become…Love and Light!!! So make a list of all the qualities that make YOU perfect…because You are!!!

Thanks for reading!!!

With All My Love,

Zach πŸ™‚

And please share the message so we all start living in absolute perfection!!! πŸ˜€


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