How To Live Life Fully…


Fall down hard,
Get up gently,
Laugh uncontrollably,
Cry hysterically,
Shoot for the stars,
Love unconditionally,
Take the leaps,
Enjoy the falls,
Don’t be so serious,
Be light,
Make new friends,
Hug your neighbor,
When you find your lover, hold on,
When the passion is gone, let go,
Kiss with your eyes closed,
Gaze with your heart open,
Don’t worry about others’ opinions,
Understand yourself,
Exude compassion,
Smile ecstatically,
Wonder magically,
Sing as loud as possible,
Dance with all your fierce-ness,
Wake up early,
Sleep in late,
Listen to your heart,
Follow your gut,
Make a path for others to follow,
Follow the paths of the greats,
Smell the roses,
Avoid the farts,
Talk with your family,
Be silent in your mind,
Face the fear,
Appreciate the wounds,
Speak with passion,
Listen with openness,
Jump for joy,
Walk with purpose,
And let your Light shine!

In the end it won’t matter how much money you’ve accumulated or the hearts you’ve broke, but in the hearts you touched and the moments that left you in awe.


All My Love,



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