Why Do You Want a Relationship?


Very simply, it is because we want to experience another person expressing the way Divine Principle sees us. We want someone to call us beautiful, or smart, or funny, or wonderful, or…you get the picture. Why is it not enough that we see those things in ourselves?

Well, most of us don’t see that we are beautiful, or smart, or funny, or wonderful. We don’t view ourselves that way. We don’t see ourselves that way and when someone comes along saying we’re smart, and attractive, and wonderful we “fall in…” well we fall in something. Sometimes it’s love, sometimes its lust, sometimes that person really is somebody very special who we will share in a beautiful co-creative experience together. However, WHY we enter a relationship is the most important thing we must consider.

The majority of people go in and out of relationships wanting someone to make them feel a certain way. Some people want it to be “in love” so badly that they just jump in to every possible relationship. Some people just want to not feel lonely.

The reason so many relationships fail is because we are constantly asking our partners to make us feel a certain way. We think it is our job to make them feel a certain way, so it should be their job to make us feel a certain way. And then you wonder why you are unhappy and/or your relationships end? It is nobody’s responsibility to make you feel happy! Nor is it your job to make anyone else happy! Even parents…it is not your job to make your children happy. As a parent it is your job to be the best possible example for your child and allow them to make mistakes and grow as you had to make mistakes and learn from them as well. If you are smothering your children you are doing a disservice to them. You are the parent you are today because of your mistakes and the growth you experienced from them…allow your children the same opportunity so they may become just as wonderful as you!

So why do you want a romantic relationship? Have you been thinking about it while reading this?

You must be accepting and loving of yourself before you engage in a partnership with another person. If you want to meet the love of your life, and if you have, continue the relationship you cherish, you must enter into the partnership happy and loving of yourself. Or else your half of the whole, won’t be so much of a half, and your partner will have to fill the gaps. We must begin to look at ourselves as our Higher Self sees us, as God sees us.

When we begin to look at ourselves as beautiful, smart, funny, and wonderful we no longer need anyone else to make us feel that way. When we see ourselves as the magnificent, perfect expressions of Divinity, that is when we can enter into the partnership that will give us all we’ve wished for and more! Do not allow movies to influence you to believe that having another person will make you whole. You are whole! Right now! All you have to do is recognize it! When you see your own beauty and amazing-ness you will walk through the world with that regality. You don’t need somebody else to tell you that, because you already know that.

Your soul is whispering to you how beautiful you are every minute of every day…don’t allow your mind to intrude on that. Accept it! That is God whispering to you, right here, right now, right within you, that you…are…beautiful! Bring that awareness to your experiences.

I do want to say, it is perfectly well that you want to enter into a relationship. We are here in these beautiful temples to experience relationships in all different forms. That is a major part of the human experience. However, be aware of WHY you want to enter into a relationship. When you are aware of why you can then recognize the person who will bring their whole to complete the relationship circle.

With All My Love,



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