Manifest Fast (Law of Attraction and Emotion) [Video]

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Manifest Fast (Law of Attraction and Emotion) [Video]

If you want to manifest faster with the law of attraction you have to understand one thing fully…the importance of the relationship between your thoughts and emotions and how when they are married into the FEELING you will manifest faster than you ever thought possible!

I wanted to clarify this importance and hopefully this understanding of emotion helps you manifest faster with the law of attraction!!

All My Love,

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You Attract Your Vibrational Essence (Law of Attraction)

You attract the vibrational ESSENCE of your thoughts and emotions. The vibrational essence of your thoughts is what is attracting new experiences into your life, not always the exactitude of your thoughts.


Workout of the Day June 25, 2015


Workout of the Day for June 25, 2015

Today’s focus will be on the mental workout 🙂

Mental Workout of the Day:

Today’s mental workout will be focused on playing the “wouldn’t it be nice if…” game. Set a timer for 20 minutes and close your eyes. Say to your self, “Wouldn’t it be nice if…” and finish the sentence with what it is you are desiring. Play this as if you are imagining all the possibilities you have ever desired. Start with the things that you don’t have a lot of resistance against, such as “Wouldn’t it be nice if someone told me I had a nice smile.” Things that really you don’t have a lot of resistance against. As you do this, really feel what it would be like to have someone tell you that you have a nice smile. After you have begun to feel more uplifted move on to the things that you are REALLY desiring. You could say, “Wouldn’t it be nice if I met the perfect partner for me and had a nice conversation with them.” As you play this, remember that it is key to FEEL the feeling of being in the situation, experiencing what it is like to be in actual circumstance. Continue playing this until you are truly feeling better or until the timer goes off.

You can see yesterday’s workout here…

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Journal Entry 3/9/15

The ability of man to make manifest thoughts and desires is unlimited! For the very reason for thoughts and desires is to focus deliberately on those thoughts and allow Source the ability to align all cooperative components in order that those desires may come to fruition! The very reason for having a desire is that the Universe may have that experience through you! The way in which the Divine experiences Itself is through each of us! Without us, without the chaos we produce, life would be all perfect and rainbows all the time which is not the reason for our being. 😉 as nice as that may sound 😉

Manifestations truly are less difficult than we make them. The reason that so many things we desire do not come forth are simply because of the lack of faith that they will come forth. Once you have asked, stretch forth your hand in order that you may receive your blessings, do not go back with a questioning mind and heart and ask amiss. One command is far more than necessary, if that asking is with an open and expectant heart. Expect good from others and you shall receive. Expect fear from others and you shall receive. Expect kindness from others and you shall receive. Expect anger from others and you shall receive. 

What we experience in our lives is in no way an accident. Everything we experience is a result of our thoughts and beliefs. If you believe yourself to be a victor, you will always ring victorious. If you believe yourself a victim, you will always ring victimized. There can be no other way. The fault in others treating us a certain way is not their fault, the responsibility lies wholly with us. Those people are simply mirroring back to us the beliefs that we hold about ourselves. And because of those beliefs our manifestations demonstrate that.
You see, once we acknowledge our complete part in OUR experience we gain freedom! If you want to make more money doing something you love, get your ass out on the street and do it! Don’t blame this person or that person for not giving you a shot or taking what was rightfully yours, allow Source to provide you with the complete and most magical way possible. And don’t for a second question whether you deserve such magic! 
Magic is our divine inheritance. Perfection is our divine inheritance no matter how far others try to sway that. Thank them for their part in your story and move on. Stop going back and allowing yourself to become upset over someone else’s actions, instead thank them for their contribution to your life and see them on their way. If you truly believed in yourself there is nothing anyone else can do to sway you from your path. For you have the support of heaven at your back and the the Angels clearing your path forward.
So the question comes down to…“Do you truly believe in yourself?” Are you willing to bet all the marbles on yourself? To bet that you are supported in every moment from the heavenly Mother/Father that dwells within the seat of your soul? Are you willing to put the money on yourself so that you may succeed? Are you willing to have faith that the Source of your being is guiding you at every moment, and when you have blocked that guidance, are you willing to ask for help? 
Manifesting our reality is our destiny! We do it all the time anyway, would not you rather do it deliberately!? Wouldn’t you rather know that you are not only taking a part, but literally shaping your reality and all cooperative components are moving into synchronicity for you!? Isn’t that a much more fun way of looking at your life? Isn’t it more empowering knowing that you truly are a god in manifest form, moving the light of life through your very being!? That without you this world would cease to be the wonderful, magical place it can and will be? 
Our realities are shaped everyday in relation to the thoughts and beliefs we carry with us. This is law. Don’t you think the best time to start living as free and magically as possible would be now? Don’t you think that the time to reclaim your life is now? Don’t you think that the Divine Principle is dancing and awaiting your return home, your return to that place of awareness and understanding? I know He/She is and I can’t wait for you to see that for yourself! ❤



Journal Entry 3/8/15:

Brothers and sister, do you truly realize your potential? For we have come from the stars, born of the earth, the perfect expression of the Divine Mother/Father, God. We have unlimited potential within us! No other being has more potential that the other, the limitations pressed upon you, by none other than yourself, are not limitations at all. For as children of the cosmos we have unlimited potential within ourselves. The misconception that we have a finite body with limited access to the Divine is hogwash. The Infinite that dwells within the heart, is the Presence that dwells within all. It is the Presence from whence all sprang. From where all life came forth. For through the Consciousness that is God, life came forth. The Consciousness that is God, the stars, the planets, the water, the trees, the bacteria, the sentient beings, the All came forth. For God is not at all as we have conceived Him/Her to be, but rather an illusion that has aimed to quantify It for the sake of our own minds. For God is and always will be unexplained. God is not to be intellectualized, but rather to be lived, to be experienced, To be felt fully in everything. For God is the cry of a newborn, the bud of the new flower, the satisfaction of water quenching thirst, the ecstasy of a lover’s kiss! 

God cannot be removed from who we are, anymore than the ocean can be removed from a cup of sea water. The water in the cup may feel isolated, but the ocean knows that it is always within it.

We are children of the Infinite Creator, made from the very fabric which is that Presence. We are literal extensions, and acting ambassadors of that Presence. We are streams of the same Source. God is so much grander than we could have ever imagined! And as a result of that, WE are so much grander than we could ever imagine!

We have infinite potential within us! We have unlimited abilities! We are capable of all things! We stepped forth as ambassadors of that Presence, knowing that we would eventually remember that Truth! We stepped forth eagerly wanting to be experiencers of all things human, and remember that all things are returned to Her. That any pains, any joys, any sorrows, any triumphs would be for the upliftment of the Whole! For we are not singular entities, but collective extensions! Why do you think we search so long and hard for love!? For someone to accept us as we are! We are here for self exploration and through that exploration to remember that we are all undyingly connected. We are all One. The love we seek will not come from another’s affection, it will come only from the bliss we have when we connect with our deepest Self, our God Self. It will come from the reunion with our deepest heart, and through that searching will come forth our True Partner. 

We have sought so long for peace in our own hearts yet refuse to challenge our own minds. It is time to remember our depths and realize the Trueness of who we are. We are all gods, unified with the one Presence. Not a man in the sky, but an awareness deep within. A consciousness unknown yet felt. A Presence that whispers in the shadows, “Find the Light and there you will find me.” Our time has come to be that which we have looked for. The time has come for us to finally live, and live consciously. No longer going along with the illusion of separation, of fear, of inadequacy, but honoring the sacred temple, our very bodies. The time has come to know that we are infinite. The time has come to know that we are Unlimited. The time has come to know that we are Love. We have returned to remind the world of that, and so it begins ❤



There is a force in this world, in this Universe, in this thing we call Life, that is far more power-full than we realize.

This has been a topic I have been truly meditating on for the last week and I realized today that I should write about what wants to come through me.

You see, this physical world that we seem to experience is a beauty-full gift. These vessels that carry us through time and space are a beauty-full gift. Our ability to experience all that this reality has to offer is a beauty-full gift. But many of us have lost sight of that, have we not? We have forgotten who we are. We have forgotten the all-encompassing beauty that surrounds us, that is within us, at all times.

Most human beings move through life as if it is a means to an end. “If I act good and righteously now, then when I die I can go to heaven,” they think. Is this not more true than we realize? Many of us who call ourselves “spiritual” may still feel that way. “I want to go home!” we cry. “This pain from this lover is too much to bare!…My body vessel is too sick for me to carry on!…I feel so alone I want to be with my true family!…” Do we not find ourselves doing this at times?

We must remember, and remind ourselves constantly, that each of us CHOSE to be here at this time and space. We made a conscious CHOICE from a Higher Perspective, from Non-Physical, to come forth into these beauty-full vessels and experience, and CREATE, all that this physical experience had to offer. However, we move through life as if life is just happening to us. We break up with a partner, we get sick, we lose our job, all the while blaming some “God” we don’t understand, or saying that the world is just unfair.

We rarely take the perspective of our Higher understanding. We rarely look through the eyes of our True Self, of our Divine Self, and consciously accept the fact that we create every experience we have. We rarely accept the fact that there is a force so incredibly potent that it not only directs all of Life, but is all of Life. And almost never do we realize that that very force is moving through, and within, us by virtue of the thoughts we hold.

An example of forces if I may…
Right now, in this very moment, we are floating on a rock in the middle of nowhere. For a minute imagine you are the sun looking at earth. Earth is literally a rock floating in space, there is nothing holding it there other than an unknown force, right? Do you understand that force? Do you understand how the earth and all the other planets are not falling out of orbit around the sun, other than this unknown force? I sure as heck don’t!
Another example…
Right now, in this very moment, an unknown force is holding your vessel in contact with the ground. Again, if you look at the earth from the sun’s perspective, your body could be on the bottom side of the earth right now, yet there is a force that is holding your body from just falling out into the nothingness of space. What is that force? Obviously we call it gravity, but what does that mean? You literally are upside down right now from the perspective of the sun and yet you remain grounded to the earth.

These forces are far more power-full than simply giving them the title of “gravity” and whatever else force is holding earth in orbit. Without these forces that govern your very life you would not be able to experience the beauty of this world. You do not fully understand these forces yet you abide by them do you not? Similar to these forces are the power-full forces of your thoughts. Many of you may have heard of the Law of Attraction, but the term I heard and like to call it is the Law of Expression.

The Law of Expression is the universal law that states that the Divine Principle, God, is experiencing life through you and expressing itself through you in the form of your thoughts, words, actions, and therefore manifestations. It created Itself in the form of you so that it could experience Itself again and again through fresh experiences and new eyes. Your eternal soul IS that aspect of yourself that is the True You, your Higher Self, and is your God Self. The Divine Mind, does not care which experiences you have because It knows that all is well. Divine Mind does not question if there are dark forces because it knows that no plethora of darkness and ever impede on the Light. When a match is lit, it alights a dark room every time.

So if Divine Mind does not care which experiences you have, it is all really up to you to bring new life into the world. Every time you give rise to a new fresh desire, a new fresh wanting, Divine Mind says, “Yes! I like this idea and I want to experience through your eyes my beauty-full child!” And so as you hold true to that thought Divine Mind begins to align all of your experiences so that It can experience that through you!

The problem is is that few of us truly believe this force exists. The force that governs worlds, and directs all things is within you for you to use at your disposal. Just like gravity, you may not fully understand it, but nonetheless your life is governed by it and you abide by this Law whether you are conscious of it or not.

The reason you want to be in a relationship so badly is because Source, God, wants to experience that through you! The reason you want a healthy body so badly is because Source, your Higher Self, wants to experience that through you. The reason you want to have financial abundance is because Spirit wants to experience that through you. The reason you want to help others so badly is because Spirit wants to experience that through you. In allowing God, your Higher Self, to move through you through the thoughts you hold, the words you speak, and the actions you take, the whole of the Universe expands. You are now giving humanity and the Universe a gift by simply holding true to knowing that your thoughts are expressing God.

There is a force is this world that is more power-full than we can comprehend. There is a force in this world that is creative beyond recognition. There is a force in this world that has the ability to bring peace to all beings. There is a force in this world that sees all beings and things as extensions, expressions, of the One. There is a force in this world that is Love. This force in this world is You.

May you remember that all of your days!

All My Love,

Zach IAM