There is a force in this world, in this Universe, in this thing we call Life, that is far more power-full than we realize.

This has been a topic I have been truly meditating on for the last week and I realized today that I should write about what wants to come through me.

You see, this physical world that we seem to experience is a beauty-full gift. These vessels that carry us through time and space are a beauty-full gift. Our ability to experience all that this reality has to offer is a beauty-full gift. But many of us have lost sight of that, have we not? We have forgotten who we are. We have forgotten the all-encompassing beauty that surrounds us, that is within us, at all times.

Most human beings move through life as if it is a means to an end. “If I act good and righteously now, then when I die I can go to heaven,” they think. Is this not more true than we realize? Many of us who call ourselves “spiritual” may still feel that way. “I want to go home!” we cry. “This pain from this lover is too much to bare!…My body vessel is too sick for me to carry on!…I feel so alone I want to be with my true family!…” Do we not find ourselves doing this at times?

We must remember, and remind ourselves constantly, that each of us CHOSE to be here at this time and space. We made a conscious CHOICE from a Higher Perspective, from Non-Physical, to come forth into these beauty-full vessels and experience, and CREATE, all that this physical experience had to offer. However, we move through life as if life is just happening to us. We break up with a partner, we get sick, we lose our job, all the while blaming some “God” we don’t understand, or saying that the world is just unfair.

We rarely take the perspective of our Higher understanding. We rarely look through the eyes of our True Self, of our Divine Self, and consciously accept the fact that we create every experience we have. We rarely accept the fact that there is a force so incredibly potent that it not only directs all of Life, but is all of Life. And almost never do we realize that that very force is moving through, and within, us by virtue of the thoughts we hold.

An example of forces if I may…
Right now, in this very moment, we are floating on a rock in the middle of nowhere. For a minute imagine you are the sun looking at earth. Earth is literally a rock floating in space, there is nothing holding it there other than an unknown force, right? Do you understand that force? Do you understand how the earth and all the other planets are not falling out of orbit around the sun, other than this unknown force? I sure as heck don’t!
Another example…
Right now, in this very moment, an unknown force is holding your vessel in contact with the ground. Again, if you look at the earth from the sun’s perspective, your body could be on the bottom side of the earth right now, yet there is a force that is holding your body from just falling out into the nothingness of space. What is that force? Obviously we call it gravity, but what does that mean? You literally are upside down right now from the perspective of the sun and yet you remain grounded to the earth.

These forces are far more power-full than simply giving them the title of “gravity” and whatever else force is holding earth in orbit. Without these forces that govern your very life you would not be able to experience the beauty of this world. You do not fully understand these forces yet you abide by them do you not? Similar to these forces are the power-full forces of your thoughts. Many of you may have heard of the Law of Attraction, but the term I heard and like to call it is the Law of Expression.

The Law of Expression is the universal law that states that the Divine Principle, God, is experiencing life through you and expressing itself through you in the form of your thoughts, words, actions, and therefore manifestations. It created Itself in the form of you so that it could experience Itself again and again through fresh experiences and new eyes. Your eternal soul IS that aspect of yourself that is the True You, your Higher Self, and is your God Self. The Divine Mind, does not care which experiences you have because It knows that all is well. Divine Mind does not question if there are dark forces because it knows that no plethora of darkness and ever impede on the Light. When a match is lit, it alights a dark room every time.

So if Divine Mind does not care which experiences you have, it is all really up to you to bring new life into the world. Every time you give rise to a new fresh desire, a new fresh wanting, Divine Mind says, “Yes! I like this idea and I want to experience through your eyes my beauty-full child!” And so as you hold true to that thought Divine Mind begins to align all of your experiences so that It can experience that through you!

The problem is is that few of us truly believe this force exists. The force that governs worlds, and directs all things is within you for you to use at your disposal. Just like gravity, you may not fully understand it, but nonetheless your life is governed by it and you abide by this Law whether you are conscious of it or not.

The reason you want to be in a relationship so badly is because Source, God, wants to experience that through you! The reason you want a healthy body so badly is because Source, your Higher Self, wants to experience that through you. The reason you want to have financial abundance is because Spirit wants to experience that through you. The reason you want to help others so badly is because Spirit wants to experience that through you. In allowing God, your Higher Self, to move through you through the thoughts you hold, the words you speak, and the actions you take, the whole of the Universe expands. You are now giving humanity and the Universe a gift by simply holding true to knowing that your thoughts are expressing God.

There is a force is this world that is more power-full than we can comprehend. There is a force in this world that is creative beyond recognition. There is a force in this world that has the ability to bring peace to all beings. There is a force in this world that sees all beings and things as extensions, expressions, of the One. There is a force in this world that is Love. This force in this world is You.

May you remember that all of your days!

All My Love,

Zach IAM


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