Journal Entry 3/9/15

The ability of man to make manifest thoughts and desires is unlimited! For the very reason for thoughts and desires is to focus deliberately on those thoughts and allow Source the ability to align all cooperative components in order that those desires may come to fruition! The very reason for having a desire is that the Universe may have that experience through you! The way in which the Divine experiences Itself is through each of us! Without us, without the chaos we produce, life would be all perfect and rainbows all the time which is not the reason for our being. πŸ˜‰ as nice as that may sound πŸ˜‰

Manifestations truly are less difficult than we make them. The reason that so many things we desire do not come forth are simply because of the lack of faith that they will come forth. Once you have asked, stretch forth your hand in order that you may receive your blessings, do not go back with a questioning mind and heart and ask amiss. One command is far more than necessary, if that asking is with an open and expectant heart. Expect good from others and you shall receive. Expect fear from others and you shall receive. Expect kindness from others and you shall receive. Expect anger from others and you shall receive. 

What we experience in our lives is in no way an accident. Everything we experience is a result of our thoughts and beliefs. If you believe yourself to be a victor, you will always ring victorious. If you believe yourself a victim, you will always ring victimized. There can be no other way. The fault in others treating us a certain way is not their fault, the responsibility lies wholly with us. Those people are simply mirroring back to us the beliefs that we hold about ourselves. And because of those beliefs our manifestations demonstrate that.
You see, once we acknowledge our complete part in OUR experience we gain freedom! If you want to make more money doing something you love, get your ass out on the street and do it! Don’t blame this person or that person for not giving you a shot or taking what was rightfully yours, allow Source to provide you with the complete and most magical way possible. And don’t for a second question whether you deserve such magic! 
Magic is our divine inheritance. Perfection is our divine inheritance no matter how far others try to sway that. Thank them for their part in your story and move on. Stop going back and allowing yourself to become upset over someone else’s actions, instead thank them for their contribution to your life and see them on their way. If you truly believed in yourself there is nothing anyone else can do to sway you from your path. For you have the support of heaven at your back and the the Angels clearing your path forward.
So the question comes down toβ€¦β€œDo you truly believe in yourself?” Are you willing to bet all the marbles on yourself? To bet that you are supported in every moment from the heavenly Mother/Father that dwells within the seat of your soul? Are you willing to put the money on yourself so that you may succeed? Are you willing to have faith that the Source of your being is guiding you at every moment, and when you have blocked that guidance, are you willing to ask for help? 
Manifesting our reality is our destiny! We do it all the time anyway, would not you rather do it deliberately!? Wouldn’t you rather know that you are not only taking a part, but literally shaping your reality and all cooperative components are moving into synchronicity for you!? Isn’t that a much more fun way of looking at your life? Isn’t it more empowering knowing that you truly are a god in manifest form, moving the light of life through your very being!? That without you this world would cease to be the wonderful, magical place it can and will be? 
Our realities are shaped everyday in relation to the thoughts and beliefs we carry with us. This is law. Don’t you think the best time to start living as free and magically as possible would be now? Don’t you think that the time to reclaim your life is now? Don’t you think that the Divine Principle is dancing and awaiting your return home, your return to that place of awareness and understanding? I know He/She is and I can’t wait for you to see that for yourself! ❀


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