Why Do You Fear?


Love - Fear

What are you afraid of my dear friends? Not spiders, not heights, but why are you afraid to open your awareness? I ask you this question genuinely and for you to determine yourself. why are you afraid? Why will you not allow yourself to open your awareness to the possibility that you are an unlimited being capable of the most wonderful feats? Why are you afraid to look beyond the veil of illusion?

I ask you these questions because I once asked myself these questions, and I still ask myself these questions from time to time. We all must ask ourselves these questions if we are to begin living the life that we know is possible for us. We must not get lost on the reason for the fear, but simply acknowledge it and understand it so that we may move past it.

Why are you afraid to look beyond the illusory qualities that designate a person’s worth? To see that no material characteristics can equal the worth of the Truth? Material worth does not designate a spiritual being’s wealth. And yet I see so many of us chasing an illusion that does not fulfill the soul. Yes, unfortunately at this time in this reality money is needed to fulfill the basic necessities to sustain an earthly body. But does always chasing that fulfill your soul?

We work so hard on demonstrating an image, an idea, through our bodies that we forget to sustain our true selves, our inner selves. We buy certain clothes, we do our hair a certain way, we workout and diet to alter our body temple, never realizing that all the time we spent designing and rebuilding the temple we have forgot what the temple was intended for.

What are you afraid of? Why do you refuse to question the reality you live in? Why do you refuse to believe that love will always conquer all. Not romantic love, but the very substance that is the Universe. Why do you refuse to entertain the thought that you are the highest expression of God, that you are God? What are you afraid of?

Why do you refuse to question a system that seeks to enslave you? Nature knows no money. Animals do not exist in a pay for service system. Why do you refuse to question who you are? You are an eternal expression of God that has come forth into this reality to experience it’s fullness. If the system does not support that, then don’t you ever wonder why? What are you afraid of?

If this is the one chance you get, what are you doing to leave behind a better society for those who will come after you? What are you afraid of? What are you afraid of? What are you afraid of?!?!?!

It is a simple choice…between fear and Love. It is YOUR choice. You can continue to see the world as the TV tells you to…seeing what’s new in fashion, the “health scares” that are going around, living vicariously through a rich actor or actress. Or, you can begin to live your life…engaging in conversation with new friends, helping a community organization, listening and/or making beautiful music, dancing, closing your eyes and feeling your breath, listening within for the answers to your unlimited potential. It is a simple choice…between fear and Love.

Question your fears. When you understand them, you realize they exist only in your perception of a limited Universe. We are unlimited! We are eternal! We are Love! Feel that and know that for yourself…cultivate that knowing. We are Love.

With All My Love,
Zach Iam


Hope, Self-Realization

Lately I’ve been having some breathing issues. My wonderful girlfriend Sara looked through her book of health problems and affirmations to help cure those problems for breathing issues, and it said breathing problems represent fears. So, I decided to look within and ask myself what I’m fearful of…and what fear is…and after some meditating this is what I’ve found for myself…

Random thought…what does it mean by, “You having nothing to fear but fear itself?” When FDR said that, what did he mean? Was he tapped in to infinite intellignece? Was he partially tapped in? If I have nothing to fear then why should fear even concern me? And why the hell I am so scared of whatever it is I’m fearing?

Is fear not the worst emotion possible? It leaves me feeling completely helpless…completely out of touch with who I KNOW I truly am! I KNOW that I AM!! I am infinite beauty, intelligence, the Source of all Truth, all knowledge, all LOVE, as are we ALL. So if I KNOW that deep within my being then why do I fear…the answer…because I do not fully trust that knowing. And why do I not trust it? Some would say it is because I have no control or that their is some evil causing that within me…but I disagree. I honestly KNOW within my heart of hearts that by creating what it is that I desire within my mind , and am doing this for the betterment of myself and humanity, that God, the Divine Source of all, will flow through me and create that which I desire. I KNOW that I, as well as everyone else in this entire world, was created from and of that Divine Source, God. I KNOW that I am an extension of God, always having a connection with God, at all times, only allowing myself to feel that connection or disallow it. So, if I KNOW all of this, why then would I fear?

If I am an extension of God, then by divine inheritance what belongs to the Father belongs to the Son. We are all children of God and that means we all have the ability to create our desires, to heal, to love divine. And why does fear consume me when I find something to fear? Why does it engulf my mind and hold it’s grip tightly on me. The only answer I can find is that what thoughts I am thinking are in discord with the Divine Source that is present within me. If my thoughts create the image, and Spirit manifests that image, then what I am thinking and what God is creating are contrasting one another. Why else would I feel so bad? So fearful? If there lies within me power to create worlds what should I ever fear? Nothing!

I should never fear anything because the Spirit within me, and within you, is responsible for the creation of the universe! Responsible for the creation of each one of us…we are the created, and now by rightful inheritance, the creators! So my conclusion is that my fear is the complete disallowance of who I really am…Spirit. The rejection of my true nature. Fear is the result of getting engulfed in the world that surrounds us and forgetting the Source that flows within us. Although God is everywhere, we don’t always recognize what God is. My fear is my questioning of that Source. So I guess to overcome that fear I have to work on continuing to look within myself to find that Source, so that everywhere I look I see God. No longer seeing the destruction, hate, dis-ease, but seeing the divinance in all that surrounds me and lies within me. My fear is nothing more than a concept in my mind that must be overtaken with Love, Truth, Joy, Appreciation, and Forgiveness. For I am Spirit…and to share that with the world I must first find that within myself.

I’d like to leave you with 2 quotes that are helping me KNOW my true nature…

“The ocean does not recognize when a drop of water has extracted itself from the ocean, but the drop of water feels the connection when it has returned to the ocean.”

“During the darkest hour I know that God is. During the times that I am afraid, I trust more definitely in God, my Father, right within. I rest quietly in the assurance, knowing fully that all is well and that my perfection is complete and finished now.” – BTS ‘Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East’

With All My Love,