LISTEN TO ME!!! Screams the Ego


As I have begun to write more, and speak more, regarding the Truths that I am consciously experiencing, I have been examining the way in which I deliver these messages; and the reason for why I want to deliver these messages. This has also caused me to examine the behaviors of others and the reason for their deliverance of these messages. Obviously I do not fully understand the reason for their words, but I can see patterns that arise that I resonate with.

When we speak, what is our general intent? Do you ever think about that? When I go out and I am speaking in a group I generally like to carry the conversation. Do you notice that as well? Do you like to be the “expert” on the topic that is being discussed? Do you like to have all eyes focused on you as you titillate the audience with your intellectual prowess? Or perhaps you are one of the individuals in the room that enjoys standing back and listening, perhaps looking to learn from the speaker, or possibly just tolerate him. ūüėČ

When you speak in a group what is your intent? Even behind the reason that you wish to share knowledge? We all want to share knowledge, but what is even further behind that? Do you notice yourself forcing your way into a conversation at times so that you can add your opinion, or Truths that resonate with you? What is that? What is it that makes us want to be “seen?” Or, what is it that makes us want to hide?

Well my dear brothers and sisters, that is our ego. It’s that little part of our mind that wants the glory. That little part of the mind that says, “Hey, these are MY thoughts, and they are right, and everyone should hear them!” Oh the ego, how you make me giggle. Think about it my friends. When someone says something that you agree with or disagree with isn’t it almost a natural response to get in the middle and be like, “Hey everybody, check it out I’ve got something to say…now get your eyes and ears over here!” Or, on the other hand, “What I have to say isn’t good enough and everyone will laugh at my statement.”

Can you see that in your life? Can you remember experiences when that has happened? I for sure can think of about 1,000 instances when I have acted that way.

Why is it not enough that we silence our mind, our ego, and listen? Is that okay? I am not writing this because I am judging, that is the ego’s doing ;), but because I see it happening in my experience so much…I see myself doing it quite often. I would like for us to just be aware of our behaviors. This is a new age, the age of unity, collectivity, oneness, understanding, compassion, and unity ;). Many of us are now consciously becoming wayshowers, beams of Light, and it is important to realize that we, as individuals, are not the only teachers. If we allow our ego to interfere with our growth then we will slow our progress.

We are a collective, experiencing through our subjective reality, here to co-create with our beautiful brothers and sisters. It is important for us to find silence within ourselves and be open to teachers along our path. These teachers may come about in the unlikeliest of ways, our children, friends, family, acquaintances, animals. We must be quiet enough within ourselves to recognize when our teachers appear. If we are always forcing our way into the situation, when will we have time to allow the message to sink in? We must bring awareness into every aspect of our life, understand when it is time to listen and when it is time to speak. The ego will always strive for acknowledgement, but our True Self is always content knowing that no amount of words can compare to a heart full of Truth. We do not need to shout and force someone to realize their Divinity, when we demonstrate Divinity, that is all one needs to hear.

So, as most of you have figured out, this was mainly Me writing to myself, but I think it is something we can all begin to bring about in our own lives. To remain conscious of the reasons behind our words and actions, as well as when silence must be explored, and in turn bring about quicker growth. Wishing you Love and wellness on your journey!

With All My Love,
Zach IAM


Water the roots….

Appreciation, Hope, Joy, Love, Self-Realization

Hello friends,

So my incredible girlfriend has really been making me think lately.¬† Every time¬†I seem bewildered by some thought or belief I have¬†she will simply reply, “Well are you?” or “Do you?” It is as if she is telling me to look within myself and find the answers…truly look within my¬†self, get rid of all the garbage I have in my mind, and genuinely look¬†within and find the answers…and here is what I’ve come up with ūüôā

I came to realize that I am¬†very judgmental and self-righteous. I always look at other individuals and¬†think to myself,¬†“You do this which is wrong because I do it this way!” When I watch other personal trainers I think, “Your way of training is ineffective because it is not the way that I train!” When I¬†speak to someone about religion or spirituality again I think, “that is crazy to believe what you believe because it is not what I believe and what I believe is Truth!” All of these are exaggerations, but the at the core of what I am thinking are those thoughts. They may be thought somewhat differently, but they all revolve around me being right and you being wrong. What is that? Why do I always have to be right? Aren’t there enough ideas and beliefs and whatever for everyone to have? Why do I have to make everyone train the way that I train, or eat the way I eat, or believe what I believe?

After looking within I found that I have a huge ego!!!! Not the ego where you think you’re beautiful and amazing and¬†so forth, but the ego that separates¬†me from my divine nature, God. I always have to be right, and the smartest, and most knowledgable, and get the accolades, and me, me, me, me, me!!! And that is not a good thing! It’s a little crazy honestly. I would actually start fights with¬†Sara, my perfect girlfriend, about something to question her beliefs and then tell her how she always had to be right…when in actuality I was the one trying to prove to myself about how right my differing opinion was! Does that not sound ridiculous!?!?¬†For me, being right was a virus, and it caused a tremendous amount of turmoil in my life. But what the cause of that virus was, was my EGO!!

I¬†took a wintermester¬†yoga class at UNR a few years ago. My teacher was a martial artist and was discussing Bruce Lee one day. She was explaining how he was her favorite martial artist ever, but mentioned that what got in his way and perhaps killed him was his ego. Now I am not sure if his ego killed him, it very well could have, but the point is that what she said stuck with me. I was a martial artist as a child and idolized Bruce Lee. He was the one and only martial artist for me. So as I started looking within recently, I found that my ego is doing the same thing as Bruce Lee’s. It is getting in the way of my spiritual expansion. It is holding me back. Then I wondered what this thing I call my ego is?

I feel that my ego is all the ideas I have taken in from the outside world that has caused me to believe that I am separate from everything in this world. That I am, for some reason, one single person in the entire universe and can only trust myself, and will only have myself forever, and only know myself, and me, me, me, me…AHHHHHH!!!!!!

I have lived my life going in and out of feeling connected to all others and everything and being self-righteous and ego driven! And it sucks!!!!! Some days you are as high as a kite and a week later you are feeling separate and self-righteous. However, I never took the time to truly look within myself and find the answers for myself, so that is what I have been doing these past 2 weeks. I have always known the answers, just never took the time to truly accept them. Somewhere I knew that I was being held back by my beliefs, and knowledge, and everything else that I have gathered along my 24 years. Not all of it was bad, in fact a lot of knowledge I have come across has helped me grow immensely and has led me to this point in my life. However, I know that it is time to take out the trash.

The trash in my mind…the beliefs that are not in accordance with who I really am, Spirit. It’s time to be accepting, by listening and being understanding of other individuals’ beliefs and values and opinions simply because they are what that person thinks. It is not up to me to change everyone’s mind and make everyone believe as I do, if that was the case this world would be really boring and really crazy!! ūüėČ I need to treasure and be grateful for the immense diversity on the planet…that is what makes us so beautiful!! All I can do is become the change I want to see…become that which is my True Self, Spirit, and live the life that is in harmony with that. Not judging or condemning¬†anyone else for feeling or thinking differently, but know that we are brothers and sisters to whom I get to love and be grateful for.

I like to leave you with something I experienced this morning. While I was watering our terribly dry lawn a thought came to me…”If you only water the top layer of grass it will get burned and die,¬†it is only when you¬†water the deep roots¬†that the grass will thrive and grow.” The reason this meant so much to me was the reason for me writing this. I had, and continually have to, search the depths of myself to grow. It is then that I will thrive with¬†the understanding of myself and Spirit.

I hope that if you read this it helps you as much as it helped me!!!

With All My Love,