Ascension/Energy Upgrades February 2020 (Video)


Ascension/Energy Upgrades February 2020 (Video)


Hi friends! I want to share with you some personal experiences I have had these past few weeks that have to do with the energy upgrades we are receiving, i.e., how we are ALL changing and ascending energetically. These stories include communicating with the Council of 11, reliving childhood traumas that I had blocked from my memory, as well as messages I have received in meditation explaining ascension sickness symptoms I have been experiencing.




Ascension Sickness Symptoms

Ascension sickness, “ascension flu,” symptoms can vary greatly from brain fog, to heart palpitations, to digestive issues and are related to the energetic shifting (ascension) of our bodies.
Disclaimer: If you are experiencing serious health issues, go see a doctor!

Ascension Sickness Symptoms list: