How to Change the World…


Change the World, New worldWhy Change the World?

I’m inspired to write today by witnessing the struggles we all seem to be going through as a collective. I have been seeing constant reminders from my friends on social media, and in person, of the constant struggles that the world is going through and I asked my Highest Self, how do we fix this? And as Spirit always does, I was answered…

Can You Change the World?

You see my friends, our whole lives are directed by a Law. Most of you who read my posts know how I speak on the Law of Attraction, and this is the exact law that directs our lives. We don’t have to consciously accept this law, just as we don’t have to accept gravity, nonetheless it still affects our lives.

In the news lately we have been seeing constant struggles of racial tension, gender inequality, financial problems, and the list goes on. As much as these societal issues are going on, I pondered, “Well if this is all happening how can we change it?” We see inequality happening everywhere we go, and at times we see change, and others we are at a loss. And this post is not about reducing the prevalence of that, but rather giving us a way to move as a collective out of that.

2 Keys to Remember:

I want to start by saying that wholly and truly the only person we can ever change is our self. Secondly, I want to express the importance of every day reminding yourself that your thoughts create your new world. Your thoughts will literally transform the fabric of time and space, and it does every day. So this post will be a reminder of your power, and of your ability to transform the world.

‘What Is’ Gives More ‘What Is’

I know it can be difficult watching so many injustices happening around our world. If you possess any form of compassion you feel affected by the problems occurring to all forms of people, animals, plants, and all life. However, my question to you is, “Although you see these things happening, what is it that you would like to see happen?” At times I find myself getting stuck in always responding to “what is.” I reacting to ‘WHAT IS’ happening in the news, ‘WHAT IS’ happening in my career, ‘WHAT IS’ happening to the health of others around me, and often forget that my attention to ‘WHAT IS’ only brings about more of ‘WHAT IS.’

What I’ve learned in my life is that the only way out of ‘WHAT IS’ is to see the bigger picture and recognize that as a result of ‘WHAT IS’ I can now manifest ‘WHAT WILL BE.’ As a result of witnessing what I do not want, racial and gender inequality, prevalent dis-eases, financial injustice, I immediately in myHow to Change the World, new earth own mind developed an idea of what I would like to see. As a result of the contrast, i.e., racial inequality, I immediately wanted racial equality. As a result of watching children suffer through cancer treatments, I immediately wanted a more effective and less traumatic cancer treatment. Everything in my life that some would deem as negative, has really been Spirit’s way of moving through me to manifest a new more beneficial reality.

How Do I Change ‘What Is?’

How does this tie in to your life you ask? This is important because with every contrasting experience you have, you immediately have the opportunity to change where you focus your attention. Thoughts are literal vibrations that are expressed from you, and things which match that vibration come back to you. The constant example of this is a radio tower. You are the radio tower, and you emit the signal of 93.9. Things which are on that same channel will come into your experience. If you are feeling hopeful, channel 93.9, things which match 93.9 come into your experience. If you are feeling fearful, 102.7, things which match 102.7 will come into your experience.

Everything is vibration. Thoughts are vibration, feelings are vibration, actions are vibration, solid figures are really vibration, it’s all vibration. I won’t delve too deeply into this because you can find scientific evidence about this with a quick search online. But you must accept this inalienable truth, everything is vibration. Once you accept that, and realize that fully and truly, your thoughts have a creative potential attributed to them, you will realize how you can change the world.

What Do I Have To Do?

Now how exactly do you change the world? It’s very simple actually. You think only about what it is that you are wanting to see manifest in your life. Do you want social equality? Imagine it, visualize it, think about how incredible it would be to have everybody considered equals. Do you want everyone to be healthy? Imagine it, visualize it, think about how wonderful it would be if everyone was able to heal their bodies if necessary.

The problem is that we think we have to find the parasite and remove it. When in actuality, if the environment is not right for the parasite to live in, it will gladly leave. We must begin believing in our Selves. We must begin believing that we are powerful. We must begin believing that we have a creative Source, which always has our back, and will always give us exactly what we deserve based on where we are vibrationally. We must begin believing that we are connected to not only our friends and family, but we are connected to ALL living things, and most importantly the Source of all.

energetic light body, light being

How to Change the World…

Once we fully accept that we are connected to each other, to all life, to our Source, that is when we can change the world. You can’t act enough to change the world, there is nothing you can physically do to change the world, but on a vibrationally level, you always have changed the world. When you found light in the midst of darkness, you changed the world. When you found laughter in a sea of sorrow, you changed the world. When you cultivated love in an ocean of hate, you changed the world. When you smiled in the face of ridicule, you changed the world. When you danced when there was no music, you changed the world.

Changing the world isn’t something as grand as we make it. We are here as game-changes, as systems busters, to create a new world. We are here as expressions of Spirit to move life into a place of kindness, compassion, of gratitude, of passion, of love. We cannot force others to change with us, however as the radio tower becomes powerful enough the vibrations on an unconscious level are felt by everyone, and in that way you can change their minds. As you emit a signal so strong and full of love, the souls connected with yours, all souls, will have no option but to be uplifted to that state of love. In that way, you can change the world, and in that way, you will change the world.

All My Love

Zach ❤


6 thoughts on “How to Change the World…

  1. Zach, I am so happy that you wrote about this. I still feel very stuck between a rock and a hard place. For centuries now humans have been discriminatory against one another for whatever is the flavor at the time. It’s been more than 200 years that people of color have been the brunt of a lot of cruel and unusual punishment (simply because of a different skin hue). Some never fought back, but prayed and did envision a better world, to no avail. It still seems it’s a long way off before we will see equality. In the meantime, we are watching a resurgence of racial inequality. I’m not clear if you are suggesting that we just visualize a better world for ourself, family and friends while watching and sometimes being the brunt of the injustices.

    I’m so baffled about the Laws of the Universe right now.

    Honestly, given the history how humans have always treated other humans, since the beginning of time (as we know it), humankind has always been vile and at war with each other. I do believe we are here to change that. If we don’t we will be like the hamster on the wheel, spinning it and going no where fast.

    There is nothing to be gained by being cruel, except illusions of what is rich, powerful, popular, etc.

    I’m feeling mighty baffled and quite frankly, angry about all of the racial injustices we’ve experienced in the past two or three years.

    Any feedback you have to offer will be very helpful.

    Thank you for the time and energy you spent writing this blog.

    1. Oh Linda, I’m so happy you commented!! Honestly, I felt that part of this message was geared towards you! 🙂 And I agree with you so much my sister, for eons we have been at war with each other and I truly believe that it all stems from the lack of belief that we have in our connection to Source. I will promise you that by the time we take our next step into Ascension that the world will be at more peace and equality than it’s current state. Those who prayed and envisioned a better world also created that world for themselves. e also must remember that it is not our responsibility to change others, it is our mission to demonstrate what is possible through our own breaking apart the shell of possibility 🙂 I am suggesting that we visualize a better world for ourselves and all others, and not allowing the “what is” to sway our determination of spirit. Our difficulty is always getting lost in the “what is” no matter how much we think we are focused elsewhere.
      Your confusion is your re-emergence into Spirit. Your breaking apart the shell right now, and your emotions are demonstrating that your thoughts are not in connection with Source. Confusion is the manifestation of disconnection between mind and Spirit. When we are in alignment with God, things flow naturally, they flow effortlessly 🙂
      I completely agree with you Linda, so much! I at times get angry with the situation at hand as well, however our Mother reminds me that anger cannot bring about kindness, that fear cannot bring about hope, that getting stuck in darkness cannot bring about Light. In feeling anger we are reminded that what we are creating is not in line with what we are wanting to see.
      My advice to you my sister is to wake up every morning and remember why you’re here. It would be to wake up and ask yourself what you wanted to share with the world. With your voice you have the ability to reach others, and as much as you see injustice, and share that through FB and others sources, for your self, remember that hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that 🙂 Don’t hate those who try to bring us down, love them anyways. If they strike you, turn the other cheek. If they spit in your face, smile and walk away. For most of us that me seem like weakness, but for the outsider it demonstrates an inner strength that no man can touch. I will end this with a parable for you…

      There was a couple and the woman had heard of the Buddha. She had heard he was teaching under the bodhi tree so she went to see him. When she returned she told her husband about how wonderful this enlightened man was and that she wanted to continue to learn from him. So every morning she would make her husband’s lunch, give him a kiss, and leave to listen to the Buddha. Although she was fulfilling all of her “duties” to her husband and he would go to work, he became angry that his wife was spending so much time with the Buddha. Over the weeks he became filled with jealousy, filled with rage, “Who is this “holy” man?! How dare he take a man’s wife away from him! I’m going to go have a talking to with this person!” So he went to the bodhi tree where the Buddha was sitting silently with his followers, walked up to the Buddha and began violently yelling, “How dare you take my wife away from me!! Is this part of your attic “holy” man?! To split up a marriage between a man and his wife! You are nothing to me! You are an imposter.” The Buddha remained still, lovingly smiling at the man. The man became even angrier with the Buddha’s silence, spat in his face, and stormed off. The Buddha sat still, lovingly smiling at the man. As the man walked home he was filled with so much confusion. “How could I have done that?! He didn’t even fight back. Why did I spit in his face? This man did nothing to me.” His wife returned home that evening and went right to bed. The next day the man decided he could not live with himself and needed to apologize. He once again went to see the Buddha, when he arrived, he prostrated before the Buddha and weeped, “I’m am sorry sorry teacher, I should not have spit in your face and accused you of doing such things. Please forgive!” The Buddha sitting silently looked at the man and replied, “No, I will not forgive.” The group of people were shocked, “The Buddha will not forgive this man!” Buddha continued, “I will not forgive you because there is nothing that needs to be forgiven. The man that yelled and spat in my face is not the man that sits before me today.” ❤

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