Message To The Criers


My Lovelies,

Don’t you dare, not for one second, resist the urge to cry!!! When you cry, you cry so deeply and fully that the Angels cry with you. Don’t for one second allow the views of society to hinder your expression! We can cry because it is part of the experience called this Life. The ups and downs, the falls and climbs, the heart-break and the heart-warmth, all of these things that bring us to tears are the BEST parts of Life! It may not always seem that crying may be the best release, but do not resist the urge to cry, embrace it! Say, “I will fully embody myself in this crying until it has run its course,” and then let it go. Do not be afraid to cry, do not worry if anyone is watching and judging you, do not resist the urge, simply let it happen. When you decide to let your body go and return to that place of pure Consciousness, I promise you will look back and be so joy-full at al the sad, happy, ecstatic, confused, joy-full tears you’ve shed!

All My Love,
Zach IAM


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