Mind-Full or Mind-Empty?


Hello my Lovelies,

As I’m sitting here this little wonder popped into my awareness…if we are truly BEing, if we are truly present, do we want to be mind-full or do we want to be mind-empty?

If your mind is full do you not feel cluttered? Do you not feel scattered over what is happening in your mind? Do you not feel bombarded? Contrastingly, what happens when our mind is empty? Do we not feel peace-full? Do we not feel relaxed, trusting, faith-full?

When we meditate what is the focus? Is it not to simply let go and BE present? To empty our minds and reside in the Silence that is Source? Would we not then call this mind-empty? 🙂

A man once asked Buddha, “When you attained enlightenment what did you gain?” Buddha responded, “I gained nothing but lost everything.” This statement allows us to infer that emptiness of mind can allow us to recognize the Divinity within. If we are always stuck looking at the surface of the water, and the waves that are bombarding the surface, and never take the time to see the vast stillness below the surface, how can we ever find the peace of the deep stillness?

I thought this was a fun idea and wonder that came into my awareness and hope that what is written here can get you to ask the same quest-ions.

All My Love,

Zach IAM


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