I just watched a video of a pig farm and the horrible acts that are committed against the lives of these beautiful creatures. At first I wanted to do a video, but felt that I needed to write instead, no one wants to see me cry on camera. So this will not be about condemning meat-eaters nor will this be about convincing anyone to become a vegetarian or vegan…this is about me, doing my best to get you to think, to hopefully cause you to question, and to ultimately look for the answers within your Self.

The video I watched was horrible. It was 3 minutes of pigs being tortured and led to my weeping. I have seen documentaries such as “Earthlings” and the like which also caused me to do nothing but cry. However as I watched this all that kept running through my mind was, “This is the world we are continuing to perpetuate. It requires sustainability on behalf of the consumer, and without us it will fail.” Then I thought, “Look at all the suffering that we are continuing to propagate as a collective.” And finally the last thing I could think was, “Forgive them Father, for they not what they do.”

You see my dear brothers and sisters, WE are the world. Humanity does not exist without us. Collectively, as a cohesive unit, we ARE the world. And more so, individually, YOU ARE the world! You see whether you have come to this realization or not, you are interconnected with every being upon this planet! There is but One Soul and that Soul is God. God is Spirit. Spirit is Life. Life is who you are. That One Soul, God, is the Source from which we came and the Source that we still are! We are never disconnected from that Source, we merely choose not to recognize it! Every living being is connected with that One Soul.

Now here’s where it gets fun…

When one of us intentionally harms another living being out of malice, fear, anger, hatred, or simple ignorance, we are harming not only the other person, but ourselves and every other living being. This is what Eckhart Tolle calls a collective pain-body. Each time you intentionally harm another being, you are continuing the cycle of pain for the collective. Because it is impossible to separate your soul from the person sitting next to you, every time you injure that person you hurt your soul. Every time you hurt someone you don’t know you are harming your mother, father, sister, brother. Every time you intentionally hurt an animal you are causing pain to the collective soul.

The question I ask you is…do you want to continue with the cycle of abuse, anger, hatred, jealousy, and fear in your own life or are you ready for bliss?

You see, when it comes to eating the flesh of another being, I have mixed feelings. As a fitness coach and a life-long seeker of external information and inner wisdom, I believe that eating meat can benefit many. However, in the current system of meat-culture that we live in, it is doing more damage to our souls than we realize. We have lost the sacredness of ingesting the life of another being. We have lost the ability to give thanks for the spirit of the animal that once inhabited the meat and that gave it’s life for our sustenance. We have forgotten that it is a blessing and an honor, not a right, that a living being gave it’s life for our ability to continue on experiencing life.

It is not our right as human beings to ingest the flesh of other beings simply because we are smarter. It is our right to be compassionate, to be loving, to have a higher awareness of life as human beings and to demonstrate that towards all beings. But it must take an openness on our part.

So what will it take? What will it take to heal the collective of humanity? Simply, it will take a recognition of your own divinity. Each and every one of us must come to the realization of our own unique connection with Source, and therefore with each other. If we are to heal the collective pain-bodies of humanity, we must heal the unique pain-bodies within ourselves. We must acknowledge the Spirit in every life form and honor that. We must acknowledge that we are all connected, so very deeply, and we must honor that. We must acknowledge our Inner Light and BE that for others who are stuck in the dark.

It is OUR time. It is the time of the collective awakening. It is the time to let go of the old paradigm that we NEED meat, that animals are below us and we have the RIGHT to slaughter them and eat their flesh. Now is the time to recognize that if your physical vessel is asking for meat then as you ingest it, you give thanks to the Spirit of life that gives you physical sustenance. It is our time to CHOOSE to buy from local farms, to eat high vibrational foods such as fruits and vegetables, to CHOOSE to give thanks for the blessings that reign upon you in the form of nourishment.

Every soul is YOU! There will come a time, whether in this life or the next that you will realize this innate truth. We have all sprang from the One Source, we are all fingers on the same hand, and we will always be united, every human, animal, insect, tree, bush, plant, everything. It is our responsibility to act with the regality and nobility which is ours as a result of our Divine inheritance. Be the Christ Light that you are, that you have always been, and shine so that others may be illuminated as well.

With All My Love,

Zach IAM


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